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MenorahOES – Online Learning and Examination System

MenorahOES – Online Learning and Examination System

MenorahOES - Online Learning and Examination System

[Download] MenorahOES – Online Learning and Examination System Free Nulled

MenorahOES – The IBPS clone an Online Exam Software , for conducting exams , you can use it for your college ,university or any other skill development institute.

Note : As of now MenorahOES 5.8 features implemented in web version only.

14 Things Why Menorah Exam Software is different than all:

  1. 2 Steps Installation process / Free Installation support
  2. Free/Paid Exams and Exam Series with detailed time analysis on each question
  3. New:Sectional exams and Practice exams
  4. New:Questions display in 2 languages
  5. New:Practice Exams before login
  6. New:Frontend CMS Pages with multiple theme support
  7. New:Multi Theme Layouts
  8. New:Free/Paid Learning management System like video portal and downloadable items
  9. New:Rayzorpay Payment Gateway
  10. New:reChaptcha Security
  11. Dynamic multi lingual system
  12. Multiple payment gateways(Payu, Paypal, Razorpay, Offlinepayment)
  13. Enable or disable modules with given settings
  14. Support for 7 types of questions
  15. Negative mark exam support with difficulty level
  16. Strengths and weakness of the student for each subject
  17. Messaging, Notifications, Feedbacks and many more…

Super Admin / Owner Login : owner / password

Student Login : / password

Parent Login : / password

Whats new in Menorah OES 5.8

  1. The Administrator can assign the categories to the students.
  2. All the tests with registration, without registration and paid tests can be appeared on the homepage.
  3. Student Feedback about System or Exams based. Only admin approved testimonies will be displayed on the front end.
  4. Give an Option to admin for adding Front end pages.
  5. Option for Adding FAQs to Admin, can be shown in front end.
  6. Email Activation link for Register Users(to avoid duplicate users).
  7. Home Page Search bar.
  8. Complete Account Disable option for the admin if any Fraud user/activity.
  9. Admin can add Blogs, it can be shown in front end.
  10. Newsletter Subscription
  11. Resume builder.
  12. New Exam layout.

Whats new in Menorah OES 5.5

  1. Frontend CMS Pages
  2. Sectional exams
  3. Practice exams
  4. Questions display in 2 languages
  5. Multi theme management
  6. Multi layouts management
  7. Razorpay Payment Gateway
  8. Recaptcha Management
  9. LMS as frontend
  10. Newsletter Subscription
  11. Few bug fixes

Easy to start

  1. 2 Steps Installation process / Free Installation support
  2. Installation with and without sample data
  3. Clear documentation with screenshots

Practice exams for guest users

  1. Practice exams are added for guest users
  2. No need of login or registration

Sectional exams

  1. Now sectional exam feature is provided in this version
  2. Each exam can be divided into sections and each section has set of questions
  3. Section with and without timer

Question display in 2 languages

  1. Now the exam question and options are displayed in multiple languages based on user choice
  2. Simple admin panel to create multiple language questions

Extra security layer is added

  1. Now the user who is taking an exam cannot copy the contents of the exam
  2. Right click, select print copy, cut, save etc keys are disabled

Front end CMS pages

  1. Beautiful landing page added
  2. Exams page
  3. Learning management with categories and contents
  4. Pricing page
  5. Courses
  6. Pattern
  7. Syllabus
  8. About us
  9. Contact us

Multi theme support

  1. Now this system supports multiple themes
  2. In future, other themes can be added without touching the existing themes
  3. Admin can change the theme on single click as per his preference

Newsletter Subscriptions

  1. Newsletter subscription subscription
  2. Admin can view and download the subscribed users

Dynamic Multi lingual system

  1. For any language, no headache for updating the language strings
  2. Just create the language and traverse the site once
  3. Done. Our system will build the language strings on its own..!

Flexible Master Settings

  1. Enable/Disable modules of the project from admin settings
  2. Multiple Payment gateways settings (PayU and Paypal)
  3. Email Settings
  4. SEO Settings
  5. Email Template Settings
  6. Certificate Settings
  7. Site Settings
  8. Theme settings

Question Bank

  1. All questions are maintained under this module
  2. Later these questions can be added to any no. of exams as per requirement
  3. Support for 7 type of questions
  • Single Answer
  • Multi Answer
  • Match the following
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Paragraph
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Option to set a benchmark for answer time for each question so that the performance of the student can be evaluated
  • 3 types of difficulty levels for question
    • Easy
    • Medium
    • Hard
  • Hint for each question during exam
  • Explanation for each question after exam
  • Dynamic support for no. of options for each question
  • Support for image type of questions and answers
  • Excel upload for bulk questions (supports 3000+ questions at a time)
  • Detailed report will be Downloaded after excel questions upload
  • Each question is specific to particular subject and topic for obtaining the strengths and weakness of the student for that subject
  • Exams Module

    1. Paid and free exams
    2. Paid exams will have the cost and validity period
    3. Set the visibility period for exam to shown for user
    4. Marks and Negative marks support for each quiz
    5. While updating the questions to quiz, handy filters are given to pick your question from large set of Question Bank Module
    6. User friendly interface to update or delete the questions
    7. Total marks of a quiz is based on the questions added to it
    8. Supports 900+ questions per exam

