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Content Personalization is an important feature in e-commerce, it answers a question how to give appropriate content to customers. In Magento 2, there are widgets defined with rules. However, none of them can be defined with customer data. This extension has made to improve CMS in Magento 2, it helps user adding custom content based customer’s attributes, customer’s location and customer’s total order amount.

Product features

Content based on customer attributes: user can define rules to show custom content. Each rule is a conditions combination and each conditions relates to an attribute of customer. The mechanism of this feature is same as other rule modules, but it is applied to content. For example: user can use attributes such as gender, group to show appropriate content.

Content based on customer location: user can select city, country, and region code to show custom content. This feature uses Maxmind database and GeoIP library to get customer location from IP. This feature is very useful to add a promotion banner or announce an event for local only.

Content based on customer’s total order amount: There are two options “greater than”, and “less than”, customers who qualify this condition will see special content. User can use this feature to give a marketing campaign or improve customer relationships.

Easy to use: To use custom content, user just need to insert personalized content to static block, CMS pages as widgets. Each custom content type is a widget with configuration options.

This module is compatible with all custom theme. User can reuse available widgets and custom extensions.

Compatible with Magento CE 2.1, 2.2, 2.3
This is a simple demo how to use attribute rule to create custom content.
We created two rules:
1. If customer group is wholesale, show products in category “Watches”.
2. If customer gender is female, show products in category “Women” 
Login Page:
Demo account for first rule:
username: [email protected]
password: Xmage2demouser
This demo customer in group “Wholesale”
Demo account for second rule:
username: [email protected]
password: Xmage2demouser
This demo customer is female.
Demo page for personalized content:
Content Personalization Page
Backend demo:

Feel free to contact us via email [email protected]

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Download Magento 2 Content Personalization Nulled

Download Magento 2 Content Personalization

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