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Kaali : PHP AI/ML Powered Text Sentiment Analysis Utility Function

Kaali is an AI powered Text sentiment analysis PHP Utility which aims at solving the problem of providing text sentiment analysis capability to your existing and new projects.

Integrating Kaali is as easy to integrate , Zero configuration and No settings needed

What is Sentiment Analysis?

Sentiment Analysis also known as Opinion Mining is a field within Natural Language Processing (NLP) that builds systems that try to identify and extract opinions within text.

Why Kaali

  • Chinese text sentiment analysis
  • English text sentiment analysis
  • French text sentiment analysis
  • Spanish text sentiment analysis
  • Having outstanding project or idea ? why not integrate AI to it !!
  • Suitable for all kind of projects and business
  • Above 85% accuracy
  • Ability to process above 10,000 sentences under 1 second
  • Save money , now you dont have to depend on eternal paid APIs for text sentiment analysis
  • Everything and Everywhere is becoming AI , why not your super cool project ?
  • Helps to understand your customers feeling
  • It is very fast , secure and regularly updated
  • High quality design , code and its easy to modify
  • Helps more profesionally to your customers and helps improve your business


  • Zero configuration and settings
  • Dazzling fast algorithm
  • Pre trained AI model
  • Well documented , basic english , very easy to understand
  • It took approximately 0.35 seconds to process 5332 unique sentences with above 85% accuracy .
  • High performace , fast and lightweight platform
  • Runs on any PHP server with little requirement
  • Get help and support anytime you need
  • Great fit for almost any company , freelancer or many other use

What is Kaali – PHP Sentiment Analyzer Utility Function

  • It is a php sentiment analyzer helper function.
  • It predicts the text sentiment.
  • Text sentiment may be positive , negative or neutral.



Change Log

    v3 :
        * Supports Chinese , French, Spanish and English
    V2.0 :
        * Improved Performance
        * Supports Chinese and English
        * Improved AI model for high accuracy and speed
    V1.0 : 
        * Initial release
        * Supports english

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Kaali V3 : PHP Text Sentiment Analysis Utility

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Kaali V3 : PHP Text Sentiment Analysis Utility

Download Kaali V3 : PHP Text Sentiment Analysis Utility Nulled

Download Kaali V3 : PHP Text Sentiment Analysis Utility

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