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Hi, I’m Laravel starter kit for your next project.


Build rich & beautiful experiences for your project, increase your productivity and grow your business. See below main benefits.

Package Based Architecture

Larakit’s packaged-based architecture allows for a powerful release mechanism so that developers and package maintainers can make improvements without disturbing the rest of the application.

Less is more

Larakit is not yet another one 1001 in 1 shit starter kit, there’s not an obscene amount of features, and I am carefully in adding new features without going bloated.

Developer friendly

Larakit stands on the shoulders of modern technologies such as Laravel, Bootstrap Framework, SASS & jQuery, following the best software design patterns.

Simple workflow

I make sure you can make a magic by running just a few commands. It’s very easy, extremely powerful, and modern.

One time payment

After you make a purchase you will get a free update forever. I will make Larakit better and better again for you.

Well documented

Each part of code is well explained with example, code block and best practices. I also provide extensive information about customizing and extending Larakit.


Larakit comes jam-packed with powerful and only essential features to get starting your next Laravel project more quickly.

Admin features

Larakit come with ready to use admin area, below you can find main features.

– Dashboard with statistics, metrics and other features

Larakit admin area has a dashboard with main metrics and chart and other important information about your application.
Manage Users

In admin area you can manage users with standard and unique features to display users by status active, unconfirmed and deleted. You can also search users with multiple filters by name, username and e-mail. Powerful mass actions allow to select multiple users and apply custom actions like delete, confirm, restore and more.

– Create New User

Create new user with name, username, email, password, short about, profile visibility, assign roles and permissions, optionally send welcome email with secure link to set custom password. Thanks to powerful JavaScript plugin slug is automatically generated during typing of name, there is strong and customizable password strenght meters, input mask, client side and backend side validations with realtime check of unique username and email.

– Multiple Submit Actions

For both create and update users there is multiple submit actions like Save & View, Save & Close, Save & New, or Update & Stay, Update & Close and Update & View.

– User Pages

Each user has own pages in admin area for overview different user info like authorizations, active sessions, change histories, edit profile, e-mail, username, password, crop and resize avatar, and more.

– Manage Authorizations

Larakit allow to manage Roles & Permissions with just a single click assign or revoke permissions to roles, create, edit, delete roles and permissions.
Search user with autocomplete

Quickly search users with autocomplete available in all pages of admin area.

– Manage Configuration

Larakit allow to manage configuration by editing directly via admin area the .env file, add new, create backup, restore, download, upload and more. You can define which configurations can be managed, for example you can disallow to edit database configurations for security reasons.

Frontend features

Larakit come with ready to use frontend separated from admin, below you can find main features

– Browse Users

Browse users with infinite scrolling and masonry layout.

– Search Users

Search users using autocomplete.

– User Profile

Each user has their own pages to see their info, active sessions where they can logout from other device, see change histories of their profile, edit their account like name, about, visibility, e-mail, username, password and avatar. Each user can also define if their profile visibility, like public profile are visible to everyone, protected profile are visible to other members, and private profile are hidden for everyone. Admin users has special visibility which make profile always invisible in frontend.

– Sessions

Each user can see their active sessions, and logout from others devices which they are logged-in.

– Change Histories

You can configure to log each changes users made on their profile. This allow for example to store if their e-mail address are verified, so when they change the e-mail address, if email was already verified, they don’t need to verify again. Or for example you can define that users can’t use the same password already used, or also configure how many time a user can change username, period of time (for example max each 60 days) and allow redirect old username to new. This is useful for SEO since when user change their username you can prevent that happen a 404 page not found, because username are used as friendly url to user profile.

– Delete User Profile

Smart delete user, where users can send a delete request, and if they want can restore their account quickly by clicking the link that they receive via email.

– Export User Data

Users can export their personal data, this can be configurable and allow to respect the GDPR privacy.

– Authentications

Fully integrated authentications with default Laravel, with powerful features such as honeypot for prevent spam, social profile oAuth with sync of data and more.

Other features

Larakit have many more features, below you can find main features

– Separated admin and frontend code

Admin area and frontend are all separated for allow maximum customization of both.

– Package Architecture

Developed as a package with easy publishing of controllers, views, routes, etc. to your Laravel app

– oAuth

Social login with Twitter, Google, Facebook, etc.

– E-Mail Confirmation

E-mail confirmation with easy to resend new confirmation e-mail. When enabled change histories, users can only verify their email one time. Admin can confirm manually a user via admin area.

– JavaScript API

Powerful JavaScript API, well organized source code as single object with components wrapper, using mix or without.

– Delete User Profile

Smart delete user, where users can send a delete request, and if they want can restore their account quickly by clicking the link that they receive via email.

– Ajax Form

All form are ajax-friendly, you can enable or disable this feature.

– Manage Redirects

Smart and powerful redirect system for the shake of SEO.

– Widgets system

Custom light-way Widgets system

– Frontend and Backend Form Validation

Frontend and Backend Validation for every forms that implement the same Laravel validations rules.

– And more

This pages would become to long if I continue to add all features, you can check demo where most of features are enabled, but don’t forget that you can configure many things, check documentation for more info about.

Others useful feature in a nutshell: Login Throttling, Enable/Disable Registration, Logout from all other devices, Clear User Session, Configurable Password History, Password Expiration, Custom template separated for admin and frontend, DataTables, Send emails using Jobs, Custom Middleware, Events and Listeners ready to use, Installation and Setup Commands, Easy create your own Charts, Registrations, Login, Forgot password, Reset password, Honeypot for registrations or any other form, Export Personal Data: users can export personal data as ZIP folder, Namespaced Routes, and more!


Main website: https://larakit.dev
Help Support: https://help.larakit.dev
Docs: https://larakit.dev/documentation
Demo: https://demo.larakit.dev

Demo Access

You can access demo as Super Admin (which bypass all authorizations) using:

Username: super-admin
Password: secret123

or as Admin:

Username: admin
Password: secret123

For standard user, you can create new account or access any user using password “secret123” and username that you see in browse users.

Demo has limited functionality in admin area for security reason. If you want a fully functional demo, please ask via [email protected]

After purchase, you can ask access on help.larakit.dev for support and GitLab repository via email [email protected]

Questions about Larakit? Let’s talk!

I have tried to cover all possible scenarios, but please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

Please provide as much information as possible so that I can get back to you with answers and advice. I will get back to you as soon as humanly possible. Many thanks.

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Larakit – Handcrafted Laravel Starter Kit

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Larakit - Handcrafted Laravel Starter Kit

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