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Enhance Your Social Media With Easy Social Share Buttons


If you’ve been searching for the best social sharing plugin, your search ends here. Jam-packed with everything you could possibly need to connect your site to social media, Easy Social Share Buttons is the most flexible and comprehensive social sharing WordPress plugin on the market. With a range of options and intuitive features, you’ll give your website visitors a fast, easy and effective way to engage and share content straight from your website to their social media channels.

Easy Social Share Buttons is compatible with over 50 social media networks and offers stunning design options with endless choice including more than 30 automated display methods, unlimited color and styles, detailed customization of share buttons for any location and share optimization tags. Plus, you’ll find insightful analytics and first-class mobile support.

Grow your followers, increase your social shares, multiply your subscribers, add social live chat functionality, display your social following totals and so much more – all with one powerful plugin.

Latest version 7.1.2 – May 1, 2020


Taking your website and social media to the next level is now even easier than ever. Thanks to the huge range of intuitive features on offer with Easy Social Share Buttons, you’ll be able to increase your engagement, likes and following all with one handy plugin. We’ve worked hard to bring you the very best social sharing plugin that has thought of absolutely everything. 

View all networks and services supported in Social Sharining, Social Followers, Social Profile Links, Subscribe Forms



Easy Social Share Buttons is an all-in-one solution with endless options. Invite your customers to share content from your website through their social media networks and help spread the word about your offering. Depending on your needs, you can add a range of eye-catching buttons including:

  • Share buttons
  • After share events
  • Love This buttons
  • More buttons
  • Comment capabilities
  • Print and email buttons
  • Function buttons including previous post, next post, copy post link, bookmark post or QR code for post link

You can also add:

  • Powerful subscribe to mail list buttons with direction integration to a range of services including Mailchimp, GetResponse, myMail, MailPoet, MailerLite, Campaign Monitor, Active Campaign, SendinBlue, Jetpack and even custom forms from shortcodes or your chosen service
  • Native social like, follow and subscribe buttons that offer instant recognition to your users while improving your SEO and increasing your social following. Native buttons also have a social privacy button to protect your users. View a native button demo. 
  • Shareable quotes. Also known as click-to-tweet, this feature means your users can create and share tweetable quotes in a single click. Choose from four different template options.
  • Facebook comments. Change your default comments to Facebook comments.
  • Instagram feed to capture attention and grow followers
  • Facebook Messenger & Skype Live Chat to communicate with your visitors
  • FOMO Social Notifications to increase the social shares




Easy Social Share Buttons is equipped with infinite options so that you can pick the button style that best suits you and place it exactly where you want it. Customizing and placing your buttons is incredibly easy – simply drag and drop the icons and replace the default text with your own. 

  • Choose from readymade styles . We have an impressive presets library with over 40 styles you can install in just one click. Trial as many as you like until you find the exact right one.
  • Copy your favorite styles . We’ve also got presets ready that mirror the styles of popular sites like Mashable, CopyBlogger, AddThis and Upworthy. Try them out and see if they’re working for you.  View our presets demo page for more ideas and popular styles or click here for previews.
  • Automatically display the most used buttons . The plugin will automatically order your buttons by number of shares. 
  • Activate buttons for specific devices . If you only want the buttons to be active on mobile devices, that is easily done.

Easy Social Share Buttons also offers you the freedom to decide exactly how your buttons appear on your page. Choose from 27 predefined display options, including:

  • Above your content
  • Below your content
  • Above and below your content
  • Floating from the top of your content
  • Floating from the top and bottom of a post
  • Floating vertically
  • Native buttons at the top, share buttons at the bottom
  • Share buttons at the top, native buttons at the bottom
  • Popup buttons
  • Fly-in right
  • Fly-in left
  • Left sidebar
  • Right sidebar
  • Top bar
  • Bottom bar
  • On media
  • Fullscreen hero share
  • Post share bar
  • Share point
  • Advanced share point
  • Super post bar
  • Super float 
  • Viral point
  • WooCommerce share bar
  • Follow me bar

You can even automatically use multiple display options at the same time and combine them with shortcodes for unbeatable effects.

Check out some examples here.


