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What is it

CMS Uber is the most intuitive and simpe CMS (Content Management System) that a web agency can implement for their customers. It’s perfect for small business websites and is really easy to use and to implement.

The CMS Uber script let you setup your blogging or personal website in minutes. It does not come with hundreds of features that should be managed. We only give the things you really need!

hat’s exactly what CMS Uber delivers. CMS Uber allows small business owners manage their entire site, or change their web site design in seconds.




Why do you need it

Because you need a Premium CMS portal for quick and simple manage your blogs and content pages. You can even enable the paid membership module so parts of your website will be available only for paid members.

Valid on all browser

Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Internet Explorer (8+)


See how it work



Login with the demo admin account


username: demo
password: password

Note: some parts are disabled in the demo but it will give you a good impression.


Accept Payments


CMS Uber integrates seamlessly with Stripe and PayPal. This allowing you to accept payments from your users. The is no hard configuration just login and change your account details. You decide how much to charge. You will earn the price of this script in no time.


Ultimate Administrator Portal

You can manage everything. Users, modules, categories, pages, payment settings, database settings, cronjobs, media files, news articles, finance information and many many more. Everything is integrated in the easy to use admin portal. Of course you can create new admin moderators if you like. Oh and by the way, everything is Extremely lightweight so your users has the best experience you can ever wish.




Encourage Visitors to your websites

If you want a powerfull CMS with the best features, then this script is the right one!



Rich-text CMS to manage content with SummerNote
Attractive admin dashboard
User Management
General Management
Post unlimited blog articles
– Post unlimited pages
On-page SEO
Email Verification
Auto mailers
Stripe and PayPal as payment systems
Strong drag drop Media Manager
Setup cronjobs to automate your life
Send newsletters to users
Manage your finance and income
Full Admin Panel
Create Admin Moderators if you like
SEO URLS and extreme lightweight coded
Responsive and tested on tv, desktop and mobile
Very simple and clean code
User Guide Documentation
Cross-browsing – The plugin works in all modern browsers.



Final words

The script includes the full source with documentation. The highly requested version of the Crowdfunding Starter script puts the power of fundraising into an easy to use script.


Change log

December 24, 2016,  Version 1.17

- [Bug Fix] No more double slashes ever<br />- [Bug Fix] Possible to run HTTPS now without a problem
- [Bug Fix] Subdomain fix
- [Bug Fix] Javascript fixes and clean code update

December 21, 2016,  Version 1.16

- [Bug Fix] Hotfix update for better login<br />- [Bug Fix] Test bugfix mode updated
- [Bug Fix] Code cleaned up
- [NEW] Vendor package update 

December 14, 2016,  Version 1.15

- [Bug Fix] Htaccess prevent dubble slashes in root
- [Bug Fix] Replaced vendor updates
- [Bug Fix] Removed old code and cleaned up

November 18, 2016,  Version 1.14

- [NEW] Add fee to payments
- [NEW] User’s country in profile
- [NEW] Integrated lazy cronjobs

November 15, 2016,  Version 1.13

- [Bug Fix] Enable / disable SEO links
- [Bug Fix] Fixed bug with withdrawal amount
- [NEW] Truncate text in the blogs
- [NEW] Add search function

November 1, 2016,  Version 1.12

- [Bug Fix] Image uploader
- [Improved] Improved text editor description
- [NEW] Change Footer style
- [NEW] Show name user in Admin Dashboard

October 26, 2016,  Version 1.11

[Bug Fix] Username error en RegisterController
[NEW] Add Categories in filters
[NEW] Dropzone integrated media manager

October 23, 2016,  Version 1.10

[NEW] Add Wysiwyg editor SummerNote
[NEW] Add Login and Sign Up
[NEW] Add Categories
[NEW] Add Stripe Payment
[NEW] Add Withdrawals

October 22, 2016,  Version 1.09

- Fixed: Updated to the new code standards.
- Fixed: Flip boxes not working when added inside advanced carousel on mobile phones.
- Fixed: Info list causing descriptions not aligned in the center of adjacent icons.
- Fixed: Appear animation breaking for some users.
- Lots of minor bug fixes and browser compatibility fixes.

Configurable Just follow a few simple steps and your done. You dont know much about coding and webhosting? No problem. Everybody can set this up. Our documentation has screenshots, video tutorials and very clean information how to manage each part of the website. For the developers we also added the code structure part for custom changes.


TMDb Pro – Movie & TV Show Details Plugin For The Movie Database

CMS Uber Content Management System

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CMS Uber Content Management System

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