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Creative Minimal WordPress Theme suitable for agencies, freelancers, architects, designers and other creative people who wants to showcase their portfolio in a spectacular modern way.

Arrigo – is a premium creative portfolio WordPress theme. It’s crafted with modern minimalistic approach and content focused design. Showcase your portfolio in a trendy modern way with dark or light template sets. Stand out from the creative competition with Arrigo!

The theme is driven by powerful front-end page builder Elementor. Which is easy to use and it allows to build an unlimited number of page layouts. Don’t limit your imagination with default predefined templates – create your own unique ones! Arrigo has built-in more than 20 professionaly crafted Elementor widgets which you can use in building your new amazing website.

Smooth on-scroll animations are powered by superfast and cross-browser engine TweenMax which will help you underline your most important content and engage with your audience.

23 Elementor Widgets

  • Contact Widget
  • Call to Action Widget
  • Feature Widget
  • Google Map Widget
  • Header Section Widget
  • Images Slider Widget
  • Masthead Intro Widget
  • Masonry Grid & Gallery Widget
  • Logo Client Widget
  • Parallax Background Widget
  • Pricing Table Widget
  • Project Properties Widget
  • Step Widget
  • Team Member Widget
  • Testimonials Widget
  • Featured Image Widget
  • Latest Posts Widget
  • Portfolio Grid Irregular Widget
  • Portfolio Masonry Grid & Gallery Widget
  • Portfolio Slider Fullscreen 1 Widget
  • Portfolio Slider Fullscreen 2 Widget
  • Services Grid Widget
  • Services Slider Widget


  • Powered by Elementor – take advantage of a truly live frontend editing.
  • Enhanced WordPress Customizer – play around with theme options and preview all your changes live.
  • Contact Form 7 Compatible – start gathering leads from your website right after a simple setup.
  • Custom Elementor Icons – upload and use ANY unique SVG icon for your Elementor widgets.
  • No coding knowledge required – import demo data with built-in wizard, edit your content and launch your website today!
  • Document Options Overrides – apply custom header, footer and even preloader per page.
  • Fullscreen Overlay Menu – slick and modern menu with unlimited submenus.
  • Dark & Light Portfolio Themes – choose which one emphasizes best your creative work.
  • Color Customization – let Arrigo fit your custom brand color.
  • Google Fonts – choose any of 600+ Google Fonts available and preview them live from Customizer.
  • Adobe Fonts – connect your Adobe Fonts project to the theme (available via 3rd party plugin Custom Adobe Fonts
  • Self hosted custom fonts – upload and use your custom brands fonts with ease.
  • Performant On-Scroll Animations – give your website a premium finish with perfectly timed transitions.
  • Customizable Preloader – choose between curtains or simple fade-in preloader, adjust preloader per a single page.
  • Masonry Gallery with Custom Layouts – construct those fancy grids in 2-columns, 3-columns or 4-columns layouts.
  • Google Maps Support – with multiple locations and custom style from Snazzymaps
  • Crossbrowser Compatibility – all modern browsers + IE11
  • Smooth Parallax Effects – add stylish motion to the backgrounds
  • Automatic Theme Updates
  • Demo Import and Setup Wizard
  • Excellent Support
  • Translation Ready
  • Widget Ready
  • WPML Compatible
  • Polylang Compatible
  • Extensive Online Documentation

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  • Clean WordPress 4.6+ Installation
  • PHP 7 or higher (to ensure compatibility with Elementor Page Builder)
  • Active database in MySQL 5 or higher.
  • FTP access to your website hosting or credentials to your hosting panel.


