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Lafka – WooCommerce Theme for Burger & Pizza Delivery

Lafka – WooCommerce Theme for Burger & Pizza Delivery

Lafka - WooCommerce Theme for Burger & Pizza Delivery

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About Lafka Fast Food Theme

Lafka is a modern WordPress / WooCommerce theme built with online fast food business needs in mind and great attention to details, providing industry-specific features you can’t find in another theme.

Lafka is based on a deep industry research and its core features were consulted with real-life local fast food business owners to provide the best tools for online food ordering websites like Fast Food Chain, Burger Shops, Pizzeria, Bakery, Street Food, Food Truck, Sushi Bar etc.

Unique Fast Food Industry-specific features

NEW – v. 1.2.0 – Push Notifications on New Orders

Lafka is getting better and better with each update and v. 1.2.0 is no different. In the latest update, we have added another crucial feature for Online Food Ordering websites – Instant Push Notifications popup with sound allert for new orders. It works accross all browsers on Desktop and Chrome on Android.

With Lafka Fast Food theme you’ll never miss a new order and your clients will be served as fast as possible.

NEW – v. 1.1.0 – WooCommerce Order Hours

Lafka theme is the only theme on the market which offers the option to limit WooCommerce orders in certain hours (e.g. – restaurant working hours).

You can set your restaurant’s time zone and define when your website accepts orders and when it’s closed. Without such a feature, WooCommerce is practically useless for food delivery websites, so it’s crucial for your food delivery business.

The available order hours settings include:

  • Time Zone, so you don’t depend on the hosting server time
  • Message to customers when your restaurant is closed
  • Option to display a countdown till the next opening
  • Option to hide add to cart buttons, so users can’t even add products to their shopping cart
  • Option to override the current schedule and open/close your shop immediately
  • The Drag and Drop Time Table where you actually create your working hours
  • Option to set holiday/vacation days when the default time table will be ignored and the shop will stay closed.
  • Option to clear the user’s cart when shop state is changed

With this custom functionality, you have full control on your food delivery businnes. No more orders outside working hour and less confusion and frustration for your customers.

Product Addons & Nutrition Info

Lafka comes with built-in Product Add-ons functionality, product nutrition facts and allergens info. You can easily build products with extra ingredients and toppings or even custom products of the “build your burger” type.
Since v. 1.4.0 you can set a limit for each checkbox group in addons if needed – e.g. choose up to 4 out of 10 extra options.

The nutrition info section will automatically calculate RDI (Reference Daily Intake) values based on the WHO (World Health Organization) and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) recommendations for 2000 calories diet.

6 Fast Food Demo Websites

The Lafka theme offers 6 pre-made demo websites for Fast Food chain, Gourmet Burger Shop, Pizzeria, Artisan Bakery, Food Truck & Catering and Sushi Bar.

Each website demonstrates specific features related to the fast food business like food menu, online food ordering, product add-ons (good for “build your burger/pizza” types of products), detailed nutrition guide, automatic RDI calculations, allergens info and option to order product variation directly from the product listings.

All design elements or fast food features you see on any demo can be used on another one. Mix features and design elements as you wish. Of course, each demo can also be imported with a single click.

Fast Food Chain Demo Website

Main Demo – Fast Food chain demo website with online food ordering and all theme features enabled.


Gourmet Burger Shop Demo Website

Burgers Demo – Premium Burger Shop demo website with both menu and online food ordering enabled.


Pizzeria Demo Website

Pizza Demo – Classic Pizza restaurant & buffet demo website with online food ordering.


Food Truck Demo Website

Food Truck – A simple street food & event catering demo website with static menu and no online food ordering.


Artisan Bakery Demo Website

Artisan Bakery – Artisan Bakery demo website with online food ordering and static product menu.


Sushi Bar One Page Demo Website

Sushi Bar – A simple One Page Sushi demo website without online ordering enabled and static menu list.


Flexible Food Menu System

Custom Menu Entry post type and menu shortcode with product options, allergens list, nutrition info and option to link entries to woocommerce products.

Many options available, so you can display menu lists over dark or light background, with or without images, linked to single menu entry page or static list, sortable full lists and more.

Powerful Product layouts

The Lafka theme offers 3 types of product gallery (Image List, Standard WooCommerce Gallery and Mosaic Gallery), custom upp-sells and cross-sells sections.