Easy Social Share Buttons plugin for WordPress includes ten powerful shortcodes and a shortcode generator that allow you to display your buttons wherever you like or embed into your theme code. Plus, to make adding buttons exactly wherever you want them even easier, our clever social sharing plugin for WordPress can also be used with shortcode call. Combine this with other display methods – such as default buttons display paired with a popup call to action – and give your users an even better, more unique experience. This will also mean making a bigger impact and achieving potentially better results for you.


Featuring an eye-catching design and a user-friendly interface, our stylish and powerful Instagram feed will have you commanding attention and watching your Instagram following climb. With no access keys required and plenty of customization options, you can display the latest images for unlimited usernames and hashtags across different feeds.

The Easy Social Share Buttons plugin Instagram feed includes exciting features such as:

  • Ability to display up to 12 latest images
  • Choice of displaying @username or #hashtag
  • Shortcode or widget display options
  • Option to display Instagram bio
  • “Follow us on Instagram” pop-up



No one likes missing out, so show people what they’re missing and leverage your social proof. Display notifications whenever someone shares your content and entice others to do the same.



Easy Social Share Buttons plugin for WordPress includes an impressive social followers counter so you can display your metrics on your site. With full customization abilities and widget or shortcode functionality, you’ll have complete control over your social followers counter. Our social followers counter offers:

  • Compatibility with major platforms . The followers counter is compatible with 31 different networks. Additional networks can be supported; however, the API won’t be in real time. 
  • Two different modes . Easy Social Share Buttons is the only social share plugin for WordPress that offers you two different modes to update your counter. Choose from real-time share counters that are always up-to-date, or background updated (cached) counters which update after a set period of time.
  • Share counter recovery . If you’re changing your URL structure or moving to a new domain, you can take your shares with you. Our clever plugin has a wide range of options to recover your shares.
  • Negative proof prevention . Easy Social Share Buttons allows you to avoid displaying social negative proof by giving you control over when share counts are displayed. You can choose when you want the total or button counter to appear in order to maximize the positive impact of your share counter.

Plus, you can decide exactly how your counter is displayed on your site with a huge range of options, including: 

  • 16 different templates
  • Various column layouts as well as row mode
  • 12 counter styles including hidden, left, right, left modern, right modern, top, top mini, bottom, inside, inside with network name, inside before network name, inside on hover and top inside
  • 8 total counter styles including left, left big numbers with custom text, right, right big numbers with custom text, before social share buttons, after social share buttons, left big numbers with custom text and icon (5 different icons available) and right big numbers with custom text and icon (5 different icons available)
  • 8 exciting display animations
  • 2 different sidebar styles 

Try the followers counter


Easy Social Share Buttons offers a number of versatile chat options so your website users can reach you in real time in the way that suits them. This includes live chat through Facebook and Skype, as well as a click-to-chat function through WhatsApp and Viber.

Thy the live chat


Let users show you how much they love your content with a “love this” button. The Love This button uses an internal counter for each post or page and can be used as a standalone button or in combination with other share buttons. You can also display a list of your most-loved posts using a widget, shortcode or Visual Composer element anywhere on your site.



There’s no denying that images are the most-shared content on the web and one of the most effective ways to catch someone’s eye. Easy Social Share Buttons has a built-in module for social image sharing that automatically detects images and invites users to instantly share your content across a range of social media platforms.



Make it as easy as possible for users to view and follow your social networks. With the social profiles module, you can add links to all your profiles using automated display functions, widgets or shortcodes. This module supports 30 of the most popular social media networks and is equipped with plenty of customization options, including button styles, colors and sizes. View our demo to find out more.  



With a built-in subscribe form module, Easy Social Share Buttons makes it easy for you to invite your website users to sign up to your newsletter and keep up-to-date with your offering. Our subscriber forms offer:

  • Versatile designs . We’ve included 9 readymade designs to make your life easier, but if you’re after something specific you can customize your own subscribe form with unlimited options. Choose colors, images, text and a range of visual options to suit your needs and your branding.
  • Easy integration with popular services. Easy Social Share Buttons offers powerful subscribe-to-mail list buttons with direct integration to a range of services including Mailchimp, GetResponse, myMail, MailPoet, MailerLite, Campaign Monitor, Active Campaign, SendinBlue, Jetpack and even custom forms from shortcodes or your chosen service.
  • Ability to function on all devices . Users will be able to see and use your subscribe button no matter what device they are using.
  • Three different modes . Choose from a range of options including a link to your subscribe page, a custom subscribe form with HTML code or shortcode from your favorite plugin, or a seamlessly integrated form using the Easy Optin module. 

