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Preview: Asgard – Social Media Alerts & Feeds WordPress Builder – Facebook, Instagram, Twitch and more!

Asgard – Social Media Alerts and Feed Wordpress Builder

Easily Share your
Social Content

With Asgard, you’ll be able to create alerts from different social networks to let visitor know what you are up to, show your feed or simply have a like/follow box!

+ Followers!!
Quickly show people featured content, let them know upcoming events or videos, give them messages, or just have a subscriber live counter always at hand!

Easy to Edit
With the Alerts Builder it’s really easy to edit the alerts elements! From position and colors, to animations,
sizes and content.

40+ Custom
Alert Templates

We designed custom alerts for each network having in mind what each one may need. For example, for Twitter we made a follow box and a tweets feed. For Instagram we included a live followers counter and a feed box. And for Twitch, we included a stream box and match results for eSports games.

If you have a suggestion for new ones, just leave us a comment!

Builder Demo
We created a builder to make it easier for you to build and customize the alerts and alerts groups the way you want! Change texts, colors, icons, sizes, and much more with just a few clicks! For some social networks, you even have the option to easily import all your info with your access token! The builder automatically fills the info with just a few steps!

Dedicated Templates
Each Social Network has dedicated designs to fit their target audiences, for example Facebook and Twitter, for all kinds of business and startups, Instagram for influencers, models and clothing stores, Twitch and Youtube, for streamers, vloggers, eSports players and teams, Patreon for artists and freelancers and Discord, for people that want to build a community.

Static and Dynamic
Alerts Templates

Some of the alerts have static content, like the messages or countdown ones. Those are meant for you to fill with your content, but others (the ones that have the “server” tag) have dynamic content that automatically grabs the info!

Change Colors, Fonts and
More to Fit your Brand!

We included in the builder lots of options for you to customize your alerts templates! Colors, texts, fonts (with Google Fonts), icons (SVG and Font Awesome), link images & videos, positions, and much more!

Load your Info with
Just a Few Steps!

For dynamic alerts templates the plugin automatically grabs your social info for you! For example, the Twitter follow box or the Youtube subscribe box. For some of these, you’ll need your access token. You can read more in the documentation!

Alerts for Seven Different
Social Networks

To give you the most options for the plugin, we included 7 of the top Social Networks. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, Youtube, Patreon & Discord! If you want another social network that isn’t here, just let us know in the comments!

Multiple Alert Groups
for Easier Access

We added the option for having multiple social network alerts. You’ll be able to create a group so your audience will be able to quickly change between the different social networks of your choosing with just one click!


Ross Draws


May 21st, 2020

– Added support for the new Twitch oAuth requirements, more information available here:

– Due to the changes in the Twitch Helix API, you now also require to use the Client Secret in the API request to be able to retrieve the information. We added a new field in the Credentials page of the plugin that allows you to enter and save your Client Secret.

May 20th, 2020

Asgard version 1.2.1

– Updated Facebook access token steps screenshots and text to reflect UI changes done by Facebook on their app explorer. You can view the changes in Social Networks -> Facebook.

May 6th, 2020

Asgard version 1.2.0

– Replaced deprecated Instagram API (support ends on June 29, 2020, more information here: with the new Basic Display API:

– Created a new Instagram Feed Box alert, that allows the display of your instagram account media by using your account access token

– Replaced old tutorial on how to get your Instagram access token with a new one, explaining step by step how to do it with the new Basic Display API. You can check it on the Social Networks -> Instagram section of the documentation

December 28th, 2019

Asgard version 1.1.5

– Adds 2 new YouTube alerts, Channel Feed V1 and Channel Feed V2. These new alerts allow the display of video feeds by selecting YouTube channel ID or username and how many videos to show.
The videos that show on the feed are ordered by date (newest first / at the top).

– Adds option to allow modification of countdown short and long description texts (Days, Hours, Min, Secs).

December 24th, 2019

Asgard version 1.1.4

– Updated plugin to WordPress latest version – 5.3.2.

– Fixed select input and round button styles that conflicted with WordPress version 5.3.2 new styles.

– Added support for SSL to the Twitter alerts. Now all required content from Twitter will be served under https.

November 12th, 2019

Asgard version 1.1.3

– Added Instagram static alert versions.

November 5th, 2019

Asgard version 1.1.2

– Fixed an issue that would prevent the creation of the profile table on case sensitive databases.

– Added support for older versions of MySQL that didn’t allow to set current_timestamp as a default datetime value.

October 31st, 2019

We released update version 1.1.0!, the following feature has been added to the plugin:

1) You can now choose when to display the alerts based on 3 device breakpoints: Desktop, Tablet and Mobile. In the profile panel, now every profile row will have 3 new options that will let you select which resolutions the profile will be shown on.

The resolution width breakpoints for each of the device options are the following:

Desktop: Device width above 1024 pixels (> 1024px).
Tablet: Device width above 480 pixels and below or equal to 1024 pixels (> 480px, <= 1024px).
Mobile: Device width below 480 pixels (<= 480px).

Important: Using the WordPress “Delete” button will remove all the profiles you have created, if you want to preserve your profiles please follow the plugin update guide we included in the documentation.

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Asgard – Social Media Alerts & Feeds WordPress Builder – Facebook, Instagram, Twitch and more!

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Asgard - Social Media Alerts & Feeds WordPress Builder - Facebook, Instagram, Twitch and more!

Download Asgard – Social Media Alerts & Feeds WordPress Builder – Facebook, Instagram, Twitch and more! Nulled

Download Asgard – Social Media Alerts & Feeds WordPress Builder – Facebook, Instagram, Twitch and more!

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