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Preview: Listifier —Business Directory and Service Finder WordPress Plugin

Listifier Demo Login Details

User Name: rayan
Password: rayan

Early Bird Promotion

Note: wp-themespro has the right to change the price at any time without any prior notice. And also note that header and footer are not part of plugin as used only for demo.

Quick Demos Look

More than 6 ready made home page demos and more than 4 totally different search page templates and 3 different listings blocks are great way to showcase your listings. Here is quick look by the way.

Home Page Two

Home Page Three

Listifier Plugin Features

Listifier premium WordPress business directory and service finder plugin comes with ready to use features like built in dashboard, package systems, featured listings and much more. For more see below list

Packages System

Built in package system integrated so you can just start earning from day one.

Multiple Payment Types

Use any WooCommerce supported payment gateway to receive payments for each package.

Multiple Home Layouts

Currently listifier comes with ready to go 3 totally different home page layouts.

Multiple Search Layout

Totally different search page layouts available like half map, top map and small map etc.

Different Listings

Different listings styles available like small grid, large grid and listings slider.

Built in Dashboard

Built in awesome and secure user dashboard to perform any user action like add listings etc

Awesome featured listing badge to differentiate normal and featured listings.

Pay and stay on top

Featured listings are always on top of search results and you can show only featured as well.

Multiple Layouts

Multiple category, cities and countries layouts are there to use as per your own needs.

Bump Up Listings

Built in bump up listing feature to earn more from this unique and valued feature.

Free/Paid Directory

Option to use free or paid directory to earn profit or reputation which ever suits you.

Login/Register System

Built in login/register system to make sure you have not to reinvent the wheel.

Users can upload gallery for there listings to showcase their business in best way.

Unlimited Services

Users can create unlimited services about their business to grab more audience and earnings.

Report Listing

Users can report listings if any thing goes wrong or any thing unusual happens.

Claim Listings

Claim listings feature added to make sure users can claim their business and you can earn more.

Built in Emails

Built in email system to make sure it keeps your business hassle free and you focus on your part.


Create terms meta, meta boxes etc with just few clicks . premium Metabox io addons available and you can create fields as per your own needs and by following extend plugin method you can use as per yor own needs

As per new update just create a folder named “extend” inside your themes root folder and just copy includes or listifier folder from listifier plugin and paste inside extend folder. Just edit your pasted files and that’s all. If stuck or not working for you reach us by our support link and we will do for you. What else ???


Awesome documentation to make sure you just lands correctly without wasting time.

Translation Ready

Every hard coded line is translation ready so you can use it without the hassle of language.

Facebook Chat

Facebook chat integrated to make sure users can chat with each other from this website.


Packed with a lot of features and new features are on the way to make it unique product.

Fully Supported

A product without support is useless, listifier comes with quick support to move on.

Much More

And a lot of new things are on the way like new layouts, features and much more …

We did our best to provide you with awesome product, if you have any question don’t hesitate to ask by our profile page or drop an email to us for quick response.

Note: We are giving you meta box io plugin’s premium extensions in this package from which you can create your own new meta boxes and extend the plugin. For more details about metabox io plugin you can check metabox io official website and more details are available in the documentation as well which you will get along with this product ….. cool ? …


Change Log

Version 1.1

-- Meta box io extensions update
-- Minor CSS issues fixed
-- Extend ability Improved

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Listifier —Business Directory and Service Finder WordPress Plugin

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Listifier —Business Directory and Service Finder WordPress Plugin

Download Listifier —Business Directory and Service Finder WordPress Plugin Nulled

Download Listifier —Business Directory and Service Finder WordPress Plugin

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