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AuthorMATIC is a dynamic support system with Knowledge Based Articles, Documentations, Frequently Asked Questions, Change Logs and Sales Report much more.

AuthorMATIC was created with the sole intention of managing customers request and providing swift solution to customers using your products and services. With AuthorMATIC, your customer service experience will never be the same.

Demo Details

Backend Accesshttps://authormatic.silasolatayo.com/control/

Email Address: [email protected]
Password: 654321

Change Logs

View product change logs: https://dev.silasolatayo.com/authormatic/change-logs


Easy step-by-step Installation
With step-by-step installation guide, you can get Authormatic up and running in no time.

SEO Friendly
Love friendly URL? AuthorMATIC got you covered and makes your links easy to read and includes words that describe the content of your webpages.

Super Fast and Light Weighted
Speed is of the essence now more than ever in web design, so we made AuthorMATIC loads very fast without unnecessary data per page. You have the option of caching the asset files or use AWS CDN for your content delivery.

Cross Browser Support
Support for all major web browsers to include Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Opera & Internet Explorer.

Responsive Design and Mobile Friendly
Enjoy the fullness of responsiveness for all devices; both Admin & User interface.

Based on Bootstrap 3+ for Admin Interface
The administration interface is power by Bootstrap 3+.

Google Font Integration
Google font is also available for easy customization of your themes.

Analytics Dashboard with graphical depiction of App statistics
See your website content statistics at a glance.

Google Analytic Dashboard
Shipped with Google Analytics Dashboard plugin to view your site traffic

Timezone and Date Format Integration
Content entries are timezone based.

Site Maintenance Mode
You can easy put your website in maintenance mode, with the in-bult feature, while you edit your content. Only Super Administrator will be able to see the changes made on the front-end.

Assets Compression & Caching
Combine and compress your website asset files, including compression for HTML output, for fast load time. Use asset cache mechanism to display your content in no time.

Permalinks/Base Management
Be in control of your URLs. Set base links for the application modules. E.g You can use http://domain.com/kb/ instead of http://domain.com/article/.

Image Cropping and resizing
Auto size all uploads by user. Set restriction by dimension and upload size.

Set Maximum Upload File Size
Set maximum content upload size for all media uploads.

Image Watermark & Watermark Placement
Watermark all uploaded images and set placement position as desire.

Save Clean Copy After Watermarking
You can choose to save clean/raw uploaded image(no resize, no watermark)

Users Management
Easy user management system with activity logs and access control list.

Multi-Authentication via Social Platforms
Allow multi-authentication login for all users. In-built social login system allows login via Envato, Facebook, Twitter & Google.

Users Activities Logs
View all user activity logs with date, time and access IP

Role Based Access Control (RBAC) with CRUD
Assign access control to users in groups/role with CRUD mechanism (Create, Read, Update & Delete)

Product Management (with Import from Envato)
Add unlimited products to your site with easy to use management tool. Product import from Envato coming soon.

Service Manager; Free and Paid Services
Create and manage services to offer for each product. Offer free and paid service to user product users.

Support Ticket Management
Support ticket for each product item. Let user request support per product purchased with license verification.

Ticket Assigning to Managers
Assign ticket to any Ticket Manager with a click of a button.

Canned Ticket Response
Quickly reply from your canned messages. Create unlimited canned messages for swift response to ticket.

Knowledge Based Articles with Categories, Tags, Ratings and Comments
Create unlimited articles for your products and services.

Documentation per Product
Each product has it own documentation page with unique URL.

Sorting and re-ordering
Sort and re-order the way your Documentation, F.A.Q and Change Logs are displayed.

Frequently Asked Questions per Product with Categories
Categorize your F.A.Q per product. Let your answer be specific.

Product Change Logs with Versioning
Product updates/change-logs for easy tracking on updates and added features.

Change Logs Type – Added, Enhanced, Fixed or Removed
Use any of these change types (Added, Enhanced, Fixed or Removed) to specify the effect of the changes made.

Dynamic and Static Page Generator
Create a static(.html) or dynamic page. You can have your pages in .html file for faster load time.

Media/File Library
Manage all uploaded media with ease. Sort uploaded content base on user entries.

Appearance/Theme Customization
Easy front-end customization. Upload logo and favicon with ease. Change fonts and font-sizes from the back-end.

Menu Management
Create unlimited navigation menus for your theme, sidebar and more.

Widget Management
Create unlimited widget and assign them to your theme.

Multi-Language Management with Auto-translator by Yandex
Support language option for front-end. Auto-translate default language content to any supported ISO on Yandex.

Module Base and Plugable Application

  • Google Analytics Plugin – Add google analytic code to your site and view statistics on your dashboard.
  • Cookie Consent – Notify use of cookie usage by your website.
  • External Links Mask – Mask all external links on your website
  • Social Meta Tags – Social meta tags for easy description of your site on social platforms.
  • ADs Manager – Manage unlimited ADs assign to site placements.

Mail Manager with Mail Templates and Logging
Email template system with awesome features.

CDN Storage [Amazone S3] and Content Syncing
Store your asset files on AWS CDN for fast content delivery.

Disposable Email Validation Service Integration
Disallow the use of disposable email addresses on your website.

Cron Job Manager
Set cron tabs to manager essential process in the background.

URL Redirect
Quick Redirect with short parameters.

Application Errors & Exception Logging
Error logging with easy access from admin back-end.

Import/Export Application Settings
Import and export application setting with a click of a button.

Application Auto Update [Coming Soon – CS]

Product License Manager [CS]


  • Apache/Nginx
  • PHP Version 5.6+ (v7+ preferred)
  • MySQL 5.6+ / MariaDB 10.1+
  • MySQL PDO Driver
  • PHP OpenSSL
  • PHP cURL
  • PHP GD Library
  • PHP BC Math

PLEASE NOTE: Nothing is perfect, no matter how beautiful and perfect it may look. There is always room for improvement. Before you drop a negative rating(lower than 5 stars), kindly let me know what you think can be done and I will try to fix it. Thanks.

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AuthorMATIC – The Premium Support Script

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AuthorMATIC - The Premium Support Script

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