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Preview: Evenz – Conference and Event WordPress Theme

WordPress theme for events, conferences, meetings, seminars, parties and more. Fast to install, easy to use, flexible as a yoga teacher.

Build any event website, including countdowns and event maps, pricing plans, speakers, venues and more. Fully customizable with 14+ color pickers, 4 font pickers, logo uploaders, fresh design effects and 12 ready-to-use home page templates included. 7 Days money back warranty, no questions asked!

Professional Events WordPress Theme

This theme has every WordPress event feature you may want in a single place, without function bloating, just what you need in a single place.

Fast to install, easy to use, with reliable updates and support. The perfect tool to create any event website, may it be business or entertainment.

One Click Demo Install

Build your events website in a blink of an eye! 12+ Home pages included, import all the demo pages in 30 seconds, images included, to kickstart your project and start editing in seconds. The installation process is ultra-streamlined. No coding required!

Totally customizable

Most flexible theme for events and conferences. You’ll be impressed by the amount of settings you can tweak to match your style, with 12+ color pickers, 5 font pickers, logo uploaders for desktop and mobile, and tons of design settings as header grayscale, duotone, luminosity, sidebars, buttons radius, items radius and much more.

Edit anything with real-time live preview, no coding skills required!

Events manager

Manage unlimited events, with start and end date and time, automated Google Calendar link, unlimited purchase links.

Easily connect the event with the schedule and the speakers.

Add pricing plans, descriptions, venues and maps in a few clicks. No coding, no bloating, just a straight forward process.

Our customers are astonished by the speed they can work at with our themes!

Schedule and timetables

Add unlimited programs, schedules and timetables.

With up to 10 speakers per single time frame, unlimited possibilities, background images, infinite combos.

Our schedules are super responsive and automatically transform the tabs into a dropdown for mobile, for total usability for the modern mobile users.

Add your schedules anywhere via shortcode or Page Builder, it takes a click!

Download manager

Which event has no downloads? With Evenz you can manage your downloads easily, display them in a beautiful fashion and track the downloads. Manage any type of attachment as pdf program, videos, zip files and more. Wanna restrict the access? This theme is compatible with the Download Monitor plugin, the most powerful plugin for downloads, that can have tons of extensions to restrict access with sharing, purchase and more (restricting access to downloads requires extensions not included with the theme).


Easily add unlimited testimonials, display them in grids, carousels or single pages, to add immediate trust to your page and increase event attendance.

Pricing plans

No need for extra plugins! this theme comes with a powerful pricing plans functionality that allows to add unlimited pricing plans with unlimited styles, items and price formatting, in perfect style with the theme, without needing any extra cost or plugin!

Team members, speakers, and more

If you want to manage speakers, artists, music bands for a concert, team members or any other professional profile, there is a special post type for you. Easily add team members with social links, professional profiles, and detailed biography, display them in full page, grids or carousels.

You can easily associate up to 10 speakers or team members to every single time frame of each schedule, to create the most informative timetables of your event.

Mega menu

We found out the existing MegaMenu plugins pretty frustrating, that’s why we rolled our own: fast, easy, reliable. Create mega menus using the visual Page Builder editor and add basically any content you can add to a page, then link it to existing menu items.

Why limiting to widgets? With our bundled Mega Footer plugin you can add unlimited footers, with unlimited styles, to any page or tu just some page, override global settings, recycle a special footer somewhere or everywhere!

An example? Let’s say you want to add a Newsletter section to the footer of any page? Just make the special footer section in a minute and enable it everywhere!

Want to make a special discount section to reuse on 4 or 5 pages only? Make the footer, then add it to the specific pages!

The most flexible, fast and easy-to-use footer manager solution you have ever seen!

Event maps

This theme comes with the powerful QT Places plugin (save 22$) which allows you to create list of venues, geolocate an address in a second, create maps of venues or events, filterable by any custom taxonomy, with 3 different map skins, details zoom, lists and 3 designs for your map. Used by 10 thousand+ customers! (you need a google map api key)

Flexible, easy, professional

This theme can be used both by professionals and by newcomers as it’s super easy to use yet powerful, doesn’t require coding skills and provides a slick and fast-forward installation process.

Whatever kind of event you want to promote, may it be a conference, an exhibition, a party or a seminar, this theme is the perfect solution for you!

Well documented, optimally supported

Our documentation covers every single step from the server requirements, to the WordPress installation until the most advanced function. Every page is complete with best tips and screenshots.

Our support is active monday to friday on our helpdesk


  • Support is provided via helpdesk, not via email or comments
  • For pre-purchase questions you can write us from here.
  • Images are included (we purchased with GNU license so we can include them with the product).
  • This theme is not for multisite. You are instead allowed for subdomain or subfolders separate installations.

== Changelog ==

1.2.3 [2020 April 28]
[x] WPBakery update
[x] WP 5.4 Updates

1.2.1 [2019 december 7]
[X] query-prep.php fix line 48 removed implode
[x] Close mobile navigation if linking to internal section
[x] Mobile menu takes the "sticky" parameter too
[x] Fixed loading issue in 3d element for mobile browsers
[x] WordPress 5.3 fixes
[x] WooCommerce 3.8 fixes

1.2.0 [2019 october 16]
[x] woocommerce templates update cart/cart.php
[x] woocommerce templates update checkout/thankyou.php [2019 october 16]
[x] schedule-display.php accordion fix

1.1.9 [2019 october 04]
[x] Event table added 12H format support
[x] Schedule table: improved 12h format time

1.1.8 [2019 october 03]
[x] Text logo add no-break to text title
[x] Secondary menu customizations added empty option to countdown selector
[x] schedule.display.php fixed 24 hours time format

1.1.7 [2019 october 03]
[x] customizer refresh fix

1.1.6 [2019 October 02]
[x] part-event-buylinks.php added control for empty buy links

1.1.5 [2019 October 01]
[x] Primary button color accent fix
[x] Demo update

1.1.4 [2019 September 19]
[x] Added stronger selector to slider CSS to fix forms conflicts after the last review

1.1.3 [2019 september 19]
[x] QT Places plugin updated to 2.0.1
[x] Code optimization
[x] Page Builder templates update

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Evenz – Conference and Event WordPress Theme

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Evenz - Conference and Event WordPress Theme

Download Evenz – Conference and Event WordPress Theme Nulled

Download Evenz – Conference and Event WordPress Theme

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