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Evento is a Theme – Premium Multiple Event & Conference System with Website Evento is suitable for event listing, conference, event, congresses, convention, activity, exhibition, meetup, organization, seminar, summit, ticket and workshop sites. Evento have event search system, event listing, event management, venue management, speaker management, schedule management and many features Ui-kit Easy to Use Compatible with almost all latest Browsers.


  1. Animated Preloader Section
  2. Creative Interaction UI
  3. This script comes with a powerful CMS
  4. Categories: category name, slug, description and feature image
  5. image: easily upload multiple images with ajax
  6. Documentation file included
  7. Statistics of important data in dashboard
  8. Easy to use and customize
  9. User: name, email, password, profile picture and description
  10. image: easily upload multiple images with ajax.
  11. Setting: general setting such as logo, blog title, website icon, home page
  12. 3 User roles
  13. User Management
  14. Send Message From User to admin
  15. Supports multi-languages (Default languages: english and arabic and France)
  16. Organizer Management
  17. Category Management
  18. Sponsor Management
  19. Speaker Management
  20. Event Management
  21. Event & Venue Listing
  22. Multiple Event for Hamburger
  23. Wow Scroll Animations
  24. Header Fade Effects
  25. Made with security in mind (Stable version)
  26. Manage ads (url/image/google ads) (left for you option)
  27. Manage Roles (Add/edit/remove Roles) (for admins and managers only)
  28. Manage User (Add/edit/remove User)
  29. Manage Multiple Event (Add/edit/remove Multiple Event)
  30. Reports – (for admins and managers only)
  31. Access the control panel via Login/Register features
  32. Official Multiple Event
  33. Tags Management
  34. Advanced Event Search System
  35. Membership System
  36. User Login & Register System
  37. RTL & LTR Support
  38. 404 Page
  39. Cross Browser Compatibility
  40. HTML5 Validation
  41. Based on uikit 4.x
  42. Animated Navigation
  43. Flowless CSS transition
  44. Cross browsers support
  45. Video Backgrounds Page Header
  46. SVG + Image icons
  47. Google Fonts
  48. Favicon Options
  49. Advertisement Options
  50. Social Media Options
  51. Translation Ready
  52. 100% Responsive Design
  53. SEO Friendly
  54. Contact Form
  55. Navigation Options
  56. Layouts & Elements
  57. Boxed Layout Design
  58. Adaptive Images System
  59. Optimized Codes
  60. Comment System
  61. Fancybox Support
  62. Theme Updates
  63. Support & Documentation
  • Security

    • Totally secured system (SQL injection, XSS, CSRF)
    • Built on powerful laravel 5.7 Framework that has been tried and tested by millions of developers.
    • Passwords are encrypted using PHPass library to make sure your data is safe.
  • Media Builder

    • Members / Admin add unlimited recipes.
    • SEO optimized for Services using meta keywords and meta tags.
  • Admin Panel

    • Flexible control panel system with full options.
    • Only admin role can login admin panel.
    • Change website settings(name, logo, favicon, timezone, site description,…).
    • Change website seo settings (meta keywords, meta description).
    • Change social media pages.
    • Manage Media categories (add, edit, delete, view).
    • Approve member Media to appear on website.
    • Can view/ delete users subscribed.
    • Manage sliders that appears on website (add, edit, delete, view).
    • Totally with this admin panel can manage and control every thing appear in website with full option.
  • Other Features

    • easy to install and usability(without any coding knowledge needed).
    • awesome design for website and admin panel
    • fully responsive for website and admin panel
    • Clean codewith hight performance.
    • easy customization
    • friendly with seo.
    • high performance.
    • more features will coming up.


  • Backend Framework: Built on laravel 5.8 Native admin
  • Requires php to 7.3
  • Supports MySQL, Mysqli.
  • Supports SMTP Email, PHP Mail()


– If you have any questions feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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Evento – Premium Multiple Event & Conference System with Website

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Evento - Premium Multiple Event & Conference System with Website

Download Evento – Premium Multiple Event & Conference System with Website Free Nulled
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