AddChat Laravel Pro – Live Chat Widget + Multi-User Chat + Customer Support

Download AddChat Laravel Pro – Live Chat Widget + Multi-User Chat + Customer Support Nulled

AddChat Laravel Pro – AddChat Laravel- Live Chat Widget + Multi-User Chat + Customer Support

It’s a Laravel chat package. Live chat widget for Laravel that also includes multi-user chat, group permissions, customer support chat & more.

What is AddChat Laravel?

All-in-one multi-purpose Chat Widget For Laravel website

AddChat is a new chatting friend of Laravel. It’s a standalone Chat widget that uses the website’s existing user base, and let website users chat with each other.

You get full source-code, hence AddChat lives and runs on your server/hosting including database. And therefore, you get complete privacy over your data. Either you’re a big corporate sector or a small business. AddChat is for everyone.


Addchat Laravel Pro is a chat widget that you can integrate into an existing or a fresh Laravel website. AddChat works like a standalone widget and fulfills all your business-related needs like –

1. User-to-user chatting
2. Live real-time chatting (without page refresh)
3. Internal notification system (saves Pusher monthly subscription fees)
4. Customer support
5. Multi-user groups
6. Guest chatting

and a lot more features, keep reading ⚡️

Why AddChat ?

Some of the key highlights, why you would like to go with AddChat!

– Save monthly subscription bills (pay once use forever)
– No Confidential Data leak
– Complete Privacy
– Easy to install & update
– Use existing users database
– Multi-purpose, use it as Helpdesk, Customer support, User-to-user chatting, and much more…

Please give your honest reviews & ratings. We need your support to deliver regular updates with new exciting features. ❤️

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Technical Specification

AddChat is very light, high performance, scalable, and secure.

1. AddChat front-end built with VueJs, which is purely API based web-app.

2. AddChat back-end (API) built with Laravel

- AddChat Laravel version is a Laravel package, hence, it can be installed via Composer in an existing or a fresh Laravel website.

User Interface & Design

AddChat is designed in CSS Flexbox and Sass. Let’s see what’s so special about CSS Flexbox and why we used it.

1. AddChat is a CSS Framework Independent. Means, no matter in which CSS Framework your website is in, it neither affects the website CSS nor gets affected by it.

- [Bootstrap]( 
- [Bulma]( 
- [Materializecss]( 
- [Semantic UI]( 
- [UIKit]( 
- [Zurb Foundation](
or any other...

2. AddChat CSS is completely encapsulated (wrapped in AddChat wrapper with `#addchat-bot .c-` prefix).
– Hence, it never overrides your website CSS nor inherits from it.

- AddChat UI is extra-responsive. Optimized for extra-small devices to large 4K desktops -
  • Small phones
  • Android Phones
  • iPhones
  • iPad & iPad Pro
  • Small-Medium Size Laptops
  • Large Desktops

3. We’ve used the popular NPM package `auto-prefixer` to make the AddChat UI design same across all types of browsers e.g `Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge` etc


AddChat is compatible with all languages and timezones. AddChat auto adapts and adjusts regional settings according to your website’s default timezone and language. Please refer to the Language section for more info about adding a new language in AddChat Laravel Pro Docs.

Awesome & Advanced Features

  • Simple Yet Effective Chat Widget
    Enhance your customer service & increase engagement, whether you’re a large corporation or a small business, communicating with your website visitors is proven to generate leads that convert.
  • Pure VueJs App
    AddChat is purely a VueJs based widget that works with AddChat Laravel API. AddChat is fast, reliable, scalable, production-ready & lives on your server.
  • Laravel Package
    AddChat installs in the existing Laravel website and adapts existing Auth system & Database without even modifying them. (read-only)
  • Extra Responsive & Friendly UI
    Fully responsive design, optimized for the mobile-first experience, including iPad, iPad-pro, small screen laptop & large desktops
  • It’s a Chat Widget
    AddChat is a Chat widget that integrates into a brand new or existing website.

  • User-to-User Messaging
    Give your existing website users, the ability to search for other users, chat with each other, and manage contacts.

