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Fully Compatible with:
WordPress 5.4.x
WooCommerce 4.x
WPBakery Page Builder 6.1.x

Havnor is the bigger, better and most powerful multipurpose theme created with the mindset of finding a simple solution for any complex problems, A breathtaking foundation of functionalities take your website as far as your imagination will allow. With the help of havnor theme, you can create a dream website without losing the essence of your business.

Creative Agency

The remarkable theme to show your creative works to the world with the help of carefully designed layouts and various possibilities. Creative agency theme is the solution for all those seeking a great output for their creative work.

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The professional corporate theme that has been made with various businesses in mind and it is suitable for all kinds of tech startups and corporate companies. This theme will help you to showcase your brand in the best way possible with endless creativity.

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Web Design Agency

A breathtaking and most effective design agency theme helps you to explore new possibilities for your agency and make a website remarkable for visitors and get much more enticing experience than you expect.

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The massive theme to build a perfect construction and building services website with cutting-edge technology and pixel perfect design, Also an excellent eCommerce solution for construction & building materials.

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Professional logistic theme filled with enormous collections of modern features and limitless possibilities helps you to configure your site according to the type of website dreaming for your transport network business.

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Smart Security Home

The stylish and visually engaging theme that carries attractive pages and advanced features you needed for showcasing your professional security services, products, security skills, and employment opportunities.

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Pleasant lawyer theme designed and developed specifically for lawyers, attorneys and barristers at law or legal counsel business, It includes all the carefully researched functionalities needed for legal services.

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The revolutionary and professional architecture theme with a pure attractive yet large set of carefully crafted functional variations will help you build the alluring architecture and interior design website in no time.

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Conference Event

Havnor event conference theme has been crafted keeping in mind with the latest trends and techniques with the importance of visual hierarchy. It contains a complete package for event conference websites also provides a professional level quality and represent your event.

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Havnor is the ultimate business solution for a professional hosting company, High performance and awesome features of this theme will give you the enthusiasm to be in a part of the modern technological world.

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Highly organized SEO theme packed with best-in-class features as well as the latest trends and techniques to convert your visitors into clients. Theme crafted with well aware of how important the marketing aspect is, so you can use this for your every marketing-related needs.

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Financial Consulting

Versatile and featured rich consulting theme with a wide range of needed elements will provide the best financial solution for your business, It enables you to build a wide variety of business related websites.

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Business Consulting

Professional and stylish business consulting theme with perfect digital business experience, Intuitive user interface gives the power to mold and shape your business consulting website in your hands.

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Mobile App

Smart and clean look landing page theme and it’s a collection of amazing live landing or marketing page experience. You can customize whatever you think to make your Mobile app or Landing Page much better from your great ideas.

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Creative and fascinating theme for innovative startup companies with harmonious design and user-friendly functionalities. Feature packed theme that makes reaching your marketing and business ideas easily all around the world.

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Havnor health care WordPress theme is aimed to reflect the true extent of the medical domain. We have tried to cover the widest possible range of the Health & Medical Niche by offering carefully crafted pages so you can explore the features of the most advanced medical theme.

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Havnor freelancer theme specifically designed for making modern websites dedicated to any kind of digital agency, startup agency of freelancer. Professional manner design helps you to success starts with a well-thought-out creative theme.

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Mac App

Gorgeous and technically proficient mac app theme which boosts your app efficiency with the fresh design and organized layouts. We gather customers thoughts then crafted this handy theme better for your productivity.

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Creative restaurant theme with artistic design and powerful functionalities, which has been built with the deliberate intention of creating a delightfully vibrant and incredibly refined theme that is perfectly suited for a restaurant.

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An exceptional gym theme lets you make a website that’s in perfect shape. Theme Built for power and made for every personal fitness trainer and sports instructor, you can be as informative as possible when representing your gym.

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Modern and elegant wedding theme packed with a beautiful set of wedding elements. Neat and aesthetically pleasing designs make your customers think that Organizing a wedding celebration can’t be stressful with you.

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One Page

Creative and forwarding thinking one page demo with enough space to highlight your business and leave a strong visual mark on all visitors, in a quick time.

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Professional and stylish blog demo with clear typographic, good legibility and accessibility. Handcrafted and credible elements built with clean code let your blog site will have the best experience for your visitors

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Havnor – Powerful Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme.

Professional theme that created with deep down research to actual business requirment.

Pick the Demo’s

Fresh & professional demos will make your business site look more impressive and attractive to viewers.

Header Variations

You can switch between these modern and innovative header variations based on your convenient.

One Click Installation

Explore uncountable possibilities for your prominent stunning business website with just a one click.

You can choose any of these aesthetically polished footer layouts based on your need.

WooCommerce Support

You can explore your amazing products through these shop page layouts. Which are precisely designed to offer informations about your products.

Anything with Page Builder

Integrated with the most used user friendly and interactive page builder plugin visual composer for easy of your use.

RTL Support Interface

With fully supportable of RTL functionalities you can switch between any language that your website needs. Havnor works perfectly in all type of languages.

Fully Responsive

Having these multiple demo’s site will adapt & comfortably work in any type of devices regarding to it’s size.

Pre-Made Layouts

You can create a dream website without losing the essence of your business with these pre-made layouts.

Unlimited Options

Perfect for showing your professionalism with wide range of stunning options.


