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Customers who arrive on an e-commerce website to do shopping usually prefer to buy more than a single product at times, they want to load their cart with items before a checkout. Also, some people look forward for buying a product in multiple quantities.
Adding multiple products to the cart can become a pretty tough task, tiring the customer when they have to continuously click on “add to cart” option. SofProdigy introduces another great extension for your customers to make the shopping easier for them.

The Magento2 add multiple products to cart extension is the right choice for your e-commerce store, enabling the option for adding multiple products to the shopping cart. If a customer is willing to buy multiple products at a time, this extension allows them to do it right-away. Just by viewing the product list, they can insert more quantities for each product.
Magento add product to cart extension allows your customers to add multiple products to cart at once without the need to browse through product pages separately. This extension can be applied to any section of your e-commerce store such as homepage, product list pages, wish list, or compare etc.
AJAX pop-up function to select the multiple products options.
Success pop-up notifying details of products that are added to the cart.
Simple to use, easily configurable, add product bundles, and simple products with custom options.
Apply it at any place on your online store such as homepage, product list pages, wishlist, and compare etc.
Use checkbox, quantity box, or “Add all to cart” button for supporting bulk ordering.
The Magento2 extensions are useful for adding multiple products to the shopping cart at once. If your customers are willing to buy multiple products, then this extension will provide them to do it right away. Also, providing the option to view product list and insert quantities for each product.

The Magento2 AJAX add to cart extension is easy to install and provides a plenty of options to improve the control of store admin.
It allows a lot of possibilities to improve the overall shopping experience for the customers such as:
Add multiple products with just a single click at any product listing page.
Add products right on your homepage.
Add products to the CMS block or right on the page where the product listing is listed with a product widget.
Make the selection of multiple products to cart at one time fun by using a checkbox, quantity box, or the selected icon.
“Check all” button to choose all the displayed products at once is the fastest way to add multiple products to cart in Magento store.

This extension provides your customers an amazing shopping experience. Moreover, they are able to add bulk products to their shopping cart in a single go. When customers are looking forward for shopping in bulk, this Magento2 add to cart button makes the process easier and comfortable.
A great solution for those who want to provide the option to place bulk orders on their online store. This new extension has helped in enhancing the shopping experience for the customers on various e-commerce online stores.

Key Features:
Manage the design
“Add everything to cart” button can be freely set for displaying the position and either total quantity or the total products to be shown. The store admin can choose the displaying elements in the shopping cart pop-up after addition of products to the cart.

Simplify purchase
The simpler the purchase process, the more customer attraction towards your website. In Magento add multiple products to cart extension, the buying procedure improves when the customer can select all the products they want to add to cart with just one click.

Easy to understand buttons and checkbox, such graphic elements to simplify the shopping experience.
Stylish Cart
Add graphic elements to the cart icon and make it attractive and this extension also provides full control to the page admin.
Use the premium extensions offered by SoftProdigy and enhance the shopping experience for your customers!

Note: The Extension only work for simple products.

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Download Add Multiple Products To Cart Magento 2 Nulled

Download Add Multiple Products To Cart Magento 2

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