    Exam Series

    1. You can club set of different quizzes together and give a name to it
    2. Paid and free exam series
    3. For paid series you can set the cost and validity in days
    4. The series may contain the paid or free quizzes
    5. In free series, if any paid quizzes available, the user need to buy that specific quiz from quiz module
    6. User friendly interface to add/update quizzes in exam series module
    7. Dynamically the no. of quizzes and no. of questions will be updated to specific series after creating it

    Learning Management System (LMS)

    1. With this you can create video classes series
    2. Distribute study materials for download
    3. LMS may be free or paid
    4. Total 7 types of contents are supported i.e.,
    • File
    • Video File
    • Audio File
    • Video URL
    • Audio URL
    • IFrame/Integrate Youtube videos
    • URL resource
  • Each content is associated to specific subject
  • Each series is associated to specific category so that user can easily find particular series based on his requirement
  • Series are having an option to set the start date and end date to visible for end user
  • Easy to add and edit content
  • Payments Module

    1. Online and Offline payments
    2. Admin can Approve or Reject the offline payment by viewing the details
    3. Enable or disable Offline payments from Settings module
    4. Support for PayU and Paypal payment gateways
    5. Enable or disable any payment gateway on requirement
    6. Detailed graphical reports for online and offline payments
    7. Generate excel report with all combinations available in payments module

    Coupon codes

    1. Enable or disable from settings
    2. Option to enable coupon codes for specific categories
    3. Maximum limit of using single coupon code per user
    4. Minimum bill amount to use the coupon
    5. Start and end dates to use the coupon code
    6. Discount can be given in percentage or value

    Instructions set

    1. Create Instructions set
    2. Assign instruction set to each quiz based on its type


    Currently we are supporting 4 types of users

    1. Owner
    2. Admin
    3. Student
    4. Parent (can be enabled/disabled from admin panel)

    Parents Module

    1. Can be enabled or disabled from Settings
    2. Parent can add his children
    3. Option to view the children detailed reports
    4. Option to buy exam on behalf of his child

    Notifications Module

    1. Notifications can be created by admin and those will be displayed to user
    2. Notifications have the date range to display between specific dates
    3. Can give short and long descriptions to it
    4. Having an option to give external resource link

    Feedbacks Module

    1. User can give feedback to the admin
    2. Admin can view the feedback

    The MenorahOES is excellent for universities, colleges, schools, training institutes, organizations, and recruitment agencies to conduct online exams. It also supports YouTube videos, and images to create questions for online exams. Built with Laravel, the most powerful PHP framework makes people customize MenorahOES system according to their requirements.

    What Parents can do in MenorahOES:

    • Parents have a detailed access to all the test and analytics of each child.
    • Parents can add their children and take the subscription for paid exams.
    • Parents can provide feedback on anything to admin through the system.
    • Parents will get all kind of notification alerts by admin timely.

    What Children can do in MenorahOES:

    • Children can take Tests and bookmark any question, where they will collect all those bookmarked question in one place.
    • Children can learn video based lessons , and will contact the admin through feedback form.
    • Latest notifications alerts on Dashboard.
    • Detailed analysis of Tests, Strength and Weakness report of Exams.

    Awesome Admin Features

    Happy Customers

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    Change Log

    Apr 27 2020
    1) Feature: Subscriptions (System can run on any of three ways for exams/LMS payments
        1. Individual - Student will buy the individual exam/LMS
        2. Subscription fixed - Admin/Owner can create package with fixed duration so that end user can subscribe for the entire system for the particular period specified by admin
        3. Subscription custom - End user/Student can choose how much duration he need the subscription
    2) Feature: Invoice email for the payment immediately after the payment
    3) Feature: Admin OR student can resend invoice to his/her email whenever they need
    4) Feature: Restricting Multiple Users Login with same credentials (Admin can enable OR disable this feature depending on their requirement)
    V2.2 [ March 04 2020 ]
    1) Fix (String): Users--Add--Phone no. field shows 10-15 digits, but it taking only 10 digits
    2) Fix (String): Coupon Codes--Add--There is no space between Exam series
    3) Fix (String): Student--Dashboard--Analysis by Subject--Subject spelling mistake
    4) Fix (Mobile App): We gave more content in question, scroll is not working while taking exam
    5) Fix (Mobile App): While updating gradle exam is crashing
    6) Fix (Mobile App): Breadcrumb mistake in mobile app
    7) Fix: Login issue with Facebook
      Feature: Implement login with twitter
    V2.1 [ June 12 2019 ]
    1.Addition: Resume Builder.
    2.Addition: New Exam Layout.
    3.Addition: Search feature added for Practice Exams, LMS front end.
    4.Addition: Admin can add unlimited pages (front end CMS).
    5.Addition: Admin can add FAQs, which reflects in the front end.
    6.Addition: Admin can add Blogs, which reflects in the front end.
    7.Addition: All quizzes free and paid can appear on the home page with/without registration.
    8.Addition: Student feedback about system or exams based. Only admin approved Testimonies will be displayed in the front end.
    9.Addition: The Administrator can assign the categories to the students.
    10.Addition: Admin can Enable/Disable User Account.
    11.Addition: Email Activation link for registered users.
    1.View key - Mathajax questions fixed
    2. Few bugs fixed


    Skype : digishelp

    Email :

    We are dedicated to continue to improve this system, your suggestions are always welcome.

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    MenorahOES – Online Learning and Examination System

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    MenorahOES - Online Learning and Examination System

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