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Start making money by easily developing your database leads, by location, business category. filter your leads, sale your leads. Etouch works 100% with LinkedIn.

Etouch is a brilliant Idea of having all marketing tools in one place, versatile, robust and most of all very expandable. In short a smart web application for businesses. In fact, Etouch is the only Marketing Web Application that has most of the sought-after functionalities.

Etouch provides with a unique solution to manage all your Linkedin contacts, by using the search option FIND, you can search your contact by company and then you can regroup all the searched contacts within the same company, then you can build your marketing strategy based on either the company name or the job title or even both.
This functionality is very practical for those seeking to target certain business segmentations such as Human Resources Managers, CEO’s, Suppliers, Decisions makers etc.

Etouch is by far the only bulk email applications that make it easy for users to create a beautiful newsletter or marketing campaign, thanks to its customized CKEditor everything is within reach. You can add premade templates in a click of a finger, you can even add your own templates or HTML section as click and drop.

With its social icons & share, you can include your preferred social media networks easily.

Etouch combines exclusive functionalities, which makes it easy to build your network with respect to your market segmentation. For instance, LinkedIn Vcards importer, you can import your LinkedIn contacts directly into Etouch using Vcards formats, from there you can start your segmentation per group (Suppliers/ Leads/ Sales Managers and so on) using the merge option, furthermore. You can export your contacts to PDF Label formats, Etouch support the following Avery formats:

You can also use the drag & drop campaigns scheduler to send targeted emails on holidays or any social events.
tracking your campaign got also easy, thanks to both native email behavior tracking and URL shortener API integration, you can make divers colorful barcodes and QR codes to implement directly into your campaign, each is trackable for a better understanding of the success of your marketing strategies.

To make your templates easily interpreted and fast we have included an inline CSS that convert each template to the right format.

Working images as adding texts and patterns are also supported, thanks to Aviary integration, basically, you do anything with it.

Etouch can support multiple SMTP servers, capable of working in parallel and also jumping to the next available server as soon as your established limit is reached.

Etouch consist of the following features:

– Multi-users / Languages (French/English and can easily support any other language).
each user has his distinct account, only the master admin have an access to users area.

– Unlimited Subscribers.

– Unlimited Groups (Deep List Segmentation).

– Unlimited Campaigns.

– Unlimited Smart SMTP Servers Relay: SMTP, PHP Mailer, Gmail (Auto Detect & Bounce Servers Limits).

-SendinBlue SMTP API support.

-MailJet SMTP Relay Support

-Amazon SES Relay Support

– Bounce Mail Handler (PHP Library should be enabled).

– Parallel Delivery (In respect to each server limit).

– Address Validator & Finder.

– Export to Multiple formats: VCARD, CSV, EXCEL, PDF, & Most used Avery Labels.

– Ajax Subscribers CSV Load (for Copy Paste).

– Easy members import using CSV or Linkedin VCARD.

– Find Subscribers based On Language, Address, Status or Groups.

– Spammers Banning System.

– Smart Campaign Scheduler Calendar.

– Single & Double Optin.

– Customizable forms.

– Responsive Template.

– AutoResponder.

– Unsubscription.

– Internal Activity Log Table.

– Campaigns History, Export, and Duplication.

– Campaigns Activity Tracking, Bounce, Open, Unsubscribe, Sent, Unsent etc.

– Advanced Graphical Statistic Reporting.

– Groups Merge.

– Admins Activity Logs.

– Form script Integration (Installation).

– Files Management System.

– Adobe Aviary Image Editing.

– Native Captcha Spam System.

– Google Recaptcha.

– Cache Memory Limit Control for faster processing.

– Send Emails in Batches.

– CKEditor/CkFinder with beautiful Plugins: Social Icons, Google Map, QRCode, Ipsum, Media Share Links).

– Custom Pre-Built Templates easy Insertion.

– CSS Inliner (Emogrifier) on Campaign Processing.

– Free Professional URL Shortener API Code, with QRCode, Barcode, (with color Schemer).

– Links Stats/Graph.

– Subscribers Imports Limit Control for faster processing.

– Campaign Web Version.

– Subscribers Tags (First Name, Last Name, Address, City, Zip Code, State, Country, IP Address, Web etc..).
Many more.

A demo is available for testing at
username: admin
password: pass

Documentation is also available at
We are also available for any customization or support for this script.

Please be advised that we do not proceed with any refunds, therefore, it is important to test it prior to any purchase, we guarantee, it is as it is working on our demo. Thank you again for your business.

LAST UPDATE 21 Jan 2019:

– Users registration form added to the script.

– Now the script supports SendinBlue API/ Mailjet API
– German special characters.
– Fixed Google Map search location, by adding an API Key
– Listing automatic ruling
– Mobile forms

Please test prior to purchase and make sure that you have the right PHP version. As we do not process any refund

Thank you

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Etouch Email Marketing Application

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Etouch Email Marketing Application

Download Etouch Email Marketing Application Nulled

Download Etouch Email Marketing Application

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