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eClass fills in as a stage that permits teachers from everywhere throughout the world to spread information.

Let’s allow us to explain our product.

Students take courses largely as a means of improving skills . Believe it or not, in present e-classes for serious learning, bursting with features & with latest SEO standards simply didn’t exists at a very affordable price tag.
Our all in one software is sparkling with features, customer-friendly, secure, scalable, reliable, great looking, synchronized, expandable & flexible.

A deal is the goal, and your online class is the place clients can either desert things in the passageways or end on a positive note. With eClass, student can buy your courses whenever it might suit them. Stay ahead of the future.

Optimize your courses to sell more: eClass comes with features to help you connect your audience with the right learning. It is the most customizable eClass platform for building your online learning platform. With eClass become the leading global marketplace for learning and instruction.



URL:Click Here

Username: [email protected]

Password: 123456


URL:Click Here

Username: [email protected]

Password: 123456


URL:Click Here

Username: [email protected]

Password: 123456

Key Features

  • PWA – Progressive Web App
  • Ultimate Video Player (Worth $36)
  • Responsive Design
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Instructor Dashboard
  • Student Dashboard
  • Big Blue Button Intregate for Meetings
  • Zoom Integration for Meetings
  • Instructor Payout, Pay to Instructor
  • Payment Gateways – Stripe, Paypal, Paystack, Manual Bank Transfer
  • Indian Payment Gateways – RazorPay, Instamojo, PayTM
  • Three Level Categories
  • Wish List
  • Player Settings
  • Advertisements Settings
  • Right Click, Inspect Element Disable
  • Featured Categories
  • Secured Cart System
  • Site Settings
  • Player Subtitle
  • Mail Setting through Admin
  • API setting by admin
  • Social Login – Facebook, Gitlab, Google, Amazon, Linkedin, Twitter
  • Grid View & List View
  • Course Expire Duration
  • Paid Featured Course by Instructor (PayTM Indian Payment Gateway)
  • Message to Instructor
  • Invoice PDF Download
  • Quiz for Courses
  • ADMIN Translation
  • Notification
  • Course Progress
  • Coupons
  • Language Translator
  • Geo Location
  • Support YouTube, Viemo & MP-4, m3u8, HLS, WEMB Video
  • Support Live Streaming
  • Google Drive Embedded Video Link Support
  • Embedded Video Link Support
  • AWS & Digital Ocean Video Links Support
  • Video Supported
  • Subtitle File Support (.srt & .txt)
  • Multipal Playback Rates Selection
  • Loop & Shuffle
  • Video Resume Play
  • Become an Instructor option
  • Course URL/Upload (Video, Image, Zip, Pdf)
  • Course Download – PDF, Zip, Video, Image (png,jpg)
  • Course Search
  • Course Rating
  • Course Query Q&A
  • Course Review System
  • Course Report
  • Course Purchase Report
  • Invoice Course Purchase Report
  • Review Report
  • Feedback System
  • Blogs
  • FAQ – Student, Instructor
  • Google Adsense
  • Testimonial
  • About Detail Page
  • Career Page
  • Contact Us Page
  • Welcome Email
  • Email on Purchase
  • Secure Login & Change Password
  • RTL Support
  • Bundle Courses
  • Captcha on Signup
  • Drag & Drop Categories & Sliders
  • Lesson/ Class Rearrange Drag & Drop
  • Instructors Profile Page
  • Assignment On Course
  • Appointment to Course Instructor
  • BigBlueButton & Zoom Meeting On Courses
  • Promo / Announcement Bar
  • SEO Ready URL
  • Course Certificate & Download Option
  • Bootstrap 4 Framework
  • Owl Carousel 2
  • W3C Valid Markup
  • Based on 1170px grid
  • Smooth Transition Effects
  • Font Awesome Icons
  • Documentation Include
  • Unique and Exclusive Idea
  • Unique and Creative Project
  • Clean Code and Clean Design

Server Requirements

You will need to make sure your server meets the following requirements:

PHP = 7.2

Big Blue Button Requirements

You will need to make sure your server meets the following requirements for Big Blue Button:

I use Laravel framework version 6.0

Update Detail

25/06/2020 ( Version 2.0 )
- Linkedin Login
- Twitter Login
- Lesson/ Class Rearrange Drag & Drop
- Audio Class on Course Classes
- Instructors Profile Page
- Assignment On Course
- Appointment to Course Instructor
- Player Updated
- Swift Code Option On Bank Transfer
- BigBlueButton & Zoom Meeting On Courses
- Certificate After Course Complete
- Map API Settings
- Map & Image Option on Contact Page
- Learning Material on Course Chapter 
- UI Improved
- Mobile No. Disable Option for Signup
- Promo / Announcement Bar 
- Minor Bugs Fixed
01/06/2020 ( Version 1.9 )
- Big Blue Button Integrate for Meetings
- Google Adsense
- Course Progress
- Map Settings
- Bank Transfer Proof upload
- Minor Bugs Fixed
13/05/2020 ( Version 1.8 )
- Bundle Courses
- Amazon Login
- Captcha on Signup
- Float Values on Course Price
- Minor Bugs Fixed
30/04/2020 ( Version 1.7)
- Zoom Integration
- Instructor Payout, Pay to Instructor
- Live Class
- Due Date for Quiz
- Quiz Reattempt Enable/Disable option
- Preloader Enable/Disable option
- Paypal on Instructor Featured Course
- Translation Issues Fixed
- Minor Bugs Fixed
08/04/2020 ( Version 1.6 )
- Update to Laravel 6.0
- Google Login
- Quiz Give Again
- Admin Enroll User
- Grid View & List View
- Course Expire Duration
- Instructor Dashboard Translation
- Paid Featured Course by Instructor (PayTM Indian Payment Gateway)
- Instructor Blog Adding
- Minor Bugs Fixed
26/03/2020 ( Version 1.5 )
- Drag & Drop Categories & Sliders
- Preview Videos on each Course Class Upload/Url
- RTL Support
- SEO Ready URL 
- Course Certificate & Download Option
- Default Images
- Question Report
- UI Improved
- Minor Bugs Fixed
08/03/2020 ( Version 1.4 )
- Player Setting Auto Play
- Message to Instructor
- Invoice PDF Download
- Quiz for Courses
- PWA Settings Through Admin
- Static Word Translation
- UI Fixing
- ADMIN Translation
- Preloader
- Minor Bugs Fixed
22/02/2020 ( Version 1.3 )
- Player Setting
- Advertisement Setting
- UI Improve
- Minor Bugs Fixed
12/02/2020 ( Version 1.2 )
- Image Optimization
- Minor Bugs Fixed
09/02/2020 ( Version 1.1 )
- Add Pay Tm Indian Payment Gateway
- Add Manual Bank Transfer Payment Gateway
- Instructor Dashboard Improve
- Course Review Improve
- Minor Bugs Fixed

Note: Any media – Images, icons or logos used in previews are not included in this item and you need to contact authors to get permission in case you want to use them in your commercial or non-commercial projects. Read help file for more details after you purchase the template.

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eClass – Learning Management System

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eClass - Learning Management System

Download eClass – Learning Management System Free Nulled
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