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GetFund is a crowdfunding PHP script that allows you to create a crowdfunding platform in the easiest way ever. This is the best crowdfunding script available in the market. GetFund fundraising script helps you to collect fund for several motives, Campaign owner can submit a campaign easily to raised fund for their any reason. The user can donate via PayPal and Stripe payment method to your platform. The platform owner can set this how the commission will get a campaign owner. There are many powerful features for creating a full pledge and wide range crowdfunding platform.

The rewards, campaign update, faqs, comments, PayPal and Stripe is a major feature of many. You can control the campaign ends method, such as, a campaign will be auto stop to take payment from the user when reaches its goal or end date expire.

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Support for all our products is conducted through our
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, where you can submit your product related questions, bug-findings, etc.

Login email:
[email protected]
Password 123456
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  • Latest Laravel v.7.5
  • Bootstrap css
  • Powerfull user friendly admin panel
  • Stripe Payment Gateway
  • PayPal Payment Gateway
  • Bank Transfer Payment Gateway
  • Reward options
  • Campaign end method
  • Social Login
  • Password retrieval module
  • FontAwesome
  • Social Share
  • Secure Password Hashing
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Staff picks section
  • Recently funded campaigns
  • Currencies changing options
  • Ajax loading campaign in home
  • Payment tracking
  • Rewards tracking
  • Auto campaign end
  • User profile picture
  • SMTP email Support
  • Translation ready
  • SEO friendly url
  • reCAPtCHA everywhere
  • Contact Form
  • Free and continues updates

Satisfied customers says about us

Server Requirements for GetFund Crowdfunding application

  • PHP >= 7.2.0
  • BCMath PHP Extension
  • Ctype PHP Extension
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension
  • XML PHP Extension
  • Ctype PHP Extension
  • JSON PHP Extension
  • Fileinfo Extension

Change Log

Version {{5.2}} [26 April, 2020 ]

1. Added: Cookies policy page, and cookie constant notification module.

Version 5.1 [21 April, 2020 ]

1. Fixed: a db column issue (total_funded) in campaign table

Version 5.0 [18 April, 2020 ]

1. Updated Laravel Framework to 7.5

Version 4.1.0 [12 January, 2020 ]

1. Fixed email sending issue that required good server
2. Fixed few db column

Version 4.0 [22 September, 2019 ]

1. Updated Laravel to v.6.0
2. Updated stripe SDK to v.7.2
3. Improved Performance 2X
4. Fixed few currency issues
5. Fixed few database column issues

Version 3.0.5 [07 August, 2019 ]

1. Fixed registration mail issue
2. stripe amount issue
3. currency sign issue
4. stripe amount issue during charge

Version 3.0.4 [16 April, 2019 ]

1. Fixed E-Mail issue from version 3.0.3
2. Fixed database file issue during import
3. Fixed other known issues.

Version 3.0.3 [24 March, 2018 ]

1. Fixed : currency sign print issue
2. Fixed few known bugs

Version 3.0.2 [05 March, 2018 ]

1. Added : dedicated url to clear cache (url/clear)
2. Updated core to Laravel 5.7
3. Dropped: Laravel 5.4 support
4. Improved performance
5. Fixed few known bugs

Version 3.0.1 [06 November 2018 ]

1. Fixed a column issue in database

Version 3.0.0 [28 October 2018 ]

1. Updated core framework to Laravel 5.7
2. Included two flavours of laravel version, laravel 5.7 and laravel 5.4, choose one based on your server

Version 2.3.4 [13 August 2018 ]

1. Security Update
2. Changed: Replace summer note by ckEditor
3. Improved: Database query and performance
4. Fixed: stripe amount issue for zero decimal currency
5. Fixes known bugs

Version 2.3.3 [20 May 2018 ]

1. Fixed : Initial App Debug set to false
2. Fixed: Some known bugs
3. Improved: Performance

Version 2.3.2 [11 April 2018 ]

1. Fixed : Several Bug fix
2. Fixed: Default Email SMTP to php mail() function

Version 2.3.1 [04 March 2018 ]

1. Fixed : A Database issue in Import File
2. Fixed: Known Bugs

Version 2.3 [25 February 2018 ]

1. Fixed : Short description issue, when enter large text in short description, it was showing an error [FIXED]

Version 2.2 [28 January 2018]

1. Added : Copy Campaign link features to single campaign page
2. Fixed : known Bug

Version 2.1 [21 January 2018]

1. Fixed : campaign card css issue
2. Fixed : some response issues
3. Fixed : known Bug
4. Removed : Masonry Grid
5. Implemented : Own CSS grid
6. Improved: Performance and reduced database query time

Version 2.0 [17 January 2018]

1. Fixed : a bug after installation, demo url removed when live
2. Fixed : some known issues

Version 1.9 [15 Oct 2017]

1. Added: Social MetaData added
2. Removed: public_path() for getting relative directory for uploading image
3. Removed: negative days count
4. Fixed: bugs and improved performance

Version 1.8 [10 Aug 2017]

1. Fixed: Withdrawal bug.

Version 1.7 [25 July 2017]

1. Added: Withdrawal module has been added, now campaign owner can request for withdrawing after campaign end, with there preferred method like PayPal or Bank transfer.
2. Added: Currency sign placing in the left or right side is now easy with settings > general settings in the dashboard.
3. Fixed: When all demo campaign has been deleted, there an error during login dashboard and payment, (FIXED). reported by: @Garyece
4. Fixed: Few bugs fixed
5. Improved: Performance Improved

Version 1.6 [15 July 2017]

1. Added: Campaign id has been added to bank payment for reference
2. Fix:ed Update a button (Submit new campaign to edit campaign)
3. Updated: Performance improved

Version 1.5 [09 July 2017]

1. Added: Campaign Delete option has been added
2. Added: User module has been added, Admin can delete, edit or block any user from admin panel
3. Added: 404 page has been added. Any wrong URL will show a 404 page with the main theme. so the visitor can go to any page right from this page.

Version 1.4 [03 June 2017]

1. Added: Facebook Opengraph Meta tags
2. Added: Contact Us page that allows receiving users feedback
3. Added reCAPTCHA everywhere, Login page, Contact Us Page, Registration Page
4. Fixed: In Mobile (Android, IOS) campaign image clickable to open campaign page
5. Fixed: If there is no Staff Picked Campaign, This section will be hidden
6. Fixed: Some translatable strings
7. Improved: Performance

Version 1.3 [24 May 2017]

1. Fixed: Delete Category Bug, reported by: Ade Adwitya

Version 1.2 [23 May 2017]

1. Added: A Simple Stat and Counter About Campaigns, Users and Raised Money
2. Fixed: A URL issue in homepage campaign thumbnail h4, reported by: Ade Adwitya
3. Fixed: A Stripe Payment Credential gettings live_secret_key in helper function
4. Improved: Performance.

Version 1.1 [2 May 2017]

1. Added: Bank Transfer Payment Gateway
2. Fixed: Few Bugs
3. Improved: Performance improve, reduced database query

Version 1.0 [19 April 2017]

Initial Release

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GetFund – A Professional Laravel Crowdfunding Platform

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GetFund - A Professional Laravel Crowdfunding Platform

Download GetFund – A Professional Laravel Crowdfunding Platform Nulled

Download GetFund – A Professional Laravel Crowdfunding Platform

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