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Front – Multipurpose Business WordPress Theme

Front – Multipurpose Business WordPress Theme is an incredibly beautiful, fully responsive and cleanly coded WordPress theme. It is the perfect starting point for your creative business. It is built on mobile-first approach rendering extraordinary looking website both in mobile as well as in desktop devices.

Built for Speed

Fastest WordPress Theme. Loads under 0.7 seconds. Front is one of the fastest WordPress Themes out there because we’ve used Gutenberg instead of page builders. With additional optimisation plugins like WP Rocket, you can get a load time under 700ms

Built for Multipurpose

Front comes with 24 home pages and demos that includes home pages for Corporates, Creative Agencies & Professionals, Products, Apps, Real Estate Business, Job Boards, Help Desks, Crypo Currencies and more.

Built for Gutenberg

All the elements that goes into our Front’s home pages are built using WordPress’s native editor, the Gutenberg. Hence we do not need bulky page builders to build your beautiful website. This also means your pages will load faster and are easy to customize without having to worry about coding.

Sell your products Online

Front is compatible with WooCommerce, the most popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress. Our Shop page and products archive pages are beautifully crafted to increase customer engagement and help grow your business online.

Professional Job Board

Build your next Job platform faster & easier with Front & WP Job Manager. Front integrates seamlessly with WP Job Manager and its core add-ons. We’ve also added additional features and blocks that would enhance the functionality of WP Job Manager and takes your website up one level in features. Our Job pages are stunningly beautiful, cleanly coded and easy to use. You can also use our one click demo import to import our demo content to give you a head start with your Job Boards website.

Help Desk Made Simple

Launch knowledge base for your products without touching a single line of code. With the help of industry standard weDocs plugin, Front will help you create a neatly designed help desk website instantly. We have also included Help Desk content with our one click demo import.

Theme Features

  • 100% Responsive
  • Built using Bootstrap 4, Underscores, Gulp and SASS
  • Built for Gutenberg
  • Premium Images Included
  • 30+ Hero Layouts
  • 90+ Header/Navbar Layouts
  • 10+ Footer Layouts
  • 26 Home Pages and Demos
  • 150+ Gutenberg Blocks
  • Well Documented
  • and many more…

Keep Scrolling, there’s more to see…

  • Bootstrap Flexbox Grid
  • Premium Plugins & Libraries
  • Mega Menu
  • Unfold (DropDown/Sidebar and others)
  • Youtube, Vimeo & HTML5 Background Videos
  • FontAwesome
  • Pricing Tables
  • Smooth Parallax Scrolling
  • Image & Content Sliders
  • Modal Windows
  • Countdown
  • Sticky Blocks
  • Animated Typing Words
  • Huge Collection of Form Options
  • Gradient Colors
  • Fill Colors
  • Stroke Colors
  • Stop-Colors
  • On Scroll Animations
  • Masonry Grid Layouts
  • 26 Unique Home Pages
  • Exit Intent Detection
  • Animation Libraries
  • Malihu Scrollbar


We’ve included 2 documentation, one for the theme and the other for the Gutenberg Blocks that is supplied with the theme. Both the documentation links can be accessed online from :

Trial & Dummy Data

We encourage you to try our theme before purchase. Please reach out to us via our support tab and we’ll setup a trial for you.

A word about the Dummy Data. You have the option to import all the images in our demo as well as with placeholders. There are 300+ images in our original demo and hence Front Main demo Premium would take 20+ minutes to download all images ( varies based on your internet speed ). We’ve also included the same demo with placehlolders which would import in less than a minute.

Premium Images Included

We made custom license for all our premium images in the Front. This means everything you see in our live demo pages including premium stock images are included with your purchase.

70,000+ Happy Customers

Front is brought to you by MadrasThemes & Htmlstream. The team that build many increadibly beautiful WordPress and HTML5 templates in the last 7 years and have sold over 70k copies combined. We have learned the best way to build, maintain and support our themes. During this time, we’ve answered over 40k+ support questions. Our mission is to make your life easier with our products.

Built by MadrasThemes & Htmlstream

Front is built by the team that has customers in the background such as Standford University, The University of Maryland, University of Victoria and many more Government and Corporate Agencies. To bring the most modern look of any WordPress theme across all marketplaces, Front sets the new standard with breathtaking design, top-notch support and incredible featured packed updates that will save your precious time and gives trendy look to all your web projects.

