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WordPress 5.4 Ready

Elementor Ready

WooCommerce 4.x Ready

Jobica is an advanced job board theme in terms of tech jobs, which cover you all required features to build a profitable job board site.
The job theme is based on Jobmonster which is one of best-selling job board themes on Themeforest with more than 3500 happy clients and tons of powerful features.
Jobica is the perfect choice for candidates to find relevant jobs, employers to hire professionals, and recruiters for these two targets.

The job theme blows a new wind in the page builder field by using Elementor which is the trendiest page builder for WordPress at that time. The integration will make your workflow short and simple. Besides, other premium plugins as Slider revolution, WooCommerce, Contact form 7, and so on turn the theme be powerful and functional.

Jobica – Bro of Jobmonster

The theme is based on Jobmonster with more than 3500 happy customers and tons of powerful functions concerning the job board field.

Pre-made Unique Home Demos for Tech Jobs

High performance, easy-to-use, and one-click installation templates will let you build your professional job site within a few minutes.

[New] Elementor – Front-end Page Builder

Jobica blows a new wind concerning page builders with using Elementor which is the best-using page builder for WordPress at that time.

Providing the fastest way to access the job you want to apply, the candidate you want to hire. The job search filter of Jobica will solve all your caring in searching.

Job/ Resume Layout for Posting Form

The theme supports simple job and resume posting forms which make the clients feel easily to style and the workflow be much easier.

Front-end Dashboard Design

The tech jobs theme supports front-end dashboard design which give an easy access for users the management of jobs, resumes, and companies. follow and so on.

Convenient Filters to Get Relevant Jobs

Jobica allows users to get the frontend submission, much easy. Employers and candidate simply submit and edit jobs directly on the frontend following submission steps and choose one is the best.

Different Tech Job, Resume & Company Single Pages

Users are amazed at Jobica with informative single pages about Job, resume, company fully essential information.

Bing Map and Google Map Integration

This theme support Google Maps and free open source Bing Maps which are so useful in Job Location for an exact result. Specifically, this feature allows users to search their cared jobs in an exact radius based on their current location.

All core features put Jobica above the rest

Go along with unique features above, these stunning core features below also contributes on the success of Jobica.

Jobica – Job Board WordPress Theme Features

  • Responsive and Retina Ready

    We care about every user and how they access to our job board site. Jobica is tested thoroughly to keep its sharp look anywhere.

  • 4 Home Variations

    • Home Tech Jobs
    • Home Tech Company
    • Home Tech career
    • Home Tech Talents
    • Career Home
  • Frontend Job Submission and Edition for Admin Review

    Employer can submit and edit job directly in frontend following submission steps. Admin then can review to approve or reject a job.

  • Frontend Resume Submission

    Candidate can post number of resumes directly in frontend following submission steps and choose which one is searchable.

  • Job Posting Pricing Plan with WooCommerce Integrated

    You can set the number of job posting plan. Payment can be completed effectively with WooCommerce integrated.

  • Resume Posting Pricing Plan

    You can set the number of resume posting plan effortlessly.

  • Employer Management Dashboard

    Employer can edit Company profile, manage jobs, view and response to applications from candidates.

  • Advanced Custom Fields with Search

    Jobica includes tons of advanced custom fields with search, such as: Text, Number, Email, URL, TextArea, Select, Multiple Select, Radio, Checkbox, DetePicker, Image Upload, File Upload, Video.

  • Private Message between Employer and Candidate (Integrate with Frontend PM Plugin)

    The theme integrate with Frontend PM Plugin which has private message between employer and candidate to connect them to each other and facilitate their reaction.

  • Candidate Management Dashboard

    Candidate can edit profile, manage resumes, view jobs applied, bookmarked jobs and manage job alert.

  • Apply for Jobs in Flexible Ways

    Candidate can apply for jobs by uploading CV, choosing from their online resumes on Jobica or apply via your social profile

  • Employers Approve or Reject Applications with Message to Candidate

    Jobica allows you to enable admin to review then approve or reject job submission from Admin panel.

  • Company Directory in 2 layouts: Alphabet & Grid

    View Company listing in Alphabet and Grid and Company profile with their available jobs.

  • 2 Layouts for Single Company Page

    There are 2 layouts available for Single Company Page for you to choose.

  • Job Alerts and Bookmark Jobs

    We just added Job Alerts and Bookmark Jobs function to help the candidates easily approach their ideal jobs.

  • Elementor – Front-end Page Builder

    The best-selling drag & drop page builder for WordPress at that time

  • Slider Revolution Built-in (Save $25)

    It also includes powerful Slider Revolution Plugin that enables you to impress both candidates and employers.