Fast Food Icon Font

The Lafka theme also offers a set of 50 Fast Food icons as a font icon (scalable vectors).

Friendly 5-stars Support Team

We only use the theme comments area for general, pre-sale questions. For detailed technical information and support, our team is waiting to meat you at our dedicated support forum.

Main Features

  • Custom Order hours functionality
  • Custom Nutrition facts and calculations functionality
  • Allergens list
  • Order variation from listings
  • Build your own burger / pizza functionality
  • Custom Product addons functionality – Save $49
  • Powerful Custom Restaurant Menu post type
  • Custom Menu Listings shortcode with many options
  • Fully Responsive
  • Easy to install and Manage
  • Ultra Fast Loading times
  • Custom Built-in Variation Swatches
  • Premium Page Builder – Save $64
  • Revolution Slider – Save $26
  • Custom Built-in Quick View
  • 100% RTL Compatible
  • Custom Built-in AJAX Filters
  • Custom Built-in AJAX Search Suggestions
  • Look-Book/Portfolio functionality
  • 3 Blog Variants
  • Off-canvas Sidebar
  • Off-canvas Shopping Cart
  • Off-canvas Search
  • Custom Login Forms
  • Dedicated Menu and Logo for mobiles
  • Layout Overwrite on per-page basis
  • Menu Overwrite on per-page basis
  • Custom Mega Menu System
  • Sticky Product Descriptions
  • Sticky Menu entry Descriptions
  • Unlimited Colors & Backgrounds
  • Tons of custom widget areas
  • 700+ Google fonts
  • 7 Icon Fonts
  • Fast Food Icon Font
  • Menu Labels
  • Content Slider
  • Product Slider with Deals functionality
  • … and many, many more.


v. 1.4.4 – 17.04.2020

-*IMPORTANT: Update required for both the theme AND the theme plugin (Appearance > Install Plugins > Lafka Plugin)
- Tweak: Improved compatibility with latest versions of Facebook for WooCommerce.
- Fix: Theme Options export when child theme is active
- Tweak: CSS and JS performance improvements

v. 1.4.3 – 20.03.2020

-*IMPORTANT: Update required for both the theme AND the theme plugin (Appearance > Install Plugins > Lafka Plugin)
- Fix: Order Hours wrong caclulation of Open/Close hours when Default WordPress Timezone is used
- Tweak: Mobile menu button position when no top menu is used
- Tweak: CSS and JS performance improvements

v. – 13.03.2020

- Fix: Latest plugin version can not be installed properly

v. 1.4.2 – 11.03.2020

*IMPORTANT: Update required for both the theme AND the theme plugin (Appearance > Install Plugins > Lafka Plugin)
- Update: WooCommerce 4.0 compatibility
- Update: Revolution Slider 6.1.8
- Fix: Top bar menu overlaping icons on mobile devices
- Tweak: Order hours - added option to use the timezone set in WordPress Settings

v. 1.4.1 – 11.02.2020

 Fix: Broken menu icons

v. 1.4.0 – 08.02.2020

*IMPORTANT: Update required for both the theme AND the theme plugin (Appearance > Install Plugins > Lafka Plugin)
- New Feature: Limit can be set now for each checkbox group in addons if needed - e.g. choose up to 5 out of 10 total extra toppings.
- Update: Revolution 6.1.8
- Update: WooCommerce 3.9.1 compatibility
- Tweak: Better layout on tablets for YITH Wishlist
- Tweak: Better countdown compatibility for different locales in Serbian and Brasilian-Portuguese
- Fix: Default template error on new blog posts

v. 1.3.1 – 30.01.2020

*IMPORTANT: Update required for both the theme AND the theme plugin (Appearance > Install Plugins > Lafka Plugin)
- Fix: Bug in variable products when chosen addons total crash if the variation is changed
- Fix: YITH Wishlist mobile layout
- Fix: Missing icons for the new FontAwesome 5+
- Fix: Notifications container on WooCommerce pages
- Tweak: Improved mobile layout on cart page
- Tweak: Minor CSS and JS performance improvements