Release History

v1.0.16 – 2020-05-08

Feature : WooCommerce 4.1.x compatible
Fix     : Issues fixed with Hero Form #6 Block
Fix     : Issues fixed with Info Grid #8 Block
Fix     : Issues fixed with Info Colorful Block
Fix     : Custom color safari button issues fixed
Fix     : Header password input field issue fixed
Fix     : Header sticky change logo on scroll issue fixed
Fix     : WooCommerce sold individually quantity issue fixed

v1.0.15 – 2020-04-28

Fix     : WC is_account_page() check issue fixed

v1.0.14 – 2020-04-25

Feature : Hero Carousel #2 more options added
Fix     : My Account page error notice added
Fix     : Customizer style issues fixed
Fix     : Block editor style issues fixed
Fix     : Issues fixed with Hero Video Block
Fix     : Issues fixed with Info Section #3 Block
Fix     : Issues fixed with Info Section #14 Block

v1.0.13 – 2020-04-18

Fix     : Issues fixed with Format "fgb/color" 
Fix     : Issues fixed with Gallery Blocks

v1.0.12 – 2020-04-10

Fix     : Issues fixed with Info Colorful Block
Fix     : Issues fixed with CTA Block Link
Fix     : Issues fixed with Stackable Pro

v1.0.11 – 2020-04-01

Feature : WooCommerce Social Login Compatibility
Update  : More Options added in Portfolio, Cards & Hero Block
Update  : Header Options updated
Update  : Blog Options updated
Fix     : Blog simple missing sections added
Fix     : Issues fixed with CTA Block

v1.0.10 – 2020-03-24

Feature : Customer Stories more options added
Update  : Footer Options updated
Fix     : Clients block spacing issue
Fix     : Info Section 3 Block SVG ID issue
Fix     : Header My Account responsive issue
Fix     : Issues fixed with Icon Block - Left
Fix     : Issues fixed with Hero Carousel 2 Block
Fix     : More options added in Portfolio and Info Colorful Block

v1.0.9 – 2020-03-13

Feature : WooCommerce 4.x compatible
Fix     : Stats Interactive Block option added for change timer text
Fix     : Reviews verified owner issue fixed
Fix     : Fixed an issue with Hero Blocks
Fix     : Source-map Notice Issue
Fix     : Translation Issue
Fix     : RTL Issues

v1.0.8 – 2020-02-26

Fix     : WooCommerce Translation Issue

v1.0.7 – 2020-02-26

Feature : Customer Stories
Feature : Additional customization options for Features Block
Feature : Job Header Search Form Style
Update  : Dummy Data for easier import
Fix     : Header Option Issues
Fix     : RTL Issues
Fix     : Issues with Translations

v1.0.6 – 2020-02-21

Feature : Testimonials without JetPack in Front Gutenberg Blocks
Feature : Portfolio in Front Extensions
Feature : About Company information in Job Data
Feature : Additional customization options to Info Blocks
Update  : Added CSS classes for all Front Gutenberg Blocks
Fix     : Issues with Blog Options
Fix     : WooCommerce plugin conflicts
Fix     : URLs in Button Blocks
Fix     : Hero Overlay Issue

v1.0.5 – 2020-02-12

Fix     : Header Logo issue in Sticky Header

v1.0.4 – 2020-02-07

Feature : Typography Options
Feature : Custom Primary Color and Secondary Color Styling Options
Feature : Simple Demo reducing dependencies on plugins
Feature : Testimonial Block ( without JetPack )

v1.0.3 – 2020-02-03

Feature : MAS Static Content Taxonomy
Update  : Static Content Dummy Content organized
Update  : Portfolio Blocks updated
Fix     : Fixed a stalled request issue when using Custom Sidebars & WooCommerce
Fix     : Fixed issues with FrontGB Gallery, Info Section & Tabs Block

v1.0.2 – 2020-01-30

Feature : Compatible with WPForms
Feature : Custom SVG Icons in Icon Controller
Feature : Blocks can now add additional CSS classes
Feature : Additional Setting for Portfolio
Feature : Improved Theme Options
Update  : Dummy data updated for WPForms
Update  : One Click Demo Import Menu Links
Update  : Icon Control Path
Fix     : Fixed an issue with Hero Blocks & Portfolio Blocks

v1.0.1 – 2020-01-24

Feature : RTL Compatible
Feature : WPML Compatible
Feature : WooCommerce 3.9.x compatible
Update  : Dummy data updated
Fix     : Job Search Block issue fixed

v1.0.0 – 2020-01-21

Initial Release

TMDb Pro – Movie & TV Show Details Plugin For The Movie Database

Front – Multipurpose Business WordPress Theme

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Front - Multipurpose Business WordPress Theme

Download Front – Multipurpose Business WordPress Theme Nulled

Download Front – Multipurpose Business WordPress Theme

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