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Show any existing WordPress custom post type in a calendar

If you have a site and you already have an event plugin to manage your events, then you can show these events easily in cool calendars at your site (eg. in a widget, a page, etc.). Very useful for sites like gyms, schools, bars, restaurants, concert halls, etc.

11 Ready-to-use Themes

Full Feature List

Multiple calendar views
Choose between month, agenda, list and basic view.

Attach custom post types
You can show any custom post type in your calendar.

Attach multiple post types
You can show multiple custom post types in the same calendar.

Attach all events or selected only
You can attach all events that belong to a custom post type or just the ones you select.

Unlimited calendars
Create as many calendars as you desire.

Ready-to-use themes
Choose between 11 ready-to-use themes and make cool calendars on the fly!

Multiple calendars on same page
You can use multiple calendars on the same page.

Customizable calendars
You can customize each calendar separately.

Unlimited styling options
Style the calendar the way you want! Choose background color, borders, margin, padding options and many, many more.

Google fonts
Select from a large library of Google fonts and set the desired typography for all your calendar texts.

Date Range
You can set the calendar’s date range. All events outside the date range are hidden and the navigation buttons are deactivated.

Custom date and time format
Easily set your own date and time format to various places in your theme.

Choose the navigation buttons that you want displayed on the toolbar.

Event filtering
You can add a filtering dropdown and give the user the abillity to show specific events only.

Search events
Viewers can easily search and find events by using our optional built-in search bar.

Event limit
If you have a large number of events in the same day, you can set an event limit.

Custom fields
You can show custom fields in the event templates (compatible with any custom field plugin like ACF, Types, etc.).

Event coloring
If you want, you can add colors to your event taxonomies and colorize your events according to their taxonomy colors.

Multiple event types
You can create repeatable events, all-day events or multi-day events.

Event caching
Enable caching for calendar events.

2 event fetching modes
Get calendar events by using ajax or by prerendering all of them.

You also have the ability to add tooltips on your events.

Dates and times in toolbar and in event template shortcodes respect your WordPress default language.

With our plugin you can create trully responsive calendars. Which means that on larger screen you can a different view than on smaller screens.

WPML & Polylang compatible
Calendar Anything is truly WPML & Polylang compatible! Which means that all the calendar assets (days, hours, etc.) are shown in the correct language. It also grabs the correct events for each language.

Export and import your custom calendar themes easily and reuse them on-the-fly.

Demo live preview

Visit our demo live preview to see examples of Calendar Anything in action!

Demo backend live preview

Try it before you buy it! Just visit our demo backend live preview and see all the amazing features in action.


Take a look at our extensive online documentation.

Support & development

We provide fast and reliable support to our customers. You can count on us for after sale support and continued development of the plugin.

What customers say about Calendar Anything


= 30.04.2020 version 2.14 =  
* Add - Localize plugin and create pot file for backend translation

= 13.04.2020 version 2.13 =  
* Fix - Solve incompatibility with CMB2 taxonomy plugin

= 08.04.2020 version 2.12 =  
* Fix - Ajax event rendering bug fix
* Fix - Optimize performance for month view (days with events calculation)

= 07.04.2020 version 2.11 =  
* Fix - Change frontend scripts priority for compatibility with WooCommerce Event Manager
* Add - Filter cmcal_frontend_scripts_priority for changing frontend scripts priority

= 04.04.2020 version 2.10 =  
* Add - Add cmcal-pastday-event class to past-day events

= 09.03.2020 version 2.9 =  
* Add - Ability to add the repetition to certain dates

= 22.02.2020 version 2.8 =  
* Fix - Polylang compatibility

= 19.01.2020 version 2.7 =  
* Fix - Featured image in event width
* Fix - Frontend calendar rendering issues with theme

= 25.11.2019 version 2.6 =  
* Fix - Toolbar selected button mode fix
* Fix - List year hover CSS fix
* Fix - List year event padding CSS fix

= 06.11.2019 version 2.5 =  
* Fix - Frontend calendar rendering issues with theme
* Fix - Timezone event misplace on month view

