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Do your website features work after any updates? With Flytrap, you can easily create automatic tests for your site with one click and save your time and money. Flytrap version 2.0 is live and includes a variety of features such as cloud of scripts, auto test builders, record features workflow and playback, target suggestions, selector, live frame, actions bar and much more!
Latest Version 2.0 – December 14, 2022 – view changelog, roadmap
WordPress 6x Ready

Flytrap is an automated testing platform for WordPress that allows web developers to build various tests for their website with an intuitive visual builder. Create amazing tests for your customers or business quickly, without writing a single line of code.


If you’re looking to easily create automated tests, check the workflow of your website’s capabilities at any time, and save time and money, Flytrap is the tool you need to clean your website of bugs quickly and easily.

Enter the world of professional software by making tests.

Create your own automated tests for any type of WordPress websites. Compatible with all types of plugins and themes:

  • FAST AND EASY: A simple operation to generate test cases simply by using the live frame. Use any of the +40 functions. No coding required

  • LIVE SINGLE PAGE: Every thing in single page without drivers. For any feature on your site. Select target, add command.

  • RELAX YOUR MIND: Run the tests after the update or whenever needed. Save your time and money. Make support easy.


Scripts Cloud

Use unlimited new scripts added monthly to create tests for your plugins and themes.

Live Frame

Live preview of the page without the need for browser drivers or opening a new window.

My Library

You can Add or Edit your Builders and Actions scripts. You can also update your added scripts.

Auto Builders

Automatically generate different tests for the page with just one click. With Builders save your time and money.

Record & Playback

Simply Record your websites features workflow and replay it. Record once, repeat as many times as you like.


Easy fixing commands with Suggestions. Finding elements similar to a failed target.


Select your target easily in live frame or find created command target in page with Selector. Different methods for targets path.

Actions Bar

Flytrap reduces the test execution time. Popular tools in Actions bar or Right-click in record.

Admin Panel Tests

You can create your own tests for the admin panel and front-end of your website. Unlimited.

Data and Security

All data saving in your database without any external server or local files.

Customizing and Settings

You can make different settings for tools. Flytrap can be used in Light and Dark mode.


To explore more there is documentation on various tools and features of Flytrap that you can easily get started with in Flytrap.

+40 Default Actions

More than 40 actions to create commands for your tests.

  • Add Selection
  • Assert Element Present
  • Assert Element Not Present
  • Assert Checked
  • Assert Editable
  • Assert Not Checked
  • Assert Not Editable
  • Assert Not Text
  • Assert Text
  • Assert Title
  • Assert Not Title
  • Assert Value
    And more …


You can easily export your tests and transfer them to another WordPress website.


If you have more questions or need support, visit the Flytrap Support section.


Does Flytrap work with all the themes and plugins?

Flytrap works all the themes and plugins that respect the coding standards of WordPress.

Is Flytrap compatible with my website/store?

Flytrap can be used for any type of website and online store that is implemented with WordPress.

Does it affect the speed of the site?

No, all the files and assets of Flytrap are set for the admin panel page, and it does not add files to other pages of your website.

Does it work with other WordPress plugins?

It works with almost all the plugins. You can even create tests for other plugins and make sure of their performance on your site. If you encounter an incompatibility issue, please report it to us and the plugin that conflicts with Flytrap.

Do I need to learn coding to create tests?

Not! Flytrap provides a platform for you to easily create various automated tests for your website without coding.

You can create automated tests for different internal links of your website and this feature is not available for external links of your website.

Is my site secure with Flytrap?

The security of your website is very important to us, and we take proactive measures to ensure your website is secure. All information is also stored on your database without external server.

Download Flytrap WordPress Automated Test Builder Nulled

Download Flytrap WordPress Automated Test Builder

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