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Faster Shopping, More Sales with Express Shop

Express Shop displays all WooCommerce products as a one page store in gorgeous styles with product audio and video. Show your WooCommerce product table for quick shopping and easy bulk ordering. Faster shopping for Restaurant Online Order, Food Menu, Grocery Shops, Wholesale store, Music or video stores etc.

Display all WooCommerce products in a user friendly product table mode with Live product search, product filtering and AJAX Add to Cart buttons! Shoppers can add multiple products to the cart from a single page shop and complete checkout quickly.

++Compatible with any theme.
Suitable for bulk ordering products, wholesale store, restaurant food menu plugin, online food ordering system and any kind of store that requires a better and more streamlined tabbed product catalog display and product filtering.

The optional Audio and Video column makes your one page store more attractive and helps shoppers make purchase decision quickly and increase your sales. WooCommerce product audio and product videos also make this plugin particularly useful to sell MP3s, or Videos as digital products or Music CDs or DVDs.

++Add Express Shop on on Any Page with a simple ShortCode and tons of options.

Features include 6+ beautiful style Templates, AJAX Add to Cart, Load More, Infinite scroll, Quick Floating Cart, Minimum Order Total, store Opening Hours, WooCommerce Catalog Mode and Customer Conversion Tracking report to help increase your store sales by up to 25%!
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WooCommerce Quick Shop

Give your customers a faster way to shop from your website and complete checkout! Express Shop will list all your products on a one page shop. Shoppers can quickly add products to the cart without leaving the page – even variable products. View added products from a beautiful floating, quick cart and then checkout. Express shop will help your website reduce abandoned cart with a faster shopping experience.

A Faster Way to Find Products

Express Shop provides quick product filtering by Category, Product title, SKU, and Price range with ordering by titles or price range without leaving or reloading the page (using ajax).

WooCommerce Product Audio and Product Video Support

Add Audio and Videos with your WooCommerce products. Display the product Audio and Video on their column so the shoppers can quickly make a purchase decision on your product.

This feature is also very useful to sell MP3 tracks as a virtual product, Audio CD samples, Single Video file as a virtual product, DVDs, Blu Rays etc.

Quick Filters for Hot, New, Best Buy and Featured Products

Enable filters to quickly find out which products are Hot, New, Best Buy and Featured. This row of tabbed filters can be turned on or off and color customized according to your theme!

Set Store Opening Hours

You can also set store opening and closing hours if you want to take orders only during a certain time period. EXtremely useful for restaurant online ordering.

Store Opening Hour Widgets

Multiple widgets available to display your store’s normal operation hours and holidays.

Set Minimum Required Order Total

Set a minimum order amount required for checkout. Also a handy tool for food menu online ordering.

WooCommerce Catalog Mode

Turn off the Add to Cart Options to Display product in Catalog mode only without any buy option. Great single page catalog for all your products.

Express shop is Well Customizable

Pick from one of the 5 built-in style templates, customize colors, hide columns, set minimum order total, change languages, track how many of your visitors are becoming a paid customer and more!


Track if your customers are abandoning carts. Conversion Report and Statistics that show how many shoppers are adding products to the cart, how many have reached the checkout page and how many actually completed the order process.

Very helpful to take necessary action in reducing abandoned cart. Use this very helpful WooCommerce Conversion Tracking report to increase your store sales by up to 25%!

WooCommerce Product Catalog Mode

Turn off the Add to Cart column to Display products in Catalog mode only without any buy option. Great single page catalog for all your products.

Easy to Use

This WooCommerce add-on is extremely easy to use. Simply activate the plugin and paste the shortcode to any page and it will start doing its magic!

