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Focus-saas is the saas version of the focus productivity management application. It provides notes, to-dos, to-learns, journaling, calendars, knowledgebase, projects, and many more. Users can connect these components to create their systems for knowledge management, project management, note-taking, data management, etc.
With focus saas, multiple users can sign up and manage their workspaces. Focus saas has an admin portal where the admin can manage the users of the focus app.


Super Admin Dashboard

Admin dashboard shows an overview of the users, workspaces, and plans. For example, you will see how many plans, users, workspaces, you have. Recent users, active payment gateway, and plans.


When a user signs up, a workspace is created in their name. All workspaces will be shown in a list under workspaces. A super admin can access some other data, such as when the workspace was created. If the workspace is subscribed or not. Super admin can also delete the workspace.


All users will also be shown in a list under users. Super admin will be able to view the profile information of the user. More information, such as under which workspace the user is, will also be shown on the list. Super Admin can also delete users.


Super Admin can create plans from the super admin panel. They can add monthly and yearly pricing of the plans, add features, and enable or disable features for each plan.

Payment Gateway

This saas comes with stripe payment gateway integration. Super admin can configure the Stripe payment gateway from the portal. To configure the payment gateway, insert the Public Key and Private Key of the Stripe.

Sign Up page for users

The saas version of focus comes with a signup page for users. To sign up, users must provide their First Name, Last Name, email, and password.

With this app, users can take notes, journal, manage personal projects, add to-dos, add to-learns, create a knowledge base, create a vision board, etc. This software will help you stay focused on your goals and help you take action based on those.

Practice Five Minute Journaling

This five-minute journal works as a form of meditation. High Achievers always say that practicing gratitude has helped them tremendously to be fully present and give their best to the task at hand, and that’s the secret to getting great results. Journal 5 minutes a day to set your intention for the day.


If you don’t have goals, you will end up confused and frustrated. But, on the other hand, having goals in life will inspire you to move in the right direction.

Vision Board

Manifestation is proven to be a great tool to reach goals. To upload pictures of the things or experiences you want to have, click on the dropzone and upload photos to have a fantastic gallery of your vision.


Make a precise plan for your goal. When you plan for your goals, it becomes easier to reach those goals. A good plan can take you anywhere you want to go. Ambiguity is the enemy of execution. So try to be as specific as possible.

Weekly plans

A weekly plan is a great tool to design the entire week not to forget important tasks to finish. If you create the weekly plan before the week starts, you will set yourself for success.


The Calendar is the best friend of the people who want to succeed in life. Therefore, it would be best if you keep your events organized on a calendar.


Without a clear system for organizing projects, you waste time looking for information instead of focusing on the creative work you do best. Focus gives you a central hub to organize all your internal work. When all information is in one place, executing projects becomes far easier.


You can add three types of to-dos. It’s a great way to be organized. Today’s to-dos Projects’ to-dos Goals to-dos


You all know a to-do list is very effective for getting things done. Just like that, a to-learn list is also very effective when it comes to learning new things.


A habit of note-taking is a great skill. In Focus, you can take good notes and write about anything that comes to your mind. This notes system will help you learn better and keep information organized.


You can upload documents on Focus to keep your documents organized and download them whenever you need them.

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Download Focus SaaS – Laravel Productivity Management Tool Nulled

Download Focus SaaS – Laravel Productivity Management Tool

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