The Easy Optin module is incredibly fast and operates smoothly. Easy Optin offers eight stunning subscribe form options that can be placed anywhere on your site or after a specific event such as scrolling, timer and exit intent. It offers support for a range of services including MailChimp, GetResponse, myMail, MailPoet, MailerLight, Campaign Monitor, ActiveCampaign, SendInBlue and Jetpack Subscriptions as well as a developer friendly API that allows you to integrate your own code for other services.

See the subscribe form options for yourself.



Don’t let active users slip away. Keep them engaged and encourage further action with after share events. The most effective way to increase your following, traffic or other custom goal, after share events offer extremely high conversion rates. Once a user has shared something from your site, encourage them to do something else, such as join your mailing list, follow your social profiles or view other posts or pages on your site. You can also run custom code from other services, HTML or shortcodes and achieve your unique goals.



No one knows your website visitors better than you. Thanks to Easy Social Share Button’s built-in and automated display button methods and powerful shortcodes, you can tailor a bespoke experience for every one of your website visitors, based on how they interact with your page. This means you’ll be able to capture or keep their attention at exactly the right moment. Easy Social Share Buttons plugin for WordPress has several exciting popup and fly-in automatic trigger displays designed for exactly this purpose, including:

  • Timed delay – set a timed delayed so that popups and fly-ins appear when a reader has been on a page for a certain amount of time
  • Bottom of post – automatically detect when your readers have finished reading a post or page and give them a friendly reminder to share it with their friends or followers
  • After commenting – once a visitor has left a comment on a post or page on your site, you can send a social popup or fly-in message and make the most of your most engaged users
  • Upon percentage scroll – display a social popup or fly-in once your visitors have scrolled a certain way down the page
  • After purchase – if you have a WooCommerce site, you can display a popup or fly-in promoting sharing after checkout
  • Exit intent – if someone is about to leave your page, suggest sharing on social before they go





Easy Social Share Buttons is incredibly easy to install thanks to a handy quick setup wizard. Once you’ve activated it, all you need to do is follow the steps to customize your settings and start using the best social sharing plugin straight away.



Our bestselling social sharing plugin for WordPress has been designed to give you complete control over every feature and configuration. You don’t need any coding knowledge whatsoever to ensure that Easy Social Share Buttons looks and operates exactly as you want it to. 

Easy Social Share Buttons offers:


  • An intuitive admin control panel. Personalize all settings from the admin panel which includes different settings levels for all types of users. Set your preferences for location, post types, module integration and single post options
  • A wide selection of button styles, counter styles and animations. Add exciting counters and animations to your site, and choose exactly where your buttons are displayed, what they look like and where they link to. 
  • 55 ready-to-use templates. Find the look that best suits your site and brand and get started in minutes. 
  • Custom template builder. If you love a template but something isn’t quite right, you can easily customize any detail on every template with Easy Social Share Buttons custom template builder.
  • Ability to tailor button widths to suit any need . Choose from automatic width adjustment, fixed width, full-width and column display.



Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress is compatible with over fifty social media networks, making it easy for you to connect with customers wherever they are. 

View all supported networks and services in Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress



Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress is equipped with powerful analytics tools to ensure you are getting the most out of your social strategy. With our built-in analytics tools that are easy to use and understand, you’ll be able to view broad overviews or detailed information on your social performance and determine what’s working and what’s not. 

Analytics features you’ll love include:

  • Information by device . See how many clicks and actions are taking place on mobile devices versus desktop computers.
  • Detailed positions reports . Compare the performance of different button positions and find out whether your users have a preference. 
  • Network performance . Find out which networks your users are most engaged with
  • A/B split testing . The very first of its kind, Easy Social Share Buttons lets you try different configurations and find out once and for all which are working best. You can set up to three configurations and monitor results in real-time.
  • Social metrics . For more detailed information, our social metrics will show you page and post information about your most active social networks, most popular social content and your top commented content. It’s never been easier to find out your most effective social strategy.

