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InBlocks is a collection with native and customizable WordPress blocks for Instagram. Embed with ease any media into your posts or pages.

InBlocks will help you integrate and use any media from your Instagram feed directly onto your blog.

You don’t need to register or create a Facebook app (this is a part of the plugin). After you purchase and install InBlocks, all you need to do is log in with your Instagram account and start using the plugin.

If you encounter any issues, we would appreciate it if you contact us via our website directly, or better use the Evanto Market plugin Support page.

Usage and Limitations

Instagram blocks are structured as close to the existing built-in blocks. This way, regular block editor users won’t have any issues using the new blocks.

After activating the plugin, you need to authenticate with the Instagram and Evanto APIs (located on the InBlocks Settings page).

To quickly find and load any of the Instagram blocks, you can either type /inblocks or click on the + icon and scroll down where it says InBlocks (for Instagram).

There are three blocks for Image, Album, and Video posts.

You also can Insert from URL manually to add any Instagram post, not only from your own Instagram feed.

A limit of 200 requests per hour prevents us from getting banned by the Instagram API for 24 hours; this should be plenty for most, but if you reach the limit, you need to wait until the hour is over before you use the plugin again.

A request is made each time you Load Media, go to Next Page, or Authenticate with the Instagram API.

The plugin will notify you with each request to the Instagram API how many requests you have made for the current hour.

Additionally, you can customize your Instagram embeds using the InBlocks Control Panel on the sidebar by adding width, height, border width & radius, alignment, and box-shadow.


InBlocks is a WordPress plugin that can help you easily embed any media from your Instagram feed, preview, and load it directly within the Block Editor.

Perfect for food and fitness bloggers!

We have three main blocks that the Block Editor can easily access and use.

Once you add the block you want, you can click on the Load Media button and browse your Instagram feed within WordPress.

  1. Image – a single image post type.
  2. Album – also called carousel, is where you have a post with more than one media type (e.g., multiple images or videos).
  3. Video – a single short video post type.

Additionally, you can use the plugin InBlocks Control Panel and customize each embed width, height, border width & radius, alignment, and box-shadow.

You can use only one Instagram account; however, you can add Instagram media from anyone by using the Insert from URL feature.

Frequently Asked Questions


InBlocks settings page before authentication.

InBlocks settings page after authentication.

Access and find the blocks within the Block Editor.

There are three types of blocks Image, Album, and Video.

You can embed posts from anyone on Instagram using the Insert from URL.

The Load Media button will display all posts for the specific block type.

With InBlocks Control Panel located on the sidebar, you can customize each of your embeds.

Finally, you will see the embed showing within your post or page after saving your post.

To get regular updates for InBlocks, you need to install and activate the Envato Market plugin.

You will also need to generate and add a personal token using their API

Download InBlocks – WordPress Blocks for Instagram Nulled

Download InBlocks – WordPress Blocks for Instagram

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