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Classeventie – Online Classes & Events Booking

Classeventie – Online Classes & Events Booking

Classeventie - Online Classes & Events Booking

[Download] Classeventie – Online Classes & Events Booking Free Nulled

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Classeventie V2 – Online Classes & Events Booking

New Version Release – V2.1 (now you can add Free events and classes)

Classeventie Overview

V2.1 Features

– Adsense integrated (ad zones on all pages)
– Free Events & Classes (now you can add Free events and classes)
– More advanced Multiple User Groups accessibilities

1. Classeventie – Getting Started

2. How to add and book classes

3. How to add and book repetitive classes

4. How to add and book events

5. How to add and book repetitive events

6. How to manage bookings and cancellations

Watch Classeventie complete video guide here

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blog management, content management, taxes management and much more.
for any other such types of fields.
workshops, annual day, freshers day, repetitive events like weekly or monthly tests, music concerts, dance shows and much more.

E.g 1- If you are an owner of an Institute in which you run classes for yoga, dance, music, etc Then Classeventie will help you grow and scale your business online.

E.g 2- If you are an Event Organizer and you organize events in which you allow users to make payment online and provide tickets online. Then Classeventie is perfect for you.

Using Classeventie, you can organize paid or free –


– Repetitive Classes
– Repetitive Events
– Multiple days Events
– Multiple days Classes
– N level categories
– Manage courses, batches, events, tutors, blogs, custom pages
– Group Booking
– Daily, weekly and monthly calendar
– Booking Email notification
– New Booking notification
– Manage invoices, taxes, sales reports
– Paypal & Stripe Payment Gateways
– Multi-Currency & Timezones
– Mobile optimized & fully responsive
– Beautiful UX & UI
– Google & Facebook login
– Multi-Language & RTL support

– Multi-User Groups with ACL management
– 100+ Admin Settings for full control
– 20 Multi-Color Material Themes
– Super Easy 1-Click installation

More Features

Easy Booking Management
Create invoices for bookings, export them to CSV and excels. Also, manage booking cancellations with one click.

Blogs & Notifications Management
Automatic notification generation on every new entry and manage customers blogs, approve them and publish them.

Know your business better
Take online payments and run your business on the go and then see how it all adds up to site visitors and sales graph analytics.

Manage Users Easily
This website contains the most secured Ion-Auth user login system with custom ACL management system to control the permissions of multiple user groups.

100+ Settings To Fully Control Every Feature
Manage each and every important feature with about 100+ settings options for an easy and centralized control system.

Premium Material Themes Integration
Front-end contains Universh Premium Material Theme whereas Back-end contains AdminBSB Material Theme.

Easy 1-Click Installation
Just copy the product folder to your server enter – http://localhost/example/install OR .

Single & Group Booking
Customers can book seats on their own as well as for their friends (multiple members) at a time. Even they can cancel their booking before pre-cancellation time as well.

Add Courses & Batches
Add N-Levels of categories and courses and their multiple batches.

Add Recurring Batches & Events
You can add Recurring Batches and Events which repeats each month/year/week.

Featured Listings
Add and manage courses and events featured listings.

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DISQUS integration
Integrated Disqus Commenting System so that customers can easily discuss events and batches before booking. This will make customers buy happily.


Automatic 1-Click Installation

1. Extract and Copy the product's folder 'classeventie' to your server/localhost www/htdocs folder.
2. Enter URL http://localhost/classeventie/install or
3. Then enter your database details and click install. 
  (If any empty page or any error page is shown after successful installation, then just hit refresh)
4. Use the below credentials for admin login -
  Username : admin 
  Password : admin123
5. After successfully logging in you will see admin panel link in the Header-> User dropdown

Manual Installation

1. Copy the product's folder "classeventie" to your server/localhost www/htdocs folder.
2. Create a new database from Mysql Host (PHPMyAdmin or any other) and import database file from     
    --> classeventie/install/assets/install.sql
    **If in case of database errors, then you Mysql version is old, but we have a compatible DB for the older version-**   
     --> classeventie/install/assets/install_old_mysql_version.sql
3. Then after creating and importing database successfully, update the database details in-
    --> application/config/development/database.php (according to local server)
    --> application/config/production/database.php file (according to the online server)
4. Update the $config['base_url'] value in-
     --> application/config/development/config.php (e.g http://localhost/classeventie/)
     --> application/config/production/config.php (e.g
5. At last use the below creds for admin login -
  Username : admin 
  Password : admin123
6. After successfully logging in you will see the admin panel link in the Header-> User drop-down.



– Username: andreas.magness / crystal.rohrer / daina.vandyne
– Password: customer123


– Username: john.doe / jane.smith / simon.campos / meaghan.park
– Password: tutor123


Click here for ‘How To Use Guide – Classeventie’


You can email us at for any type of support, issue or query. We’ll get back to you within 24 Hours.


