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KayAdmin is a secure PHP website builder developed with laravel, it enables you to create any type of website with great features without coding experience, all you do is decide the type of website to build and download KayAdmin template of your choice and install. Template installation is as easy as uploading a picture to your website gallery. This application is a great way to build your websites, you get full control of your website plus great support from us.

Test before you buy.


Email: [email protected] and password: test123

Our guarantee

  • Patch and fix any bugs or broken content
  • Answer any questions you may have
  • Help get you setup and installed!
  • Provide excellent support with a fast response rate

KayAdmin features

Very robust and secured !

  • Secure Database with input escaping so no SQL Injection!
  • Protects against CSRF attacks!
  • Standard passwords encryption.
  • Clean title URLs.
  • Smooth and proper routing.

Extra packs.

  • KayAdmin is great for creating:
    1. Photography websites
    2. Video websites
    3. Music websites
    4. Blog websites
    5. Personal and corporate websites
  • Plus you can build a website that has all listed features as sections.

For developers.

  1. Templates
  2. Well documented code
  3. Easy template customization (Just HTML/CSS needed)
  4. You can customize a template and send to your client for installation since KayAdmin supports template install and uninstallation.
  5. Proper external docs.

Great front end design

  • Great design and 100% responsive front ends
  • Drag and drop menu ordering
  • Supports multiple template insallation
  • Write less HTML codes but get a great front end.
  • Add KayAdmin widgets to website modules.
  • Galley section.
  • Blog section.
  • Video and music/sound section.

Marketing included

  • Newsletter and subscriptions
  • Contacts
  • Mailing system
  • Blog

Blog module.

Keep a conversation on your website and moderate user response with our great commenting system

Flexible Admin end.

  • Flexible and responsive backend
  • Quick links for easy navigation
  • General website stats/overview
  • Add delete users from admin panel
  • Phone book
  • Messaging
  • Multiple file upload module
  • Comments moderation
  • Quick draft for reminder purpose
  • Change favicon
  • Change front end menu order
  • Switch website template
  • Create and update posts, pages, user and categories
  • Insert media in your posts
  • Full calendar

Great for ecommerce.

  • Build powerful ecommerce websites with KayAdmin
  • Create products
  • Orders overview
  • View customers last active date
  • Create coupons and specify how you want it to be used
  • Accept customers reviews (5 star product rating)
  • Easy checkout – No registration required
  • Flexible payment option (Stripe, Pay on delivery and Bank transfer)
  • Built in products inventory
  • Product variation
  • Product gallery

Sell digital products.

  • All the webshop features plus
  • Allow customers to name purchase price
  • Create membership products


  • KayAdmin allows you to setup your website title, description and keywords on settings which are automatically passed to your frontend for search engine indexing purpose.
  • Metatags and keywords also apply to every page, post and category/section of your website.


  • Automatically save email to your contact list from website contact and newsletter form
  • Save and organise contacts manually
  • Contact grouping and sorting
  • Message contact group

And even more !

Future updates

  • We want to put efforts into updating this product as much as possible as we receive your feedbacks.
  • We want our customers to have even more control so we are already working to improve templating, upgrade and extension support.
  • We will push templates of different categories to enable our customers have more front end option
  • We will also create ecommerce and membership module for this product.

Experience great support, experience the power and flexibility of running your own CMS.
We can help you in co-ordinating web hosting configurations, databases, domain name servers, content management system, themes, product extension and updates.

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KayAdmin – Laravel admin panel, frontend + template installation support.

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KayAdmin - Laravel admin panel, frontend + template installation support.

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Important Note: We update new contents like WordPress Themes, WordPress Plugins, Templates & PHP Scripts everyday.But remember that you should never use this items in a commercial website. All the contents posted here for development & testing purpose only. We’re not responsible for any damage, use at your own RISK! We highly recommend to buy KayAdmin – Laravel admin panel, frontend + template installation support. from the Original Developer website. Thank you.

Preview: KayAdmin – Laravel admin panel, frontend + template installation support.
Download: kayadmin-laravel-admin-panel-frontend-template-installation-support(full-version).zip