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Disable ANY Emails you don’t like

Filter all the outgoing emails from your site as per the condition you set. WordPress in addition to the other plugins sends way too many emails that you probably don’t like. Do not send emails from your site that you don’t want. Stop the spammers and keep your sending rate healthy. It’s very !important.

Simple and straightforward. Go to Settings > Do Not Send Emails If and set the condition. That’s all. The emails will be disabled as per your condition.


1. Disable New User Registration Email.

2. Disable auto-updates emails.

3. Disable comment awaiting/published email.

4. Disable change of admin email.

5. Disable change of User Email or Password email.

6. Disable personal data requests email.

7. Disable WooCommerce emails.

8. Disable weekly summary emails sent by various plugins.

9. Disable Wordfence emails.

10. Disable contact form emails.

11. Disable ANY emails.

12. Disable ALL emails.

Checkout more on the documentation

How the plugin works?

The plugin works on condition. It stops the emails as per the condition you set. You can set conditions to disable any emails sent from your site.


Q. How can I disable a new user registration email?

Set the condition: Do not send emails if Email Subject contains New User Registration

Q. How can I disable emails sent to recipients outside of my organization?

Set the condition: Do not send emails if To Email does not contain

Download Disable Emails Conditionally Nulled

Download Disable Emails Conditionally

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