Our Theme is fully comfortable with most user friendly plugins it take your works into next level.

Main Features In Havnor

Knowledge and experience give us a step over the competition

Beautiful Shopping experience

Simple and convenient store to sell your valuable products. We try to set much components to do you site better and functional with Woo-Commerce.

Responsive & Retina Ready

The Havnor is 100% perfect and device friendly theme, each and every element are carefully created to adapt & work comfortable with any device.

Powered by WooCommerce with flexible Option

Stunning & delightful theme has solid foundation with WooCommerce that bring value to your business in the field of E-Commerce.

Page : Shop

Pre-defined Inner Pages

Enhance your Extraordinary work techniques with these perfect premade inner page layouts.

Stunning Blog Design Options

Versatile and gorgeous blog design options let you craft an most admired blog layouts even more stylish and comfort.

Advanced Theme Options

When it comes to personalizing theme options, Havnor makes it very simple to achieve complex updates without a line of coding required. All of the features you might wish to update, typography, headings, footers, padding and font colors are all controlled in real-time via the WYSIWYG Theme Options Panel.

Visual Page Builder

Create almost any web element you desire with the simplicity of Drag & Drop via the #1 top selling Plugin for WordPress, simple to use, no coding required, unlimited flexibility.

Unlimited Colors in Live Customizer

Havnor theme is well organized in the color section. You can change each part colors from live preview at Customizer. So, you can see that changes on the fly.

Lot’s of Shortcodes are available

Our theme highly integrated with most user-friendly visual composer page builder plugin. Each shortcode have well organized and easy to use fields.

Contact Form 7

Taking the power of the industry-standard plugin for creating web forms – Contact Form 7 – and combining it with the simplicity of Havnor makes sense. Create any form you desire and rest assured of full functionality compatibility.


WooCommerce is a powerful and extendable eCommerce plugin that helps you sell anything Beautifully, Havnor theme is comfortable with WooCommerce plugin.

MailChimp Integration

By including MailChimp, you can incorporate your marketing, lead generation, and landing page efforts into the one neat package. Havnor takes care of all the display and integration seamlessly, all you have to do is activate your plugin and enter your account details and start trawling data.

Seo Optimized

Havnor theme perfectly supports search engines algorithms. SEO is most important part to run a successful business. Organic searches only stays as lifetime.

Google fonts and Upload your custom premium fonts

Easily select from the entire Google Font library of over 790+ beautifully articulated fonts or upload your custom fonts to and create font nirvana. Your Google Maps With Havnor and deep integration with the Google Maps API allowing you express your maps with multiple styling options to give your site that point of difference.

Advanced Typography

Havnor theme has advanced typography settings available at theme options panel. You can customize font weights, line heights and whatever you want to add CSS properties easily.

Google Map

Our theme extending google map appearance even more with maps API’s. Now, you can show multi styling options within a google map area.

FontAwesome & Line Icons.

Icons can say so much in a graphical way, it’s a beautiful use of expression without words, so with Havnor you have the entire FontAwesome and Line Icon libraries to keep you up to date with the latest designs.

Child Theme

If you are not familiar with Child Themes, they very simply replicate the full theme but do not need updating – instead, you use a Parent/Child installation and only ever update the Parent. So when you update, you won’t lose any of your custom CSS or modifications. Huzzah!

Browser Compatible

Havnor theme will ensure that your every visitor receives the same experience across all browsers. We sticky support browser compatibility with cross OS platforms & devices.

Updates comes within your WP Dashboard

Purchasing a Premium theme, one the cons for all time is updating process. It’s hard to update each time. Havnor theme fixes your hardest part. Now you can get updates with your WP Panel.

Lifetime Updates

We are always up to date with the latest patches and updates for WordPress. We work with our community of customers to take on feedback and implement that into updates regularly.


We have a dedicated support center to ensure you get professional technical support fast. One of our highly trained Support Officers will help you solve any issue you run into during installation or customization.

Support : Open a Support Ticket.


Some people prefer to print out a page and read it side by side with their computer, some prefer to watch a Video. With every purchase you can rest assured your requirements will be met with comprehensive documentation both in written and video formats – so you can chose what works best for you.

How to? : Documentation.

How to? : Video Guides.

Change Log – History

Version 1.9.4

WooCommerce 3.8.0

Version 1.9.3

PHP 7.3
Translation Updated
Google Fonts List
Some Minor Fixes

Version 1.9.2

WooCommerce 3.6+
Styling Fixes and Improvements
Shop Title

Version 1.9.1

Sticky Header
Styling Fixes and Improvements

Version 1.9

Metabox Auto Select Fixes
Translation Fixes

Version 1.8

Gutenberg Post Format Select
Portfolio sidebar select option
Carousel RTL Fixes
Frontend Editor Switcher Fixes
Translation Fixes

Version 1.7

RTL Fixes
Styling Fixes
One Page Menu
Journal Demo
One Page Demo



All images have been used for demonstration purposes only and are not included in the template.

Theme splash page is just for showcasing purpose. And it’s not included with this theme package.

TMDb Pro – Movie & TV Show Details Plugin For The Movie Database

Havnor – Corporate Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

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Havnor - Corporate Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Download Havnor – Corporate Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme Nulled

Download Havnor – Corporate Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

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