Alternatively, Easy Social Share Buttons fully integrates with Google Analytics so you can view your data there. Keep track of clicked social buttons in your Events data and even create custom campaign tracking parameters to ensure the success of your strategy.


Easy Social Share Buttons offers unmatched integration and functionality for the smoothest user experience on both the front and back ends. It integrates and functions flawlessly with:


  • Visual Composer. Work with 10 content elements that can be dragged and dropped into position on each post or page including social share buttons, popup social share buttons, fly-in social share buttons, total social shares, social profiles, social followers counter, total social followers counter, list of popular posts, subscribe to mail list form, and native like, follow and subscribe buttons.
  • Ecommerce. Our plugin plays nicely with the most popular ecommerce plugins for WordPress including WooCommerce, JigoShow, WP e-commerce and iThemes exchange so that you can give your online store the best possible chance of success.
  • Social plugins. If you’re using bbPress and BuddyPress the good news is that Easy Social Share Buttons allows buttons to be displayed within both plugins. For bbPress, choose to display buttons inside forums and posts – wherever looks best – and try adding buttons in the User Activity and Group pages on BuddyPress.
  • Affiliate plugins. Don’t worry about losing track of your affiliates – Easy Social Share Buttons functions flawlessly with myCred, AffiliateWP and Affiliates.

Easy Social Share Buttons also integrates seamlessly with cache plugins, WordPress themes and MyCred.


We’ve designed Easy Social Share Buttons leaving no stone unturned to bring you the very best social media sharing plugin. To ensure Easy Social Share Buttons plugin for WordPress is giving you all the options you need and/or making your life easier, we’ve made it:


  • Lightning fast. Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress might be jampacked with features and extensive integration capabilities but that won’t slow you down. Built with performance in mind, Easy Social Share Buttons operates at a rapid pace, with impressive load times on any site whether it’s a small blog or a high traffic page. It includes a range of innovative techniques for optimal performance including cache module, dynamic resource compilation, async and defer JavaScript techniques.
  • Optimized for mobile. Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress is also compatible with mobiles and designed to offer the most seamless experience no matter what device you’re using. It also supports the Google AMP via the official plugin for WordPress.
  • Compatible with WPML and Polylang. Use Easy Social Share Buttons in any language thanks to translation support for WPML and Polylang. This unique feature makes Easy Social Share Buttons ideal for multilingual sites.
  • Compatible with calendars. Easy Social Share Buttons plays nicely with All-in-One Event Calendar, the Events Calendar and Events Calendar Pro.
  • Compatible with all posts types. Whatever kind of post type you are using, whether it’s built-in or custom, Easy Social Share Buttons will work perfectly. You can also automatically display social share buttons in excerpts of your list of posts pages such as blog home, category or taxonomy listings and search results.

And, to make it even better, we’ve given Easy Social Share Buttons:


  • Automated updates. Your plugin will always be operating at its finest and equipped with the latest tools and features.
  • Optional and customizable metatags . Part of Easy Social Share Button’s innovative advanced features, you can add optional metatags including Open Graph metatags, Twitter Card metatags and Google metatags.
  • Easy URL shortener. For a tidier look, shorten your URLs using the built-in WordPress option or the premium add-on Self-Hosted Short URLs for Easy Social Share Buttons.
  • Post views . Monitor how many views and reads posts on your site are getting and show these off with our display options. You can also use the widget or shortcode to display your most popular posts.



To see how well Easy Social Share Buttons operates for yourself, launch our demo now.



Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress is the first premium social sharing plugin for WordPress with developer-friendly API for feature extension and integration capabilities. Our unique template API works with all styles, width concepts, animations and counters, allowing you to extend your theme and make your social share buttons better than ever. You’ll be able to make changes including creating custom buttons, templates and display positions as well as advanced hooks, filters and actions. Contact us for more information.


Offer your customers even more by including the Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress plugin with your ThemeForest theme. Simply purchase one extended license for every theme you put on the marketplace.


If you have questions about our plugin or need some technical assistance, check out our support section in CodeCanyon. Alternatively, feel free to get in touch and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We’re proud of our fast and friendly support and endeavor to answer all queries within 24 hours.

TMDb Pro – Movie & TV Show Details Plugin For The Movie Database

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress

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Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress

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