  • Every Actions Comes with Email Notifications

    Beside Job Alert sent to email of candidate, most actions of Jobica comes with email notification in flow.

  • Powerful Customizer

    All NooTheme themes are equipped with the super powerful Customizer. Working as the familiar original WordPress customizer, Jobica Customizer is much more versatile where you can configure and change settings of almost every element on your site. It is easy to use with the Custom bar on the left side and live preview screen on the right side that adjusts along with your changes in real-time. Play around until you are satisfied with your website’s look and just after click Save & Publish, all the settings then will be public in the frontend. No need to shift back and forward between dashboard and frontend to see your changes and keep it private from visitors. You also can import and export your setting to use for the next website using Jobica.

  • Login with Social networks

    Now the candidates can absolutely log in with their social accounts. including Facebook, and Google.

  • Indeed Integration

    The theme integrates with Indeed – the most comprehensive search engine for jobs.

  • ReCaptcha Integration

    ReCaptcha available in Login Form, Register Form, Apply Job Form and Company Contact Form

  • Woo Commerce integrated

    Jobica allows you to create job posting packages and enable on-site payment fluidly using Woo Commerce WordPress plugin

  • Translation Ready

    Jobica supports multilingual translation using WPML or POEdit. Jobica includes lots of translated languages:

  • Unlimited color and Google Font

    Jobica is super flexible. Almost its elements’ color can be changed handily in our Theme Customizer

  • Extensive Documentation

    We included in theme package dedicated document file to guide you step by step installing and customizing the theme. You also can find the detailed online guide on our support center here

  • Regular Update

    We keep updating the theme regularly with more addon features and minor bug fixed. Just one time payment, you will get the update lifetime for free

  • Top Notch Support

    In addition to dedicated documentation, the very developers of Jobica will support you. We are happy to support you to build your amazing website.

  • Change log April 25,2020:
        - [Fix] Apply for Job with Facebook
    1.2.5 April 19,2020:
        - [Add] Enable/Disable mail notify user registration to admin.
        - [Add] Search Job/Company via Location suggest
        - [Update] Show Login popup when click Follow button (with user not login).
        - [Fix] Menu for Member Page.
        - [Fix] Search Job with radius.
        - [Fix] Compact function and PHP 7.4
    1.2.4 April 15,2020:
        - [Add] Enable/Disable mail notify user registration to admin.
        - [Add] Member page style (Customizer -> Member Page)
        - [Add] Search Location for Job archive page.
        - [Fix] Date birthday.
    1.2.3 April 08,2020:    
        - [Add] Multiple select Location for Company Profile
        - [Add] The option show/hide Company meta content
        - [Add] The option disable the step select Template on Post a Job and Post a Resume
        - [Add] The option show/hide the view count (Job, company, resume)
        - [Fix] Resume not save, date picker
        - [Fix] Send email to friend
        - [Check] The latest version of WordPress and Plugins.
    1.2.2 Mar 05,2020:
        - [Add] ReCaptcha for Login form.
        - [Fix] Custom fields not save
        - [Fix] Jooble API (update Noo import Job)
        - [Fix] Front-end style issue.
        - [Fix] Job Type hierarchical in post a job.
        - [Fix] PHP 7.4
        - [Check] The latest version of WordPress and Plugins.
    1.2.1 Nov 11,2019:
        - [Fix] Compact PHP notice issue.
        - [Fix] Bing map display issue.
        - [Fix] Application modal popup on the mobile issue.
        - [Fix] Front-end dashboard menu style issue.
        - [Fix] add new Job location issue.
        - [Fix] WooCommerce outdated template files.
        - [Check] The latest version of WordPress and Plugins.
        - [Fix] Other minor bugs fixed.
    1.2.0 Oct 17,2019:
        - [Add] New homepage: 5,6,7,8.
        - [Add] Job/Resume Ajax filter.
        - [Improve] Job/Resume Half map style.
        - [Fix] Conflict Bing map issue.
        - [Fix] Other minor bugs fixed.
    1.1.0 Aug 14,2019:
        - Add Homepage V3, V4.
        - Improve Search filter for Jobs & Resume archive page on the mobile.
    1.0.1 Aug 9,2019:
        - [Update]: homepage & demo.
        - First stable release


    All support is handled in our Support Center. We encourage you to post all your questions concerning our theme there as your questions may have already been answered or may be of help to other people that have also purchased the theme.

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    Jobica – Elementor IT Job Board WordPress Theme

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    Jobica - Elementor IT Job Board WordPress Theme

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