Keyword SEO Rank Tracker – WordPress SERP Rank Tracker

Keyword SEO Rank Tracker - WordPress SERP Rank Tracker

Download Keyword SEO Rank Tracker – WordPress SERP Rank Tracker Free Nulled [updated version]

Keyword SEO Rank Tracker break the conventional rank trackers and bring you more benefits besides easy & real-time tracking .

SEO Rank Tracker

One-time payment, real-time data, daily tracking, multi-website tracking, multi-region check.

Sides Benefits

Impress your client, additional value to your projects, SEO software for your marketing class.

⚡ Streamlized Critical Data – Better Decisions ⚡

Visualize Data

Tracking made easy with charts and keyword SEO performance. Centered data dashboard help you give better SEO & Marketing planning decisions.

All Automated

Save your time, save your money. All data is automatically updated on your demand. Just add keyword and Cat’s robots do the rest.

Multi Regional & Website Tracking

Multi Regional

International.Cat will track your ranking on multiple regions. Whatever country/region that Google support, Intl Cat will support, too!

Multi Website

Instead of tracking your websites separately, Worker.Cat will check if your Youtube videos also ranked for the keyword, or your competitor??

️ Organizable & Filterable ️

Visualize Management

Use colors to manage your keywords, easily to follow and track performance at a glance

Filterable Keywords

Too many keywords? Filter the favourtied keywords with 10+ criterias and metrics.

➡️ Importable & Exportable ➡️

Import Keywords

You have a list of keywords to track? Just import with any excel file type, it will work! Super useful when you transfer from the other platforms to CP Keyword SEO Rank Tracker

Export Tracking

Wanna tell your client how their site is doing with SEO? Use Export function, save you tons of times, 2s to get the detailed repport, sounds great, right?

Overview Dashboard & Detailed Report

Performance Report

Track your positions just like a PRO! Get the performance report on-demand by settings daily, weekly, monthly.

Keywords Alert

Worries about Google update ranking algorithm or your keyword leave top 10? Sleep well with auto alert for in/out top pages.

✍ Detailed Post’s Ranking Report ✍

Backend Report

Easily have the detailed how well your keywork doing in post detail. Compatible to any post types!

Frontend Report

If you want to share the tracking info without accessing backend, then use the frontend report on Admin bar.

✅ Translatable & Compatible ✅


Plugin is translated to Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Bengali, Arabic and moeww to come!


Yoast SEO, AIO SEO Pack, SEOPressor, WooCommerce, ooh oh, and any theme!!!!!.

⚙️ Technical Features ⚙️

Moew! Do you know that CP Keyword SEO Rank Tracker is created by a featured author?

Shhh! Don’t tell anyone that they put a lot, I mean hugeeee to every product they do, they will pet me, and I meowwww it!

Backup & Transfer

Get the backup with .zip file for your data, in case switching host.

VueJS Technology

Use latest technology for the top-notch performance & experiences..

No hidden fees at all!

Pay one-time, use forever & get access to the lifetime updates!

No heavy database data

Do not worries your database size, it’s stored under JSON files!

Google Search Console

Connect to GSE to get detailed keyword performance info like CPC, CR…

Limit Access to User Role

Restrict access to the specific user roles you want. Custom roles supported.

Secure Requests & SSL

All the requests between our server will be encrypted, so your data is secured!

Built for shared hosting

Our plugin is built to run on shared hosting, it won’t eat RAM or CPU!!

Customer Support

Keyword SEO Rank Tracker – SERP Tracker Made Easy

Keyword researching is the first step of SEO, then optimize content and finalize is tracking keyword performance.

Currently, we’re having alot of keyword tracking software or tools, but it’s expensive and do not have enough information to serve your marketing plan!

So, we created WordPress Keyword SEO Tracker. Let’s say hello to the new keyword ranking tracker.

CP SEO Keyword SEO Rank Tracker is a WordPress plugin to check rank of keyword on Google with your URL. You can keep following close on your keyword’s positions.

The plugin allows you to gather a list of keyword andregain all of keyword rankings by entering your URL and keyword

You will understand deeply and clearly where your keyword is standing by an egelent dashboard design

Improving Your Keyword Rankings With CP SEO Keyword Tracker Plugin

✅ Check ranking keyword in your url and content
✅ Distributing positon of keyword
✅ Track results for specific locations
✅ Daily keyword positions updates
✅ Organize keywords with tags
✅ Ability to track your competitor rank
✅ Estimate monthly visit
✅ Get search volume for each keyword you’re tracking

The Biggest Functionality Features Of CP Seo Keyword Tracker

CP SEO Keyword Tracker is an advanced WordPress plugin that let you to quickly and easily track the keyword in few clicks.

There are are too mnay features to list here, so here are the core features:

The one of a kind feature that only CP SEO Keyword tracker is to check the rank of the keyword on many platform on Facebook, Youtube, and so on as long as your keyword is on there.

Graph & Chart

Ranking graph will be generated for each keyword being tracked.

Detail tracking for every post in your site is available too, both in backend and frontend

Keyword tracker is not only a WordPress ranking tracker plugin but also penetrates each post to indicate the main keyword or making a list of keywords.

Analyzing the keyword real time

It updates keyword rank positions in real time

Generating ranking reports

You can export data on daily, monthly or even anually reports. It’s up to you.

The plugin will let you know how ranking is going? Up or Down with rank change. Then leading to estimated visits. It also permits to dowload these reports as Excel.

Alert Notification

Anything changes on ranking of keyword, an auto email will be sent to you. Your will handle and solve the problem on time.

In addiion, CP SEO Keyword Tracker will send you a daily email with each position transition up or down.

Speed up your database

CP SEO Keyword Tracker is light: To save your database, you can save the information wherever you want. So the plugin will run at ease.

Multi – Language supported

CP SEO Tracker is supported in many languages. You can use the plugin for local language or any language (depeding on your target market)

Variant Users

CP SEO Keyword Tracker is super easy to use. It is a sleek SEO plugin that is built for online marketer, SEO manager and so on.

No matter you are a professional user or beginner, you can use CP SEO Keyword Tracker comfortably.

Measure success keyword

The estimated visits let you know how many traffic you will get.

With the detail stats, it is easy to monitor and evaluate your tactic. Does it work well? Is there anything to adjust to go on the right track?


- Update UI of the rank list
- Fix duplicate api calls
- Lighter plugin compression
- Fix blank page after create campaign
09/07/2019 - Update version 2.0.8
- Fix HTTPS error causing stop loading app
- Update result filter
- Update bugs in UI

TMDb Pro – Movie & TV Show Details Plugin For The Movie Database

Keyword SEO Rank Tracker – WordPress SERP Rank Tracker

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Keyword SEO Rank Tracker - WordPress SERP Rank Tracker

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