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Bazaar is a great solution for those who need to quickly build a website where people can list their used or new items for sale, and the community can browse ads and chat with products owners to agree on payments and purchases

XSApp is a HTML/CSS theme to create your awesome App Landing Page in no time. Clean, modern design, different header colors, easy to customize.

VintyMag is a complete Magazine/Newspaper Wordpress Theme where you can showcase your blog news in an old-fashioned look. It is easy to install and configure, and it has got 4 different Home and Categories layouts.


Bazaar is a full-working Web PHP Template for posting and browsing Ad listings. Have your clients find cool stuff, like and share ads to popular social networks.
Users can also chat with sellers to discuss price, shipping or anything else.

This script can share the same database of the iOS and Android versions on back4app!

The Admin should daily check the database for reported content/users, and take action for it.

The design is clean, code is commented and project folders and files are well organized in the package.

• Check out the Features section below to see what this app does.
Read the online Documentation to learn how to configure the template’s features and the database (Parse Dashboard).
• Keep an eye to the Change Log on the bottom of this page when an update gets released.

PLEASE NOTE that the demo website runs on GoDaddy and it works fine, I cannot guarantee you that this script will work on other hosting providers, so I strongly recommend you to use GoDaddy to make this script work.


It’s backend is by Parse Server and it’s hosted on back4appNO MySQL database involved.
Parse Server is flexible, reliable, open source, based on Node.js and well supported by a large community of developers, and back4app is a great BaaS hosting website where you can configure your database, Push Notifications and other features in just a few clicks.

If you want to see a preview of the structure of the demo database, and also clone it in just a click, CLICK HERE!

Extended License

As per Envato Marketplace Terms, the Extended License applies to all applications that charge money to their users. In case your users will not be charged of money through your own version of this template, you can still buy it under a Regular license.
Therefore, you must buy this template under and Extended License if your plans are either one or more of the following:

  • Add some Payment Gateway in the source code and publish your own version of this website.
  • Transfer your wesbite’s ownership to another owner by selling your domain on or similar marketplaces.

IMPORTANT: You are NOT allowed to sell or share the original source code of this template anywhere due to copyright infringement


PHP/Javascript/HTML/CSS language – Edit the template as you wish with SublimeText or any other HTML editor

Bootstrap – Responsive – jQuery – Get the power of responsiveness and Javascript functions with jQuery and Bootstrap libraries

PHP 7 ready – Take advantage of the latest version of PHP, this script is compatible with it.

Backend with Parse Server hosted on back4app – Built on a great and reliable BaaS that offers many features with just a few clicks, it’s super easy to create and set up a database on back4app, as well as edit the Parse Server’s SDK code.

Browse stuff from people you follow and don’t, and yours too – From the Home page, you can search for ads from any place, use the Google Map to select your location – you must allow it on your browser – or search for an address to fetch listings.

Chat with sellers – Ads owners can get private messages from interested users and reply in real time.

Change location on a custom Google Map popup – To either post ads or browse them, you can select a location by opening up the Map and clik on it to set a pin and search for products. You can also type a custom address or city name and select the distance range.

Email verification – After signing up, people will get an email with a validation link. Users with a verified address will be displayed in their profile pages.

Edit/Delete your own Ads – From the Listing Info page, people can choose to delete or edit their items with the 3-dot options button.

Report inappropriate listings or people – Users are able to flag offensive content/sellers, the Admin must daily check the database to see what has been reported and take action for it.

Like listings – Save favorite ads by liking them, you can find them in your Account page -> Liked section.
Search listings by keywords – Keywords search is essential, so you can perform it to find what you need around the selected location.

Custom Google Map popup – The Map shows up inside a popup window, you can place a pin with just a click, and it has got a slider to set a distance range where you want to search ads for.

Notifications page – Check likes and followers in this page, and get to users profiles.

See your Account’s data – The Account page is where you can enter the settings and see what ads you have posted, sold or liked.

Settings page – Edit your profile, avatar picture and biography, or logout the website.

Terms of Use and Privacy Policy HTML file (GDPR compliant) – The template contains an HTML file the Admin can edit to display his Terms of Service to the app’s users.

Facebook login – People can quickly sign up or sign in via Facebook from the Intro page.

Push Notifications – The website sends pushes to the mobile versions only.

Modern, clean design – The UI has been carefully crafted to offer the best user experience to your clients.

Online Documentation – Read the extensive guide of this template to be able to configure it properly.

PSD icons included in the package – App and buttons icons are stored into a PSD folder, for easy image replacement.


Sublime Text or any other HTML/text editor software – You may use Dreamweaver, Atom, or even EditText.