  • Encourage Conversation
    Whether an organizer has a one-time event or desires repetitive scheduling, they can easily customize its frequency with the touch of a button.

  • Real-Time Chatting & Notifications
    Instantly display read receipts, new messages, and total messages without refreshing the page or compromising server performance.

  • Switch between Pusher & Internal Notifications
    Integrated Pusher & Custom Internal notification system which sends and receives messages seamlessly in real-time without any additional server setup.

  • No Login Required For Guest Users
    Enable guest mode for flawless customer support. Communicate with your visitors directly, improving customer experience, and increasing conversion rates.

  • Auto Convert Guest Conversation
    AddChat automatically converts & restores guest user conversations to registered user conversations when using the same email address upon registration.

  • Dark & Resize Modes
    We call them Magic modes, toggle between light/dark mode, and small/mini widget sizes. Also, Swipe left/right to switch to tabs in touch devices.

  • Profile Customization
    Let profiles come to life by allowing registered users to change their name, online status, or upload a profile picture without changing any data in your existing website database.

  • Toggle Multi-Vendor
    Whether you want to use Eventmie as a Saas platform or as a single organization website, enable or disable the multi-vendor option in one click.

  • Delete Chat History
    Conveniently erase conversations from the past or retract a message that hasn’t been sent yet.

  • User Group Permissions
    Control who can message who. Allow or restrict certain user groups from messaging other user groups.

  • Include & Exclude URLs
    It doesn’t always make sense to display a chat widget on every page. Easily assign which pages show AddChat and which pages don’t.

  • You’re in Control
    Blacklist registered users or adjust settings like brand name, logo, footer credits, and so much more from the convenience of your admin panel.

  • Auto Adapt Regional Settings
    AddChat auto-detects and adapts your website default language & timezone settings.

  • CSRF Protection & SSL Support
    Protect any sensitive data and keep your connection secure. AddChat supports CSRF & SSL enabled websites.

  • Install via Composer
    Install the AddChat widget into your Laravel website in a matter of minutes with no experience required. Simply install it like a Laravel Package.

  • Super Easy Integration
    After installation, just add AddChat CSS, JS & VueJs widget in the common layout file and get started.

Why Choose AddChat Laravel Pro ?

  • Get The Source Code & Deploy On Your Server
    AddChat provides everything you need to incorporate live chat on your website including data privacy, real-time chatting, multiple group permissions, using your existing user base, customer support chat, and so much more. We are continuously improving AddChat and will soon be introducing exciting features such as AI bot integration.
  • Pay Once Use Forever
    Monthly subscription fees have a huge impact on the bottom line. Start saving money today with a chat widget that suits every budget.
  • Complete Privacy & Control
    Unlike other live chat widgets, AddChat is installed on your server, meaning you have complete control of your data and privacy.
  • Responsive. Secure. Robust
    Protecting your customers with state-of-the-art security and a clean and attractive user-interface regardless of screen size. Optimized for all devices in an increasingly mobile-friendly world.
  • Full Support From Installation to Deployment
    Whether you want us to install it on your server, manage it monthly, want to request a new feature, or have any other query, our support team is here for you every step of the way.

Our Services for Eventmie Pro

  • Free Installation (Non-Developer License only)
    You get free installation, deployment & server setup for all premium products.
  • 2 Years Free Updates
    You get premium product updates for free for 2 years
  • 6 Months Free Support
    You get 6 months free premium support on all premium products
  • Review & Ratings
    You can add reviews & ratings on products to express your thoughts.
  • Support Tickets
    You can submit Support Tickets for any kind of personalized support.

Read about our company’s Premium Support Terms & Conditions here- Classiebit Terms & Conditions

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AddChat Laravel Pro – Live Chat Widget + Multi-User Chat + Customer Support

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AddChat Laravel Pro - Live Chat Widget + Multi-User Chat + Customer Support

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Download : addchat-laravel-pro-live-chat-widget-multi-user-chat-customer-support(full-version).zip

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