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Envato Author Earnings and Statistics

Envato Author Earnings and Statistics

Envato Author Earnings and Statistics

[Download] Envato Author Earnings and Statistics Free Nulled

If you are an Envato author on ANY of the Envato markets such as AudioJungle, ThemeForest, CodeCanyon, VideoHive, GraphicRiver, PhotoDune or 3dOcean, then this web-app is definitely something you won’t miss

Basically, this is a friendly-to-use and niceUI web application using EnvatoAPI functions to display thing differently about your Envato account. You may
think of this web-app a different and custom made Envato dashboard, where you could see your balance and basic infos at a glance, receive emails when you have sales and
view your account portfolio in a different more concentrated manner.

What’s this web app about?

  • Check your balance at a glance on your phone without the need to login with your Envato password over unsecured networks to your Envato dashboard
  • Get mail notifications on your email whenever you’ve got a new item sold
  • Check if you have new sales or if new users followed you
  • Full statistics about countries and cities that bought from you on years and/or months
  • Check the health (sales over time) of your song collections – cool audio player integrated, for AudioJungle items – and 3 types of listing (grid / listing / minimal)


  • Although this web application sits on your webserver and does not get installed on your phone as a phone app, the website is optimised perfectly for on ANY phone resolution (100% responsive) and it performs excellent on big desktop monitors, for which it was initially created.
  • Another advantage would be that you’ll get an email each time you have a new sale. Since today you can have your mail on your phone also, that means you get notified wherever you are.
  • Another thing would be that once you’ve bought our web app, you can install it as many times you want, in different folders on your webserver, for all your Envato accounts, if you have multiple accounts (say an exclusive and non-exclusive account, or other cases)
  • Also, we display a lot of combined infos about an Envato account, so you’ll get the chance to navigate through your portfolio items, sales, graphic charts etc. in a more dense manner of information, let aside Envato’s own minimalistic display of information.
  • Last but not least, you will not need to enter your Envato user/pass every time you use our app. So it’s safe and secure, even on unsecured networks.

What you need to install it

  • All you need is a simple folder on your web-server. No MySql database needed.
  • Just create a simple folder like myEarnings or EnvatoWallet and extract the .ZIP files there, and you’re ready to go.
  • Our whole app functions with a “token” which you will get from Envato (our simple and straightforward documentation will guide you how) and you will do this only once. A token is a unique number that you will get from and will tell them that actually it is YOU that asks for data from their servers. That’s how our app displays your infos for you.

More indepth info about the product

  • Frontpage displays your balance, last 12 months figures (sales / earnings), new followers and few extra statistics
  • We have built a PHP script that sends you email notifications whenever you get a new sale
  • Back-end of the website (protected by a password) displays complex statistics and detailed information and graphs about your sales and portfolio items.
  • 100% responsive : you can safely view our web-app on any mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop monitor
  • This web application is only displaying stuff from your Envato account transparently, you cannot edit anything from it, so it’s 100% safe
  • The password you will set for this web application has absolutely no connection to your Envato password. Please choose another password, just to be on the safe side.
  • Frontpage (no pass required)
  • displays balance
  • last sale
  • last 12 months figures (sales / earnings)
  • new followers
  • average stats on the last 12 months
  • your badges
  • you have options in Settings to choose which from these above you will display on the frontpage
  • Back-end (password login required)
  • General info

    • calendar, current date and time
    • current earnings
    • new sales today
    • last 10 sales with earnings and country
    • your current badges
    • total sales and followers
    • no. of items on all markets
  • Accounting

    • sales figures (on year or months)
    • earnings figures (on year or months
    • graphic charts for each period of time
    • money made by country and city in most-earned order
    • average statistics on the selected period
  • Sales

    • detailed, listing or minimal view of your own sales
    • nice custom audio player on your AudioJungle items
    • detailed information on each item sold
    • description and tags for each items
  • Statements

    • all statement information
    • filter by statement type (author fee, sale, withdrawal requests etc)
  • Collections

    • displays all items from your organized collections
    • detailed, listing or minimal views, for easy browsing
  • Notifications

    • Displays your current timezone
    • the status of email notification (on/off)
    • frequency of script checking
    • the command line for the script checking for new sales
    • last item sold (date and country)
  • Settings

    • frontpage items customisation (active / inactive)
    • 9 different color themes for frontpage
    • 55 different background tiles for frontpage
    • 16 different nuances of colors for your graphic charts
    • set your preferred type of listing for sales and collections (grid, minimal)
    • mail notifier options (your timezone, time interval for checking, email settings etc.)
  • Documentation

    • detailed instructions to get your app up and running
    • how to get a token
    • how to set up email notifier (cPanel)
    • how to set up email notifier (Plesk)
  • This web-app is 100% mobile friendly / responsive, has been tested on 100% phone resolutions out there, from 240×320 to really big
  • phones available in 2017. It also works great on tablets, laptops and desktop monitors, because it was built with responsive scaling in mind.

  • It works in all major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer 11.

Oppinions of Envato authors on Author Earnings and Statistics

Version 1.135 (on 12 august 2019)

  • Updated few minor things due to recent changes in Envato API. Things should be functioning all right now.

Version 1.13 (on 19 july 2018)

  • Created a new color theme for the back-end, blue/orange/black text on white background. Professional clean look.
  • Fixed few hard to find bugs.

Version 1.12

  • Fixed few bugs in the Accounting section, where data was displaying partially
  • Fixed also the instance when the author is on a timezone and his server is in another timezone. Now all is calculated upon the actual timezone of the author
  • Few CSS alignments, that were showing incorrectly on mobile phones

Version 1.1

  • First approved version, on 30th of june, 2017

I started working on this web-app 3 years ago, for my personal use. It’s great to have a website that you can check on your mobile phone or any computer when you’re away and see your balance, new sales you have.
Also it’s great to have a different way to browse through your portfolio items and sales, see your graphs and city / country statistics on buyers, at a glance.

In time, we developed the “email notification” function, and since Gmail has an app for Android and iOS, anyone can always get mail notifications on their phone, anytime, anywhere.

See Also

Last but not least, we thought that more Envato authors would benefit of this and more functions were built in the back-end of the website, so we can present a full-fledged web-app, accesible in your favourite browser, to the beautiful community that Envato has.

This is version 1.1 that we’re launching in this format. We will continue to work on future versions, adding more features
(as Envato will bring more functions to their API).

Don’t forget to star-rate our app, if you get it and like it. It will mean a lot. Thanks!

You can find our web-app also on

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Envato Author Earnings and Statistics

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Envato Author Earnings and Statistics

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