Basic knowledge of HTML/CSS and PHP languages – You don’t need to be a skilled or professional developer, anyway it’s recommended to have at least the basic knowledge of what you’re dealing with, to be able to customize this template.

A free account on – You can create and edit your Parse App and database, get the necessary keys for configurations and test this template for free. It has limitations though, so please check the Pricing table and consider subscribing for a paid plan after you published this script on your website.

A domain + hosting on GoDaddy – This template has been tested on GoDaddy, so this is the hosting provider that I strongly recommend you to use. DO NOT upload the file on or other free hosting providers!.

An active SSL certificate for your domain – This is to ensure that your website will get the https:// security prefix (not the http one), so the Facebook login feature will work properly, as well as other functionalities of this script.

Chrome, Firefox or Safari browsers – They are the most used internet browsers, although I suggest you to use Chrome for debugging too, it has got a great console that helps developers on editing the website.

Change Log

June 6, 2020

- Edited the following files in order to show a 728x90px Leaderboard ad on the top of each page:

December 23, 2019

- Updated the 'main.js' file to compile with the latest Parse Server 3.x version | Remember to update the Parse Server version of your app on back4app from the 'Manage Parse Server' section!

September26, 2019

 Updated the files in the Facebook folder - the Facebook SDK

September 20, 2019

- Added this line into the '.right-sidebar' class of the 'main.css' file:
     z-index: 999;

August 29, 2019

- Added some social share buttons in the 'ad-info.php' file, right below the Chat now button
- Edited the 'main.css' file by adding the CSS code for social buttons:
    .btn-fb-share, .btn-tw-share, .btn-pin-share, .btn-email-share

August 21, 2019

- Performed many changes in all PHP files in order to optimize the code (for instance, I've replaced 'echo ' with '<?php ?>'  instances)
- Added Owl Carousel plugin in the 'assets/vendor' folder and imported its JS and CSS files into the 'header.php' and 'footer.php' files
- Edited the code in the 'index.php' and 'sell-edit-stuff.php' files by embedding the categories for loop into a 
     <div class="owl-carousel">
- Performed some changes in the 'main.css' file in order to change the wesbite's look a little bit

July 18, 2019

- Replaced:
    // sessions_start();
    if (session_status() == PHP_SESSION_NONE) { session_start(); }

in the 'Configurations.php' file.    

- Added this line:  
    include 'Configurations.php';

on the top of the following PHP files:

March 29, 2019

- Fixed the line #124 of the notifications.php file, I've replaced: 

So now when you click on an avatar or name in the Notifications page, you'll get the user's profile details.

Frebruary 25, 2019

- Fixed a bug in file by wrapping the $keywords array generattor code into an IF statement, as it follows:
    if ($_GET['keywords'] != '') {
       $keywords = preg_split ("/[s,]+/", $_GET['keywords']);

February 22, 2019

- Added this code into the 'ad-info.php' file in order to still show a Chat Now button even if you're logged out. If you click on it, you'll be redirected to the Intro page:
    // $currentuser IS NOT LOGGED IN...
    } else {
        echo '
            <a href="intro.php" class="btn btn-primary" style="width: 100%; font-weight: 800; margin-bottom: 10px;">Chat now</a>

- Increased the 'height' value of the '.ad-title-input' instance into 'main.css' to 52px, so the input fields will be clearly visible and editable on Firefox as well:
    height: 52px;

February 15, 2019

- Fixed a bug on detecting browser name by removing the code that was detecting it on the bottom of the 'index.php' file and adding the following code into 'footer.php':
     if(navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Chrome") != -1 ){
      } else if(navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Safari") != -1) {
      } else if(navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Firefox") != -1 ) {
      // Show the download-broswer.php page
      } else { window.location.href = "download-browser.php"; }

January 31, 2019

- First release, PHP 5.4 and above
- PHP/Javascript/HTML and CSS language
- Fully compatible with Chrome, Firefox and Safari


For any support requests, please contact me through my Profile’s Contact Form

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Bazaar | Web PHP Social Listings/Classifieds Shopping Template

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Bazaar | Web PHP Social Listings/Classifieds Shopping Template

Download Bazaar | Web PHP Social Listings/Classifieds Shopping Template Nulled

Download Bazaar | Web PHP Social Listings/Classifieds Shopping Template

Note: If you are having trouble with Bazaar | Web PHP Social Listings/Classifieds Shopping Template Nulled free Download, try to disable AD blocking for the site or try another Web Browser. If disabling AD blocker or change Web Browser not help to you please contact us.

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