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Crypto Currency Tracker – Realtime Prices, Charts, News, ICO’s and more

Crypto Currency Tracker – Realtime Prices, Charts, News, ICO’s and more

Crypto Currency Tracker - Realtime Prices, Charts, News, ICO's and more

[Download] Crypto Currency Tracker – Realtime Prices, Charts, News, ICO’s and more Free Nulled

CCT – Crypto Currency Tracker Real-time Prices | Admin Panel | Ads | News | ICO’s Info

Track the prices of 2000+ Crypto Currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple etc.

Crypto Currency Tracker is an ultimate platform to keep track of crypto market and prices. It has a clean, user-friendly, contemporary design, awesome features, continuous updates, 24/7 customer support and free installation on your server..

Providing 3 different website layouts.

Demo site URL – Layout 1

Demo site URL – Layout 2

Demo site URL – Layout 3

Admin Panel Demo

Login Details (for both site and admin):
User email: [email protected]
Password: cct_user

Note: Because of security reasons above admin user can only view data and available features in an admin panel but can’t delete/edit/add. But when you will buy this code you would get admin user credentials and all operations would work.

CCT provides excellent, semantic and validated design and features. From coin price listing, it covers every single detail which is required to a professional crypto trader like real-time price updates, historical crypto market trends, latest news, ICO’s information, crypto market dashboard and charts.

As well as it provides rich social snippets for sharing at Facebook and Twitter, Canonical URLs settings, Hreflang settings for regional URLs based on different languages and most importantly solid SEO oriented content that helps quickly to make site visible in Google search results.

It is well documented and on top of all, it is backed by excellent developers and 24/7 customer support.

Website Top Features

  • 2000+ cryptocurrencies
  • Live coin watch
  • Blockfolio, where website user can easily create own portfolio and track their profit and loss easily
  • Auto post news and crypto prices alerts on Twitter
  • Crypto ICO’s list
  • Bitcoin block explorer to explore the BTC latest block and previous blocks
  • News updates
  • Cryptocurrencies categorisation by top currencies, top gainers, top losers and all time high/low currencies
  • Detail overview page for each cryptocurrency
  • Crypto markets pairs on cryptocurrency detail page
  • Dashboard integration
  • Dashboard slider that could be easily managed from admin panel
  • Available list of top trading pairs
  • Includes twitter feed from top crypto gurus
  • Includes all big exchanges information
  • Crypto latest news integration
  • Crypto price conversion based on top fiat currencies
  • Day/night mode
  • Crypto dictionary
  • Fundamental crypto asset score (FCAS)
  • Crypto coins donations option
  • Added 7 different languages translations and more are coming soon
  • User coins watchlist
  • User registration/login
  • Top recommended mining equipments list and mining equipment affiliates
  • Bitcoin mining pools information
  • Google Adsense enabled
  • Interactive user friendly charts
  • Fast, user friendly and responsive layouts
  • Changelly instantly buy/sell widget
  • APIs ready to build own iOS and android mobile applications
  • Cryptocurrency calculator/converter
  • Blog posts
  • Live coin watch updates at dashboard and watchlisted coins
  • 100+ new fiat currencies to convert cryptocurrencies rate to the user local currencies rates
  • Search a coin
  • Search a news
  • Website widgets
  • Send newsletters
  • SEO friendly
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Crypto Wallets
  • Crypto Events
  • Crypto Mining Pools
  • & Much More

Admin Panel Features

  • Select home page from any available website pages, (like you can select website dashboard as a home page, live coin watch page or some other page)
  • Directly manage site + admin settings
  • Manage ICO’s
  • Manage Featured ICO’s and their affiliates
  • Manage fiat currencies
  • Manage news
  • Manage coins details
  • Manage exchanges information and their affiliates
  • Manage users and users roles
  • Manage website static pages and media
  • Manage posts
  • Manage mining equipment and their affiliates
  • Manage available languages
  • Add different affiliates and manage affiliates banners
  • Manage google adsense ads
  • Manage google analytics
  • Manage donate crypto coins feature
  • Add dashboard slider
  • Easy to manage social links
  • Easy to manage Google Ads
  • Manage newsletter subscribers
  • Easily add sponsored coins
  • Manage Crypto wallets
  • Manage Crypto Mining Pools
  • Manage Crypto Events

Free installation on your server.

Please recommend us the feature(s) which should be added next.

Server requirements

  • PHP 7.0 or greater
  • MySQL
  • Cron Jobs

Andriod Mobile App

CCT andriod mobile app is also available:
Andriod App


Cryptocompare API:

Change Log

Version 9 (22/06/2020)

- Crypto Dictionary
- Fundamental crypto asset score (FCAS)
- Design fixes
- SEO improvements
- Bug fixes
- Bitly API update

Version 8 (25/09/2019)

- Design changes
- SEO improvements
- Bug fixes

Version 7.0 (16/06/2019)

See Also
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- Crypto exchanges detail pages
- Added Italian language
- Design changes
- SEO improvements
- Bug fixes

Version 6.0 (08/03/2019)

- Crypto Wallets
- Crypto & Blockchain Events
- Crypto Mining pools
- Cryptocurrency details page
- Added advertise page
- Added contact us page
- Added ICOs detail pages
- Design changes
- SEO improvements
- Bug fixes

Highly admired from our buyers

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Crypto Currency Tracker – Realtime Prices, Charts, News, ICO’s and more

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Crypto Currency Tracker - Realtime Prices, Charts, News, ICO's and more

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Important Note:

We update new contents like WordPress Themes, WordPress Plugins, Templates & PHP Scripts everyday.But remember that you should never use this items in a commercial website. All the contents posted here for development & testing purpose only. We’re not responsible for any damage, use at your own RISK! We highly recommend to buy Crypto Currency Tracker – Realtime Prices, Charts, News, ICO’s and more from the Original Developer website. Thank you.

Preview: Crypto Currency Tracker – Realtime Prices, Charts, News, ICO’s and more
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