– If you need any other custom change then it would be at extra cost (hourly rates).
– If we need to configure the server first to install the script then server configuration changes will 50$.
– Free installation is only for a single domain/server. If you want installation on any other domain or server then
charges would be 50$ / domain.
– If you’ re getting any error, then just put an email regarding the error, and we’ ll update the script after error resolution within 2 days.


v2.3 May 15, 2019

=== Version 2.3 ===
15-May-19 V2.3 Changes-
- Email not sending - RESOLVED
- Improved Email Library
- application/config
    - ion_auth.php
    - Bbooking.php
    - Auth.php
- application/controllers
    - Ebooking.php
    - Bbooking.php
    - Auth.php
- application/models/
    - Users_model.php
    - Contact_model.php
- application/libraries/
    - Make_mail.php
    - Ion_auth.php
- application/views/
    - auth/email/activate.tpl.php
- application/composer.json
- application/vendor

v2.2.1 Mar 25, 2019

=== Version 2.2.1 ===
- Forgot password email not sending - RESOLVED
- Registration email not sending - RESOLVED
- application/libraries
        - Ion_auth.php
        - Make_mail.php

v2.2 Dec 05, 2018

=== Version 2.2 ===
- Installer error - RESOLVED
- Error after deleting all data like courses, batches, events, etc - RESOLVED
- application/controllers
    - /admin/
        - Batches.php
        - Events.php
- application/models/
    - Course_model.php
    - Event_model.php
    - /admin/
        - Events_model.php
        - Batches_model.php

v2.1 July 04, 2018

=== Version 2.1 ===
-/-/-/- files updated -/-/-/-
Database Updates
- Table 'Permissions' - new column added
Run the below query-
    ALTER TABLE `permissions` ADD `p_view` INT NOT NULL DEFAULT '1' AFTER `groups_id`;
- Table 'Settings' - new rows added
Run the below query-
    INSERT INTO `settings` (`id`, `setting_type`, `name`, `input_type`, `options`, `is_numeric`, `show_editor`, `input_size`, `translate`, `help_text`, `validation`, `sort_order`, `label`, `value`, `last_update`, `updated_by`)
(81, 'login', 'ad_code', 'textarea', NULL, '0', '0', 'large', '0', 'Paste your adSense Ad Code here', 'trim', 361, 'adSense Ad Code', '', '2017-08-18 22:11:00', 1),
(82, 'login', 'ad_verify', 'textarea', NULL, '0', '0', 'large', '0', 'Paste your adSense Ad Site Verification Code here', 'trim', 361, 'adSense Ad Site Verification Code', '', '2018-06-05 14:30:53', 1);

v2 June 06, 2018

=== Version 2 ===
-/-/-/- upgrading from V1 to V2 guide -/-/-/-
- Replace following folders by the new version - 
    - system (folder)
    - themes (folder)
    - application(folder)
- Update database by the following two simple queries
  - Go to Table `batches` and run-
    ALTER TABLE `batches` ADD `recurring` BOOLEAN NULL DEFAULT FALSE AFTER `weekdays`, ADD `recurring_type` ENUM('first_week','second_week','third_week','fourth_week','every_week') NOT NULL DEFAULT 'every_week' AFTER `recurring`;
  - Go to Table `b_bookings` and run-
    ALTER TABLE `b_bookings` ADD `batch_recurring` TINYINT(4) NOT NULL AFTER `batch_capacity`, ADD `batch_weekdays` TEXT NULL DEFAULT NULL AFTER `batch_recurring`;

v1.2.3 Apr 29, 2018

=== Version 1.2.3 ===
-/-/-/- Bug Resolved -/-/-/-
- Reset password email not working - RESOLVED (file changed - application/libraries/Ion_auth.php) 

v1.2.2 Mar 09, 2018

=== Version 1.2.2 ===
-/-/-/- Bug Resolved -/-/-/-
- Changed naming conventions of all Classes (for latest PHP version compatibility)
   Before - B_booking.php | Now - Bbooking.php

v1.2.1 Feb 13, 2018

=== Version 1.2.1 ===
-/-/-/- Bug Resolved -/-/-/-
- Updated index.php file (root directory)

v1.2 Feb 10, 2018

=== Version 1.2 ===
-/-/-/- Bugs Resolved -/-/-/-
- Forgot Password error - RESOLVED
- Old MySql version compatibility - ADDED
- Language change warnings - REMOVED
- Installer Error - RESOLVED
- Frontend Event & Batches Timing error - RESOLVED

v1 Jul 19, 2017

=== Version 1 ===
** Initial release


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Classeventie – Online Classes & Events Booking

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Classeventie - Online Classes & Events Booking

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