CSS3 Responsive WordPress Compare Pricing Tables

Download CSS3 Responsive WordPress Compare Pricing Tables Free Nulled [updated version]

CSS3 Responsive Web Pricing Tables Grids For WordPress is a pack of pure CSS3 Web Pricing Tables with 2 table styles and 20 predefined color versions that comes loaded with tons of options like extensive admin panel with live configuration, responsive mode configurator, plenty of options for table, columns, rows and table cells, sliding columns feature, expandable rows feature, active (popped-up) columns, hover states, table cell tooltips, columns ribbons, tick / cross icons and a lot of more.

Latest Version: 27.03.2020 – v11.1. Check the changelog

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Extended Features List

  • Pure CSS + HTML,
  • Intuitive Admin Panel With Live Configuration (Your Table Will Be Ready In 2-5 Minutes),
  • 2 Different Table Styles,
  • 20 Predefined Color Versions,
  • Ability To Enable Responsive Mode,
  • Ability To Set Your Own Responsive Steps / Dimensions,
  • Ability To Set Different Width Values And Font Sizes For Columns For Each Responsive Step,
  • Different Font-Face Fonts To Choose From With Font Configurator,
  • Unlimited Number Of Tables On The Website,
  • Unlimited Number Of Columns And Rows,
  • Columns And Rows Set-Up With Simple Arrows For Increase And Decrease Their Number,
  • Possibility To Quick Disable / Hide One Or Many Columns From Admin Panel,
  • Possibility To Set One Or Many Columns As Active (Popped-Up) By Default,
  • Columns Width Configuration From Admin Panel,
  • Ability To Set Columns Width In Pixels Or Percentage,
  • Rows Heights And Paddings Configuration From Admin Panel,
  • Columns Text Alignment Configuration From Admin Panel,
  • Sliding Columns Feature,
  • Expandable Rows Feature With Expand / Collapse Option To Show / Hide Table Rows,
  • Hover States With Ability To Disable For Columns,
  • CSS3 Tooltips / Hints Included,
  • Rows And Columns Sorting,
  • 20 Predefined Sample Configurations,
  • 42 Tick / Cross Icons To Choose From,
  • 60 Ribbons To Choose From,
  • Ability To Import / Export Configuration Settings And Table Data,
  • Implementation With Simple Shortcode [css3_grid],
  • Multi Site (WordPress MU) Compatible,
  • Possibility To Add Ribbons To One Or Many Columns,
  • Loading Plugin Files Only When Option Is Used,
  • Documentation Included.

Browser Support

  • Firefox 3.5 and Above – Full Support
  • Opera 11 and Above – Full Support
  • Safari 5 and Above – Full Support
  • Chrome – Full Support
  • IE9 and Above – Full Support
  • IE6 – 8 – No Support for Rounded Corners and Shadows

This Item is Supported

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What Others Are Saying

Great product and great support! Keep up the good work!

This is the best pricing table plugin for WP. It is gorgeous and so easy to use. Watch the screen cast to see how easy it is! Design your tables then copy/paste the generated short-code into a page. Done! Additionally, the support offered by QuanticaLabs is bar-none. Very quick turn around and very personable. They were able to troubleshoot my issue very quickly and successively solved my issue!

This is an amazing tool to make beautiful and functional price tables! Thanks a lot!

Great pricing table plugin and responsive and helpful support when I needed it! Don’t be fooled by other people selling this same pricing table plugin …they are NOT the same. If it’s not from QuanticaLabs, you’ll waste your $$.

Thank you very very much my friend; All working now. Your customer service is superb….

Okay from a purchase customer view, 5 stars. Let me make it simple. Buy Install Activate Publish. Just to tell you how easy it is.

I’ve looked at every pricing table I could find on the internet and this plugin, by far, is the very best!!! I really like how versatile it is and how I can customize it easily. I wanted a plugin that I could set up quickly and have it look very professional and this plugin delivers. I had a question about the plugin, and QuanticaLabs got right back to me and were very helpful. I’ve rated this as a 5 star product!

Just bought this plugin and had it up and running in no time. Works great and looks great!

Wonderful! 5 star support!!

Outstanding Technical Support, Thank You! The product works great, when I had a problem, you fixed it within hours.

Unbelivble how great this plugin is, BRAVO!!! Great job guys keep it like this.



27.03.2020 – v11.1

  • Minor code updates.

09.03.2019 – v11.0

  • Minor code improvements.

22.06.2017 – v10.9

  • Fix for pricing cycles dropdown for ‘Table 2’ type.

20.03.2017 – v10.8

  • Fix for not visible pricing table bug when using ‘Sliding columns’ for ‘Table 2’ type.

26.02.2017 – v10.7

  • Fix for Pricing Cycles columns bug on mobile devices.
  • MediCenter style tables update.