= 24.10.2019 version 2.4 =  
* Add - Ability to add custom dropdown filters to calendar through WordPress filters
* Fix - Bug with multiple calendars and selected option to show list view events in descending order

= 23.10.2019 version 2.3 =  
* Add - Option to show list view events in descending order

= 17.10.2019 version 2.2 =  
* Add - iCal Feed

= 15.10.2019 version 2.1 =  
* Add - Option to exclude specific dates for repeating events

= 09.10.2019 version 2.0 =  
* Add - Update FullCalendar javascript library to v4.3.1
* Add - List Duration view

= 25.09.2019 version 1.30 =  
* Add - Default event duration option
* Fix - Agenda view slot duration zero value

= 22.09.2019 version 1.29 =  
* Fix - Navigate to other calendar bug fix
* Fix - Calendar custom fields bug fix

= 16.09.2019 version 1.28 =  
* Add - Custom CSS option

= 06.09.2019 version 1.27 =  
* Add - Ability to add custom code to the event template through filters

= 04.09.2019 version 1.26 =  
* Add - Ability to change toolbar title text with custom js code

= 29.08.2019 version 1.25 =  
* Add - 3 new helper filters
* Fix - All day event expand to multiple days fix

= 25.08.2019 version 1.24 =  
* Fix - Make filter work as expected for side-by-side calendars
* Add - Import/export functionality

= 21.08.2019 version 1.23 =  
* Fix - Same shortcode multiple times in event template bug fix

= 17.07.2019 version 1.22 =  
* Fix - Backend color fields CSS fix

= 16.07.2019 version 1.21 =  
* Add - Navigate to other calendar feature

= 16.07.2019 version 1.20 =  
* Fix - Event Manager plugin conflict

= 08.07.2019 version 1.19 =  
* Fix - Day cyrillic fix for serbian language

= 04.07.2019 version 1.18 =  
* Fix - Date range fix for empty event's end date

= 13.06.2019 version 1.17 =  
* Fix - Repeating event default value

= 21.05.2019 version 1.16 =  
* Fix - Add calendar styles in head using WordPress wp_add_inline_style

= 20.05.2019 version 1.15 =  
* Fix - Frontend calendar rendering issues with theme
* Fix - Time in agenda week view
* Fix - PHP notices

= 12.05.2019 version 1.14 =  
* Fix - Event template date format language

= 06.05.2019 version 1.13 =  
* Add - Modal option for tooltips

= 02.05.2019 version 1.12 =  
* Fix - Out of range date bug fix

= 21.04.2019 version 1.11 =  
* Fix - Remove PHP warning

= 04.04.2019 version 1.10 =  
* Add - Add extra post type parameter to cmcal_event_start_end_date filter

= 29.03.2019 version 1.9 =  
* Fix - Create new event bug fix

= 22.03.2019 version 1.8 =  
* Fix - Timezone fix
* Fix - PHP version 7.2 error

= 12.03.2019 version 1.7 =  
* Fix - Gutenberg compatibility fix
* Add - Repetition at certain dates option

= 11.03.2019 version 1.6 =  
* Fix - Gutenberg compatibility fix
* Fix - Localization fix

= 10.03.2019 version 1.5 =  
* Add - 'cmcal_calendar_posts_query' filter
* Add - 'cmcal_show_calendar' filter

= 06.03.2019 version 1.4 =  
* Fix - iPad fixes for safari

= 06.03.2019 version 1.3 =  
* Fix - Remove warning on backend

= 05.03.2019 version 1.2 =  
* Add - Update FullCalendar javascript library to v4.0.0-beta.2 (2019-02-06)

= 03.03.2019 version 1.1 =  
* Fix - Remove mixed content error

= 01.03.2019 version 1.0 =  
* Initial release

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Calendar Anything | Show any existing WordPress custom post type in a calendar

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Calendar Anything | Show any existing WordPress custom post type in a calendar

Download Calendar Anything | Show any existing WordPress custom post type in a calendar Free Nulled
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