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Preview: Auxilium : Support Desk for Freelancers, Small Business Owners & Envato Market Authors

Easy to use Support Desk for Freelancers, Envato Market Authors, and Small Business Owners.

Auxilium is a support desk application designed with ease of use in mind. By using it you can lessen your support staff burden by fifty per cent due to its robust functionalities. Find out what differentiates the Auxilium from the crowd below.


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Envato API Integration Video Demo

Here are some of the features provided by Auxilium that differentiate it from the crowd.

  • Full integration with Envato OAuth :- Customers won’t have to provide their purchase code manually if they log in via Envato OAuth. It will be automatically fetched and validated when they submit a new ticket.
  • Purchase Code validation using Envato API :- Purchase Code provided by your customer will be automatically validated. They will get an appropriate error if there is a problem validating the purchase code or their support period was expired. The support period will be show in your time-zone, not in Envato time-zone.
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    Expired Purchase Code :- If purchase code expired or not valid then portal will not allow to create a ticket.

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  • Import your Envato Products as Category automatically :- Auxilium can fetch all products you sell on Envato market using Envato API and add them as categories in support desk. This way you won’t have to add your products one by one.
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  • Total control over Categories :- If you sell products outside of Envato market and don’t want to use Purchase Code validation then you can turn it off for specific category.
  • Articles and Open Tickets to provide support for recurring issues :- You can add frequently asked questions as Articles to lower the support staff burden. You can also mark the ticket as public so the other customers can see it. Customers will see related articles and open tickets when they try to submit a new ticket. Articles you write can also be used as a canned response for support ticket replies.
  • Ability to add support agents :- You can add all your support staff as support agents. You can also assign a specific category to specific agents, that way they will only see tickets, articles and customer details for their assigned categories.
  • Canned Response :- Canned responses are templates that simplify dealing with repetitive questions. Every agent can use article to speed up the response time.
  • Auto close Tickets :- You can set some specific days in settings. If no one (agent or customer) replied in ticket till some specific days then the ticket will be auto close.
  • Ticket closing notification :- You can manage ticket closing notification directly from portal. So, If you do not want to notify the customers while closing ticket manually or automatically the system will not send closing notification mail to customer.
  • Verify Customer Email Id :- Using verify customer email id means each customer must confirm their email id while signing up using our confirmation link in their email. But you can turn off this feature that customer can directly sign up without confirming their email id.
  • Customizable :- You will get the full source code with your purchase. You can customize it any way you like. Auxilium provides support for header and footer customization out of the box so you won’t have to edit a single line of code to rebrand it for your company. You can also edit Privacy Policy, T&C and About us pages directly from your support desk admin panel.

Demo Access

Admin Credentials

User ID: [email protected]

Password: admin

Customer Credentials

User ID: [email protected]

Password: customer


Can I use this system if I’m not an Envato Author?

Yes, You can use this software if you are not an author/seller on Envato. It is designed for both Envato Authors and Non-Authors. As an Envato Author, you will get the benefit of Envato features like Automatic Purchase Code Verification, Envato OAuth and Automatic import products as categories functionality. There will be other OAuth support (Google, Facebook, Twitter etc.) available on Auxilium Desk.

All Envato related features are not present by default. They are added by the system automatically when you enter your Envato API keys in settings.

So buttons like ‘Import from Envato’ on the Categories page, ‘Login Using Envato’ on index and login page, Request purchase code and Supported section in ticket page are only available when you have entered Envato API keys in settings.


Please send us your presale queries, after sales support queries, customization requests or any other queries via product support section from here.

Change Log

Version 2.0 : 30-Jan-2020

  • Code Optimization for clean coding & faster response
  • Bug Fixes
  • Enhance the security.

Version 1.1 : 31-July-2019

  • Add auto close ticket after some days
  • Option for notifying customer while closing the tickets
  • Manage your own vacation auto-reply from a portal
  • Add the last reply by in tickets page
  • Option to verify all customers email id or not
  • Enhance the security for customer and agent login. And fixed some security issues for customer and agent login
  • Show Envato support expire date at your time-zone.

Version 1.0.2 : 22-Jun-2019

  • Updated installation Script to support STRICT_TRANS_TABLES sql mode.
  • fixed an issue in conversation page
  • Improve behaviour in category page while updating the non-envato category.

Version 1.0.1 : 25-May-2019

  • Now Sorting should work correctly for Time in all data-tables.
  • Simplified Dashboard Graph.
  • Now Datatable grouping should work correctly.
  • Now Request Purchase code option won’t be visible for non-envato categories.
  • Now tickets data-table will show last updated date instead of created date.
  • Now About Us, Privacy and T&C pages will be hidden when these fields are empty in settings.

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Auxilium : Support Desk for Freelancers, Small Business Owners & Envato Market Authors

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Auxilium : Support Desk for Freelancers, Small Business Owners & Envato Market Authors

Download Auxilium : Support Desk for Freelancers, Small Business Owners & Envato Market Authors Nulled

Download Auxilium : Support Desk for Freelancers, Small Business Owners & Envato Market Authors

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