22.09.2016 – v10.6

  • Title of pricing cycle is now included in the accordion header in the backend.
  • Fix for bug occurring when both Pricing Cycles and Sliding features are active.

18.05.2016 – v10.5

  • Update for shortcode load issue (regular expression pattern of shortcode id field bug).

21.04.2016 – v10.4

  • Fix for pricing cycles bug when using more than 4 columns.

26.02.2016 – v10.3

  • Fix for pricing cycle dropdown list issue on Windows Phone.
  • Fix for ‘Invalid arguments passed’ warning.
  • Fix for ‘syntax error’ for old php versions.

20.02.2016 – v10.2

  • Pricing Cycles functionality added.
  • Visual Composer integration added.
--- new files ---

07.09.2015 – v10.1

  • Compatibility with WP 4.3.(not working shortcodes inside table issue fix)

02.07.2015 – v10.0

  • Fix for big tables saving issue.
  • Translation support added.
  • New retina ready icons.
  • Tables won’t be restored to default on plugin activation/deactivation anymore.
  • Fix for Google Fonts loading issue under Fonts Configuration panel.
--- new files ---

19.05.2014 – v9.6

  • Small code improvements for font subsets settings.

25.03.2014 – v9.5

  • Update for slide on touch and slide on mouse options.
--- new file ---
--- removed file ---

13.03.2014 – v9.4

  • Updated sample tables.
  • Few small fixes.

27.01.2014 – v9.3

  • Fix for ‘Load plugin files’ option.

22.10.2013 – v9.2

  • Notice messages fix.

22.07.2013 – v9.1

  • Small issues fix.
  • 6 new sample table configurations added.

12.06.2013 – v9.0

  • New responsive options – ability to set responsive steps (sizes) and different widths/heights/font sizes for each.
  • 6 New table styles.
  • Fonts configurator added.

13.03.2013 – v8.9

  • Fix for not visible responsive height/width fields when adding columns/rows in admin area.

13.03.2013 – v8.8

  • Load plugin files only when used option added.
  • Small admin preview option fix.

20.02.2013 – v8.7

  • Option to set responsive width value for columns added.

12.02.2013 – v8.6

  • Expand/collapse option to show/hide rows added.

04.02.2013 – v8.5

  • PHP notices fix.

30.01.2013 – v8.4

  • Improvement of table preview load in admin area.

21.01.2013 – v8.3

  • Improvement of table preview load in admin area.

16.01.2013 – v8.2

  • ‘Columns to scroll’ option added for sliding columns feature.

21.12.2012 – v8.1

  • Ability to set columns width in % added.

29.11.2012 – v8.0

  • Sliding columns feature added.
  • Import/export data feature added.

14.11.2012 – v7.1

  • Fix for syntax error during plugin activation for PHP<5.3.

12.11.2012 – v7.0

  • Responsive feature added.

05.07.2012 – v6.7

  • Information in admin area for number of rows/columns added.

19.06.2012 – v6.6

  • Number of rows/columns setting improvement.

16.05.2012 – v6.5

  • ‘Sing up’ buttons url improvements.

10.05.2012 – v6.4

  • Styles fix for table style 2.

12.04.2012 – v6.3

  • Vertical align in rows added.
  • Preview for icons in admin panel added.

21.03.2012 – v6.2

  • Rows and columns sorting feature.

20.03.2012 – v6.1

  • Tooltips improvements.

16.02.2012 – v6.0

  • Ability to disable hover states for columns + new hover style for table1.

10.02.2012 – v5.3

  • Single quote mark bug fix.
  • Style improvements for IE.

09.02.2012 – v5.2

  • WordPress Multi-Site (WP MU) feature small bug fix.

01.02.2012 – v5.1

  • IE9 bug fix (broken layout for some styles).

31.12.2011 – v5.0

  • IE9 bug fix (broken layout for some styles).
  • WordPress Multi-Site (WP MU) compatibility added.

31.12.2011 – v4.2

  • Arrows for increase and decrease rows/columns number added.

12.11.2011 – v4.1

  • CSS3 tooltips/hints.

07.11.2011 – v4.0

  • possibility to add ribbons to one or many columns.
  • 4 new styles for Table 1.
  • 4 new styles for Table 2.

02.11.2011 – v3.2

  • CSS improvements.

14.10.2011 – v3.1

  • possibility to disable/hide one or many columns from admin panel.

12.10.2011 – v3.0

  • set of yes (tick) and no (cross) icons (42 icons).
  • rows height configuration from admin panel.
  • rows padding top configuration from admin panel.
  • rows padding bottom configuration from admin panel.
  • font-face fonts for IE6-IE8.

08.10.2011 – v2.0

  • columns width configuration from admin panel.
  • columns text aligment configuration from admin panel.
  • possibility to set one or many columns as active (poped up) by default.

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CSS3 Responsive WordPress Compare Pricing Tables

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CSS3 Responsive WordPress Compare Pricing Tables

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