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Acora WordPress Photography Theme Overview

Acora WordPress Photography Theme is a gorgeous and creative theme for professional studios and photographers, it took 16 months of hard work and passion to create this unique theme, it is built with the latest WordPress technology, fully supporting the Gutenberg editor and includes galleries, slideshows, custom made slider portofolio gallery, fullscreen sliders and video, premium video players with advanced features like monetization, custom pages, blogs for photographers to create a unique website.

Acora is fully responsive with a modern design and it was designed with photography in mind, the design is focused on beatiful portfolios and everything else is perfectly tuned to make sure this is the best photography theme avaiable on the market and of course it will look amazing on the screens of tablets and mobile phones.

The theme can be used by photographers, creative designers, design agencies, interior designers, web designers and more. It allows to create as many page layouts as you wish. Acora comes with 9 + homepages, unique portfolio with six possible layouts along with fullscreen that can showcase all possible image formats like portrait, landscape or in between, two about us pages and one about me page, three contact us pages, infinte grid clients page, sliders and video players that can be used both in fullscreen or in content like a post or a page and and with our one-click demo importer you will be up and running in no time – with no coding required!

Gutenberg WordPress 5+ Optimized

Posts, custom posts this includes portfolio as well and pages allow to add as much text as needed and of course format the content with the new Gutenberg WordPress Editor. All Gutenberg blocks are supported and they were carefully optimized so that the admin backend will appear visually the same as the front page or post with minor differences, this way it is very easy to write a blog post or create a page. We also added very useful shortcodes some built in and some via custom plugins that will add missing pieces to the Gutenberg editor.

Great value with Four premium plugins included

Unique and gorgeous portfolio archive

Two available portfolio filtrable archive grid types the classic grid and the infinite grid. This grids are unique and very original, you will not find anything similar in another theme, they have some nice features like, filtrable portfolio categories using a custom select UI, optional thumbnails slideshow that allows to see a preview of all current project images, client name, categories and likes, live search, infinite drag and swipe (the infinite grid can be dragged infinitely in any direction and new portfolio images will be displayed).

Beautiful single portfolio

The single portfolio project page it is a work of art, we have designed it to allow to set the image slider layout style in six different layout styles, this way it will support all image formats (portrait, landscape and pretty much any format). The layout styles can be set easily in the admin based on your project type. It is using an optimized version of one of our plugins specially made for Acora Simple Image Slider Carousel.

Horizontal Fluid Width Fit Images: This layout type displays the image slider in fluid width setting the image slider width to the browser viewport width and shows as many images as possible example here.

Horizontal Fluid Width Full Images: This layout type displays the image slider in fluid width setting the image slider width to the browser viewport width and shows one image at a time example here.

Horizontal Fullscreen Fit Images: This layout type displays the image slider in fullscreen setting the image slider width and height to the browser viewport width and height showing as many images as possible example here.

Horizontal Fullscreen Full Images: This layout type displays the image slider in fullscreen setting the image slider width and height to the browser viewport width and height showing one image at a time example here.

Vertical Fit Images: This layout type displays the image slider in the page content setting the image slider width to the page content width showing the images from top to bottom vertically example here.

Vertical Full Images: This layout type displays the image slider in fullscreen setting the image slider width and height to the browser viewport width and height showing the images from top to bottom vertically example here.

Client name.

Client website – if you like you can set a website URL for the client and when the client button is clicked that website will open in a new page.

Project categories.

Likes counter and button.

Project categories.

Share and copy current link buttons

Related projects grid.

Slideshow and the possibility to set the slideshow delay in milliseconds.

Maximize / minimize / zoom image on double click or double tap.

Optional fullscreen button, this will display the image slider in fullscreen.

Optional next, previous and maximize / minimizebuttons.

Auto hide buttons – the buttons can be set to hide after a number of seconds of inactivity.

Drag & swipe.

Randomize images – display images in random order every time the page is viewed.

Sortable images – the images can be arranged in any order with drag and drop in the admin.

Optional captions – support for image captions.

Featured image – set featured image that will be displayed in the portfolio archive.


The home pages are just crazy beautiful, all of them can be seen in the demo here demo here, created with a custom page builder that we made, pages with with fullscreen background video, an extended home page, in content or fullscreen image slider or even a fullscreen video page that is using the Ultimate Video Player and much more.

About us, About me and Contact us pages

This pages allow to add info about you or the entire team and also offet the client to contact you via the email or via a contact form.

Amazing Blog

We have put a lot of time in the blog section, we wanted to make something unique like all the other sections of the theme. The blog comes with 6 post formats types each format it was carefully thought and designed, standard, audio, video, gallery, quote and link, preview here.

Custom Theme Admin Panel

Acora has it’s own admin panel uuse to provide you with more functionality that includes a wide variety of options and settings and provides maximum customization flexibility helping you to create a beautiful website

Monetize video

Acora has included both Easy Video Player and Ultimate Video Player, this player have some very nice features, one of them is the possiblitly to monetize your videos with google adsense video or banner, or if you prefer VAST or VPAID.

Customizable Accent Color

Unlimited color possibilities for the theme elements lets you adapt your website appearance to your company style.


Acora includes built in shortcodes like accoridion and tabs and various plugin shortcods.

Translation Ready

Acora is translatable using .po and .mo files, which is the official way of translating WordPress themes and plugins.

All the way lazy loading

All media content is lazy loaded this means that the media content like image, video or audio is only loaded and displayed when visible in the browser viewport, this offers increased loading time and increased overall performance.

Responsive Design and Retina Ready

Beautiful imagery and carefully written content need to shine on any device, Acora is a fully responsive, Retina-ready WordPress theme, with adaptive images that will look great down to the phone in your pocket.

Password Protected Content

Pages, posts and portfolio projects can be set to be password protected.

Detailed Theme Documentation

Acora includes a detailed written documentation.

Quick Demo Install

The demo content from this page is included so it can be imported in just a few steps and added to your theme.


We fully support operational components such as features usage, issue, bug, or the fix that are mainly related to the theme and to make the theme working properly. Please contact me via the contct form in my profile page here.

Version 1.1 Release Date 15.01.2019

  • Added optional dark theme.

Tags: agency, business, clean, creative, fullscreen, gallery, one page, parallax, personal blog, photo, photographer, photography, photography theme, portfolio, responsive

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Acora – Photography WordPress Theme

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Acora - Photography WordPress Theme

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Download Acora – Photography WordPress Theme

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