Express Shop Main Features

  • Single Page Product Catalog or Product Table
  • Add on any page with shortcode.
  • Compatible with any theme
  • Ajax Product Loading
  • Live Ajax Search
  • Show All Products, Load More, Infinite Scroll
  • Supports Simple Products, Variable Products, and WooCommerce Default Attributes
  • Support for WooCommerce Product Audio and Video
  • Upload one or more Audio files (mp3,0gg) for each WooCommerce product
  • Upload Custom Video file for each WooCommerce product
  • Supports YouTube and Vimeo Videos
  • Supports Multiple Videos for a WooCommerce product
  • Enable/Disable the Audio Column
  • Enable/Disable the Video Column
  • Hot, New, Best Buy and Featured Products
  • Front-end Sorting by Title, SKU, Price
  • Filter Between Price Ranges
  • Product Details Display in LightBox
  • Larger Image in LightBox
  • Floating Quick Cart
  • Carousel Category Filter
  • Exclude Categories
  • Fixed Position Category Filters
  • Choose from 6+ Different Templates
  • Catalog Mode – Hide Add to Cart Options
  • Hide Search Options
  • Show Category Name Below Title
  • Enable Fixed Position Category Filters
  • Templates for Category Filters on the Left
  • Template for Category wise Product Grouping
  • How Many Characters to Display from Short Description
  • Enable/Disable SKU Column
  • Enable/Disable Product Thumbnail Column
  • Enable/Disable Title Column
  • Enable/Disable Description Column
  • Enable/Disable Product Price Column
  • Enable/Disable Add to Cart Column
  • Enable/Disable Stock Column
  • Set Show Low Stock Alert Beside Availability
  • Customize Colors
  • Custom CSS Area to Add Your Own
  • Customize All Express Shop Languages from Back end easily!
  • Create Multiple Opening & Closing Hours
  • Set Minimum Order Total Required for Checkout
  • Opening, Closing Hours Widgets
  • Customer Conversion Reporting with Charts and Graphs
  • Shopper Conversion Statistics by Day, Week, Month and Custom Date Range

