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Laravel BAP – Modular Application Platform and CRM

Laravel BAP – Modular Application Platform and CRM

Laravel BAP - Modular Application Platform and CRM

[Download] Laravel BAP – Modular Application Platform and CRM Free Nulled

Need to build a complex application? Multiple modules, Rest API? Short on time? Don’t waste Your priceless time building everything from scratch. Start with Laravel BAP. Small price, great benefits.

Laravel BAP is a Modular Backend Application Platform build on top of Laravel 5.6, Twitter Bootstrap and SCSS. The software contains over 20 core features, module generator, relations in tabs. BAP is Easy to extend, customize, developer, can build any back-office application with short time.

Bonus: For a quick start and in-depth familiarization with the platform we have built CRM application with 17 modules. Ready to deploy APP build on top of Laravel BAP.

What’s new in 1.0.2

Live notifications with pusher
JWT Authorization for Rest API
Generic Rest API (see:
PDF Print for Invoices, Orders and Quotes
Generic Copy buttons (allow to easly create new records with prefilled data from existing record)
Laravel Update to 5.6


Module architecture
Module generator
Crud Web Modules
Crud Rest API + JWT Auth
Modern application design
5* Support
5* Documentation
Bonus CRM Application

What will the customer get

  • Two separate applications + HTML Template
  • Laravel BAP – Modular Backend Application Platform (Starter Kit) with all core features and modules.
  • Example CRM Application with 17 modules (See demo)
  • Command Line Module Generator (php artisan bap:codegen)

Documentation & Support

They trusted us

Example DEMO Crm Application

User: [email protected]

Password: admin


  • PHP 7.1+
  • MySQL 5.1+
  • mod_rewrite
  • OpenSSL
  • PDO
  • Mbstring
  • Tokenizer
  • JSON
  • CURL
  • DOM
  • Bcmath
  • GD


Version 1.0.2

*** FEATURES ***
- Live notifications with pusher
- JWT Authorization for Rest API
- Generic Rest API (see:
- PDF Print for Invoices, Orders and Quotes
- Generic Copy buttons (allow to easly create new records with prefilled data from existing record)
- Laravel Update to 5.6
*** BUGFIX ***
- Fixed excel export for datatables
- Small bug fix

Version 1.0.1

*** Features ***
- Improved menu manager - Added options Visibility and Don't translate
 Visibility - allows to hide element from menu.
 Don't translate - Displays menu element label as it is definded
- Added new language file - ‘bap_menu.php’ in /resources/lang/en/ When this file is present menu can be translated here with no need to change lang file in Core Platform.
- Better DataTable responsive – Removed default DataTable responsive option and added Bootstrap Responvie option with scroll bar (looks and works better on mobile and tablet)
- Added advanced examples of DataTatables
 Campaing DataTable - contains now more fields and data from joined tables (Status, Type and Assigned To).
 Contacts DataTable – Contains now more fields and data from joined tables (Account, Status, Source and Assigned To).
- Added soft delete constraints validation – Because soft delete does not check foreign keys when records are deleted we added special validation. Example when deleting language with id 1 all users with this language will be broken. We added constraints to tables and validation on SettingsCrudController and ModuleCrudController in destroy function
*** Bugfix ***
- Multiple responsive design fixes
- XSSMiddleware added (configurable via bap.php config file)
- ModuleCrudController Fixed when creating and updating entity. When user was posting empty value in dropdown there was error with saving to database. Now empty string is converted to null value.
- Better validation in file uploads.
- Other small fixes.

Version 1.0.0 – First Version Released

We are happy to announce the initial release of Laravel BAP.

Laravel BAP Platform – Over 20 core features

  • Modules – Modular architecture allows the construction of various applications from blocks.
  • Crud – CRUD which allows you to easily do forms and database operations.
  • Module Generator – Command line module generator that will create module, controller, routes, entities, migrations, files.
  • Display Settings – Easy change color theme, application name, logo, wallpaper and more.
  • Language & Translations – Built-in language switch function and easy translation by files.
  • Time Zone, Date Format & Time format – People work all over the world. Let them work in their time zone and with their date formats.
  • Users, Roles, Permissions, Groups – The built-in group’s function allows multiple users to work on records without access by other users.
  • Multiple attachments – One record can have multiple attachments of any type you want.
  • Powerful Comments System – Have conversations on each record. With a tree view, up-vote, sorting.. and more.
  • Profile picture – Initials, Gravatar, own photo.. anything you want.
  • Easy Relations – ManyToOne, OneToMany, ManyToMany and more.
  • Activity Log – Track each records changes. Who did it, when, what he changed.
  • Menu Manager with permissions – Easily customizable menu with permissions.
  • Company Settings & Outgoing Server – Easy change settings directly from the UI.
  • Announcement – Inform your users. Maintenance or important events.

Bonus: CRM Application with 17 Modules

  • Dashboard – The most important things in one place.
  • Calendar – Personal calendar with the option to share. Public calendars for meeting rooms, resource reservations.
  • Campaigns – Allows to create, track and optimize marketing activity.
  • Leads – Prospect who might be interested in your products. You may collect leads from events, web forms etc.
  • Contacts – Record information about your customers. The person can be individual or linked with the company.
  • Accounts – Account records is an organization customer. The record can be connected with almost every module.
  • Deals – Deals are potential sales and opportunities. You can collect them and work with them to change to real revenue.
  • Quotes – It contains the detailed list of Products and Services.
  • Invoices – Register of invoices in one place. information about the statuses, products and services you provide.
  • Orders – Store orders from customers. It’s a formal sales paper.
  • Tickets – Tickets are any kind of customer service requests. Module helps to collect, group customer requests, inquiries and problems.
  • Service Contracts – Register of official documents to be helpful to both support and professional service agreements.
  • Assets – Individual products, services with the serial number, modal registered on customers or company employees.
  • Products & Services – Register of your products & services.
  • Vendors – Manage information about vendors of products & services.
  • Documents – Manage information about documents, scans, attachments. Comment documents.
  • Payments – Register of income and expenses. Detailed information about the forms of settlements.

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Laravel BAP – Modular Application Platform and CRM

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Laravel BAP - Modular Application Platform and CRM

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Preview: Laravel BAP – Modular Application Platform and CRM
Download: laravel-bap-modular-application-platform-and-crm(full-version).zip

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