11 Mar 2020 – version 1.6.2
* added: compatibility with Elementor 2.9.5+
* added: backward compatibility for Elementor 2.8.5 and below
15 Feb 2020 – version 1.6.1
* fixed: thrown PHP errors in case of no portfolio categories created
13 Feb 2020 – version 1.6.0
* added: widgets compatibility with Swiper 5.x
* added: theme compatibility for upcoming Elementor 2.9.x
* added: styled modal windows for Contact Form 7 (error/submit events)
* added: on/off option for new styled modal windows for Contact Form 7 (Customizer -> Options -> Contact Form 7)
* updated: handlers and versions for the frontend assets
27 Dec 2019 – version 1.5.0
* fixed: Kirki plugin didn't activate automatically during theme wizard setup
* fixed: OC Demo Import conflict with Merlin wizard setup. Now loads only 1 demo importer at the same time
25 Nov 2019 – version 1.4.2
* fixed: setup wizard threw error message "Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page" after the theme initial activation in WordPress 5.3 
* improved: handling placeholders in the form input fields 
* improved: updated bundled ACF Pro plugin to the latest version 5.8.7 
07 Nov 2019 – version 1.4.1
* fixed: posts amount limit function in Elementor dynamic widgets
* improved: don't display a filter category name if there are no grid items matching this category in the Portfolio Masonry Elementor widget
25 Oct 2019 – version 1.4.0
* added: Arrigo Elementor widgets are now fully compatible with WPML's Translation Editor
* added: support for self-hosted custom fonts as new option in admin page (please install ACF Pro recommended by the theme)
* added: support for Adobe Fonts (Typekit) via 3rd party plugin (
* added: option in Customizer for force load all fonts variations
* added: bundled ACF Pro plugin to the theme package
* improved: better code structure in Arrigo Core Elementor extension class
* improved: regenerated .pot files
* improved: removed plugin-territory <head> tags
* improved: dynamically add pingback URLs to blog posts
11 Sep 2019 – version 1.3.0
* added: compatibility with Elementor 2.7+
10 Sep 2019 – version 1.2.2
* improved: mobile 100vh calculation for home sliders
09 Sep 2019 – version 1.2.1
* added: new options for categories and short description output in dynamic portfolio sliders
* fixed: incorrect SVG graphics alignment in Merlin setup wizard
16 Aug 2019 – version 1.2.0
* added: portfolio slug customization (Customizer -> Portfolio -> Enable custom portfolio slug)
* added: services slug customization (Customizer -> Services -> Enable custom services slug)
* added: more portfolio display control possibilities in the dynamic widgets (all, limited amount, excluding certain items)
10 Jul 2019 – version 1.1.9
* fixed: Polylang switcher in fullscreen overlay menu didn't open submenu
28 Jun 2019 – version 1.1.8
* added: new option in customizer you can now change portfolio "next" loop direction (Customizer -> Options -> Portfolio)
* improved: there is no more reveal animation delay in 'Section Intro" widget if it doesn't have a background set.
06 Jun 2019 – version 1.1.7
* added: new options in customizer, you can now have your featured images in page masthead (individual per each page) 
28 May 2019 – version 1.1.6
* added: overlay menu now closes if the clicked link is an anchor to a page element (like #portfolio-section)
* improved: minor code tweaks
25 May 2019 – version 1.1.5
* added: toggle to enable/disable links to inner pages in "Services Slider" and "Services Grid" Elementor widgets
23 May 2019 – version 1.1.4
* added: Isotope filter to "Portfolio Masonry Grid & Gallery" Elementor widget
11 May 2019 – version 1.1.3
* added compatibility with Polylang plugin
29 Apr 2019 – version 1.1.2
* fixed: fullscreen slider 1 transition didn't work for content on mobile devices under 991px
* improved: documentation – now it's way more convenient
23 Feb 2019 – version 1.1.1
* fixed: regular menu appearance since the last update
* added: more logo options in customizer (retina @2x logo version and max-height options)
22 Feb 2019 – version 1.1.0
* added: WPML compatibility to both Arrigo theme and Arrigo Core plugin
* added: WPML compatibility to theme Elementor widgets that contains text strings
* added: custom widget in header for WPML language switcher
* added: WPML config file to theme
* improved: updated theme translation .pot file
* added: automatic setup for Intuitive Custom Posts plugin in theme on-boarding
* improved: disabled Kirki telemetry
15 Feb 2019 – version 1.0.2
* fixed: visual bugs caused by style conflicts with Elementor Pro
14 Feb 2019 – version 1.0.1
* fixed: slider counter that didn't work on fullscreen slider 1
07 Feb 2019 – version 1.0.0
initial release

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Arrigo – Contemporary Creative Portfolio Elementor WordPress Theme

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Arrigo – Contemporary Creative Portfolio Elementor WordPress Theme

Download Arrigo – Contemporary Creative Portfolio Elementor WordPress Theme Nulled

Download Arrigo – Contemporary Creative Portfolio Elementor WordPress Theme

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