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Medicor – Medical Clinic & Pharmacy WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Medicor – Medical Clinic & Pharmacy WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Medicor - Medical Clinic & Pharmacy WooCommerce WordPress Theme

[Download] Medicor – Medical Clinic & Pharmacy WooCommerce WordPress Theme Free Nulled

Medicor is a Medical Clinic & Pharmacy WooCommerce WordPress Theme which is suitable with any types of Health Care, Clinic, Hospital, Pharmacy store,
Medicine store, Drugstore, Dentist
. With Medicor, your worries about how to show Medicine & Pharmacy items more attractive can be solved with numerous eye-catchy layouts. Your customers can easily find their desired drug via product categories.

Medicor is designed with a number of advanced theme options to control the site in convenience. Come with 10+ outstanding homepages
that you can select to create your drug store in modern style. Only with 1-click Installation,
Medicor will not waste your valuable time to import beautiful & attractive demos. All of the functions following with WooCommerce & Elementor support is ease of use, customization and user-friendly experience.

Medicor – Best Option for Medicine Store & Pharmacy Shop WordPress Theme

1. Offer 10+ exclusively Pre-built layouts

Medicor will make you fall in love with 10+ unique & exclusive pre-built homepage layouts compared to other pharmacy themes on the market.
This way expands your selection to find out the best one for medicare, pharmacy, medical organizations.

2. Informatively Showcased Product Pages

Item detail is displayed neatly and attractively in one page such as price, image, description, additional info, review, product availability, star rating, share on social networks. With outstanding “Add to cart” option will boost shoppers to check out rapidly. Furthermore, following related products below will blow up customer’s choices for increasing revenue.

3. Smartly Displayed Items in Multiple Shop Page Layouts

You have tons of other medical items in store. So Medicor with WooCommerce support will help you smartly classify your products into sections such as : medicine & health, vitamin & supple, baby & child health, Beauty products etc. Therefore customer can find their desired items without effort and less time-consuming.

Moreover, product layouts is attractively designed into 4 status types also: best seller, top rated, on sale and latest product. This feature help clients follow hot product situation to make a suitable purchase for their health.

4. Optimize Your Site with Functional Pages

Your store will be completed with various must-have functional pages such as Contact, 404, About, FAQ, On Sale, Shortcode, etc. the aim of them will make your site magical to attract customers attention much more.

5. Constructed with Flexible Mega Menu

The flexible Mega Menu and vertical Mega Menu included in Medicor template will create your site an excellent navigation system that your medical products can be approached to consumers easily.

6. Speedy Product Filter

Less time-consuming in shopping is important to drag customer to your site that they won’t be lost in a mountain of items to find their desired ones. So Medicor allows consumers to filter products rapidly by price, color and size.

7. Boost Customers Exploration Via Blogs

Sharing Healthcare information to viewers on your site will be a great idea to boost sales. Medicor allows you to enhance customers exploration via blogs by creating beautiful ones in list & grid style that help readers follow with ease.

8. Eye-catchy Services Display

Present engaging & flexible services of your team such as general care, pharmacy store, health consultation, baby care, adult care, emergency and so on with graceful icons. Thus, customer can feel a user-friendly environment in your site.

9. Supported FAQ For Customers

Don’t make customers confused of the questions relating to health products such as how to use, what purposes, nutritional values etc. Most shoppers will come to the page checkout after their suspicions are replied properly. Hence, supported FAQ section by Medicor will impress customers with 2 types: General questions and other questions.

Medicor WordPress Theme gives owners a full management of store

Powerful One-click Demo Import

One-click Demo Import will reduce your time as well as effort to install the site perfectly. Import Demo content, widgets, template settings just with a speedy click and your store can be started immediately.

2. High Speed Optimization

Following with fantastic transition effects & excellent sliders to make your site better but it can reduce the site’s speed. Hence with Page Score will assist admin to calculate loading speed to give optimization methods for website load.

3. Best Drag n Drop Page Builder

No need IT knowledge, no need to waste time sitting hours in front of the screen to create codes for building a stunning page. Meditor offers Drag n Drop Page Builder with Elementor Approval, therefore store owner can directly construct your site with some simple clicks, no complicating code required.

4.Rocket Sales with WooCommerce

Built on WooCommerce plugin which is a favorite eCommerce one for WordPress allows you to sell medical products beautifully and quickly. So with Medicor built on WooCommerce will be a powerful tool to rocket sales.

5. Custom Admin Panel

Medicor offers you flexible customization admin panel to build an impressive pharmacy & medicine online store in time-saving and ease-of-use.

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6. Compatible with multi languages

Choose Medicor to turn your site into a multilingual one by uploading your own translation file. No language barrier will help your work run smoothly.

7. Compatible with multi plugins

If you would like to upgrade your site with multi plugins, Medicor is a fully responsive WordPress theme to meet all your demands.

8. Dedicated Support Team

We provide you the professional supporting team to assist your issues at GMT +7 with the criterias simplicity, innovation, and care for user experience.

Full features:

  • Customize medicine & pharmacy store with Elementor
  • Fast & Intuitive WooCommerce
  • Slider Revolution Integration
  • Offer 10+ exclusively Pre-built layouts
  • Approve WordPress 5.1 Version
  • Best Drag n Drop Page Builder
  • Friendly SEO
  • Contact form 7 Approval
  • Offer 10+ exclusively Pre-built layouts
  • Informatively Showcased Product Layout
  • Smartly Displayed Items in Multiple Shop Page Layouts
  • Optimize your site with functional pages
  • Speedy Product Filter
  • Boost customers exploration via blogs
  • Flexible services display
  • Supported FAQ for customers
  • Powerful One-click Demo Import
  • High Speed Optimization
  • Rocket sales with WooCommerce
  • Custom Admin panel
  • Compatible with multi plugins
  • Integrates Bootstrap 3, supports HTML5 and CSS3
  • Boost customers exploration via blogs
  • Flexible services display
  • Supported FAQ for customers
  • Rocket sales with WooCommerce
  • Custom Admin panel
  • Compatible with multi plugins
  • Unlimited color options
  • Optimize all devices laptop, mobile, desktop
  • Highly conversion rate optimization
  • Dedicated support team
  • Flexible Mega Menu
  • Vertical Mega Menu supported
  • Multiple headers and footers
  • Multilingual & RTL Support
  • Flexible template setting
  • Ease of use, installation and customization
  • Cross-browser compatibility : Opera, FireFox, Chrome, Safari, IE10
  • Product deals countdown
  • Outstanding contact information page

Our Support Channels:

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Medicor – Medical Clinic & Pharmacy WooCommerce WordPress Theme

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Medicor - Medical Clinic & Pharmacy WooCommerce WordPress Theme

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