v. 1.3.0 – 23.01.2020

See Also
Avitore - Consulting Business WordPress Theme

*IMPORTANT: Update required for both the theme AND the theme plugin (Appearance > Install Plugins > Lafka Plugin)
- Update: WP Bakery Page Builder 6.1
- Upgrade: Font Awesome to version 5+
- Update: Revolution 6.1.6 
- Update: Wishlist 3.0.5 compatibility improvements
- Fix: Currency issue, related with WooCommerce multilingual and WPML
- Fix: PHP error in quick view when products don't have a featured image
- Fix: Social share icons
- Tweak: Restaurant Menu can be listed with short description even if no weight is listed

v. 1.2.9 – 11.12.2019

- Fix: Off Canvas sidebar trigger button
- Fix: Product widgets layout in some browsers
- Tweak: Hidden system comments by Action Scheduler on pages
- Update: Wishlist 2.2.17 compatibility
- Update: Revolution Slider 6.1.5
- Update: WooCommerce 3.8.1 compatibility

v. 1.2.8 – 15.11.2019

- Fix: 4 column products layout on Safari browser
- Update: Styles for the new bbPress v. 2.6.0
- Tweak: Various small CSS/JS and performance improvements

v. 1.2.7 – 11.11.2019

*IMPORTANT: Update required for both the theme AND the theme plugin (Appearance > Install Plugins > Lafka Plugin)
- Update: WooCommerce 3.8 compatibility
- Update: EnvatoMarket plugin 2.0.3 compatibility
- Update: Wishlist 2.2.15 compatibility
- Update: Revolution Slider 6.1.3
- Fix: Cart widget subtotal overlaping products in sidebar
- Fix: Min-Max characters in Addons text area

v. 1.2.5 – 24.10.2019

*IMPORTANT: Update required for both the theme AND the theme plugin (Appearance > Install Plugins > Lafka Plugin)
- Tweak: JS/CSS Performance improvements
- Fix: Prev/Next post links translation strings
- Fix: Cart notifications inside the header account area

v. 1.2.4 – 09.10.2019

- New by user request: Text filed with optional min/max chars option added to the Lafka Product Addons
- Tweak: Various CSS and JS tweaks to fix UI/UX inconsistencies and improve performance

v. – 08.10.2019

- Fix: Account Sections Layout
- Tweak: Mobile devices breakpoints update

v. – 04.10.2019

- Fix: Price filter controls

v. 1.2.3 – 04.10.2019

*IMPORTANT: Update required for both the theme AND the theme plugin (Appearance > Install Plugins > Lafka Plugin)
- Fix: translation issues with countdown for BR, CN and TW
- Fix: quickview variations image change and single product on mobile variations
- Fix JS error when "redirect to cart after adding to cart" is enabled in WooCommerce and "Ajax add to cart" is enabled
- Fix: JS error in latest WooCommerce version causing conflict with Product Categories dropdown widget
- Tweak: various small design improvements
- Tweak: Performance improvements
- Updated Owl Carousel to latest version (2.3.4)
- Added option to not select any font from the theme. Can be used to set fonts manually or with third party plugins
- Added WPML and woocommerce multilingual support for Lafka Addons

v. 1.2.2 – 14.08.2019

- Update: WooCommerce 3.7 compatibility
- Update: Slider Revolution 6.0.9
- Update: YITH Wishlist 2.2.13 compatibility

v. 1.2.1 – 30.07.2019

- Update: WPBakery Page Builder 6.0.5
- Update: Slider Revolution 6.0.7
- Update: YITH Wishlist 2.2.12 compatibility

v. 1.2.0 – 17.07.2019

- New: Push notifications functionality when new order arrive added
- New:  Added option: Number of Related Posts
- Update: WPBakery Page Builder latest version 6.0.4
- Update: Slider Revolution latest version 6.0.5

v. 1.1.0 – 10.07.2019

IMPORTANT: Update required for both the theme AND theme Plugin (Lafka Plugin)
- New: Order Hours functionality added, so you can limit when users can order online.
- Tweak: Improved Documentation
- Tweak: Improved Fonts Loading Performance
- Tweak: Fixed minor CSS inconsitencies 

v. 1.0.1 – 22.06.2019

- Tweak: Improved Mobile layouts
- Tweak: Improved Import

v. 1.0.0 – 20.06.2019

- Initial release

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Lafka – WooCommerce Theme for Burger & Pizza Delivery

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Lafka - WooCommerce Theme for Burger & Pizza Delivery

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Preview: Lafka – WooCommerce Theme for Burger & Pizza Delivery
Download: lafka-woocommerce-theme-for-burger-pizza-delivery(full-version).zip

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