**This is a WooCommerce add on. Woocommerce must be installed and active before you install this plugin

=================Version 9.0.0==========
# express shop pro audio feature added..
# express shop pro video feature added..
=========Version 8.9.0===============
# Help & license section add on exprss shop pro
# redirect page function bug fixed..
# header price cell css issue fixed...
# express shop pro default woo instant quick view added
# express shop pro variable product validation checking
# jquery variable product add to cart "top" error fixed
# template sticky fixed header issue fixed
# quick cart view cart product show issue fixed.. 
# add to cart ajax some error fixed
# Redirect to the same page after successful add to cart
# Category template responsive issue fixed...
# Enable Hot/New/Best Buy tabs
# Enable Hot/New/Best Buy tabs Language Change option from admin
# Enable Hot/New/Best Buy tabs color change option from admin
# when adding an item to the cart, the quantity selected in the express 
shop doesn’t affect the number added to the cart -- fixed.
# header Title name changed by Product and placeholder name Search.
# the predictive result seems to have a lot of empty area on the right error fixed
# Express shop pro searching display predictive search results
# When page load add to cart button ( out of stock ) error fixed.
# Woo Instant Cart & Checkout Right Float
=========Version 8.8.0===============
# Template there different type of ajax call add to cart product ...
# quick view simple product add to cart ajax bug fixed ...
# Disable All tab from Category Filters theme seven bug fixed ...
# Disable All tab from Category Filters ...
# active menu background and font color change from admin section ...
# Activation plugin after redirect plugin help page ...
# shortcode category_ids attribute added for choose product category ...
# cart and checkout page woocommerce cart and checkout page url use ...
# remove all category tag link ...
# quick view cart padding and some design fixed...
# cart attribute label verticle align fixed...
# All, load more, scrolling language change option add ... 
=========Version 8.7.0===============
# some variable error fixed
# sidebar template menu active background and font color change form plugin css settings
# catelog  sidebar template category name and description font color change form plugin css settings
# sidebar template menu active background and font color change form plugin css settings
# catelog  sidebar template category name and description font color change form plugin css settings
# catelog sidebar template category description show
# catelog sidebar template responsive issue fixed
# variable product select option price change issue fixing
# variable product add to cart button bug fixing
# default Right cart summary style show
# add shortcode attribute for product title quick view enabled or disabled
=========Version 8.6.0===============
# description heading mobile view display none
# admin template choose option message add when select template.
# add new template 07 show with category title...
# fixed some css issues
=========Version 8.5.0===============
# Show Category Name belowTitle
# Hide Search Options  
# header search input field display inline
# add new sidebar template
# add top specing for sticky header to admin section. 
=========Version 8.4.0===============
# Disable Add to Cart in Product Details Lightbox
# How Many Characters to Display from Short Description
# product quick view modal animation add and fixed image issue
# category filter add pagination to product table.
# quick view modal add animate css.
# quick view modal add product gallery lightslider 
=========Version 8.3.0===============
# left and right  quick view cart showing problem fixed.
# variable product popup modal responsive issue fixed.
# variable product quantity and price updated according to add to cart product quantity.
# product quick view working with variable product.
# all product sorting fixed according to admin product ordering list
=========Version 8.0.0===============
# If a product has options, and you select an option in the popup dropdown. When you press add to cart, 
the option selected does not show in the cart. For example if mangoes has options 100g, 200g, 300g and 400g, 
upon selecting 100g the option selected does not show in the cart. Can you please check.
# Popup containing options is not responsive. Add to cart is misaligned. Please fix this. 
# I cannot select category on mobile. (if we swipe left, it swipes to extreme left or extreme right, unable to change it) 
# For products with quantity, information icon opens a popup which is blank. Please resolve this
# If we choose a category and go back to all, products disappear. 
# The selected options are not shown on the sidebar cart. 
# Also cart has horizontal scrollbars which were not their earlier. 
# Instead of Category names, there are category slugs. Please change it to category so that customers can understand. 
# product quick view modal fancybox replace to magnific popup
# quick view cart button responsive css issue fixed
=========Version 7.4.0===============
# Show Floating Quick Cart on Express Shop Page Only
# fixed css issue for responsive
# Full background preloader problem fix.
=========Version 7.1.0===============
# restaurant template 2 top right side menu z-index problem solved.
# exclude category product load more button not working properly previous project, problem fixed
# liner gradient template (03) name change by simple template (03)
=========Version 7.0.0===============
# add Customer Conversion Tracker 
# modify resturant 2 before and after image upload massage change
# option tree add description like this :- ( Restaurent Template Right Top Image ( Provide Actual Image Size 140px/140px ) )
# modify resturant 2 before and after image size 100% 
# action button all template design change like template 3
# template 3 design change
# ajax category filter working with properly
# action field verticle align fixed 
# Duxed stock alignment
# gradient theme header color change 
==============Version 6.5.0==================================
# thumbnail now show fancy box img 
# price and stock right align  
# action text remove 
# arrow icon remove form header
# Express shop pro modal button replace to description below 
# Action button alignment change 
# Modal width change 80%
# create product order option to admin dashboard
# resturant template table img border reduce.
==============Version 6.3.0==================================
# opening hours widgets date format change.
# Express shop global cart css fixed
# opeing hours plugin widget again active
# opeing hours working on express shop plugin
# opeing hours plugin widget remove from plugin 
=========Version 6.0.0===============
# opening hours still not fixed
# change theme settings to style settings
# widget - trash button out of alignment
# image not showing in mobile view in lightbox full product details (edited)
# floating cart breaks down in mobile view
# fix widget paddings http://dev.quantumcloud.com/express-shop-pro/style-01/
# Cart widget style change to global css
# add cart summary style global css
# change menu name opening hours
# shortcode use by specific template number 
# product search option updated by ajax search
=====Version 5.5.0===================
# product table action field css problem fixed
# express shop pro some css design bug fixed
# product id not working properly to product details modal tab. ( bug fixed )
# product details modal tab bug fixed
Version 5.0.0
# Product quick view modal improved and added product gallery
# category filter add pagination to product table.
# Improved some RWD issues
# Improved variable product support
# All product sorting fixed according to admin setting
Version 4.0.0 – released on Aug 01 – 2018
# Inception

TMDb Pro – Movie & TV Show Details Plugin For The Movie Database

Express Shop for WooCommerce with Audio & Video

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Express Shop for WooCommerce with Audio & Video

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