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MenorahDirectory – Online Tutoring Script Tutors Menorah provides an innovative solution for the Students, Tutors, Institutes and Institute Tutors who like to expose their Requirements and specifying their platforms for learning or teaching. By using the latest technology, this Tutors Menorah System automates various operations such as Student Management, Credits System, Time Table Management, Salary Management, and Records & Profiles Management. This system is marked by a number of features such as news and events, profile search, messages, internal mail, etc. User-friendly interface and highly powerful user experienced design such that anyone with basic knowledge in computer can start this system..

Menorah Version 2.1 Features [ 03-01-2019]

  • Social Logins for Students (Facebook, Google plus).
  • New Beautiful and Responsive UI.
  • Tutor blogs reflects in front end, which are approved by Admin.
  • Admin can create new Admin user.
  • Admin get notifications for all important actions in site
  • Admin can Import data for modules Users,Categories,Courses,Options,Locations,Packages,Certificates.
  • Add category when tutor create selling course.
  • Tutor can provide certificate to student regarding course completion.
  • Admin can create new Admin user.
  • Tutor can add Locations which can be approved by admin.
  • Tutor can add Courses which can be approved by admin.
  • RTL Support.
  • Admin can edit,delete, change the status of Tutors blogs.
  • Email notifications when important actions occur.
  • Customized language settings module.
  • Admin showing complete details of payments.
  • Provided detailed Documentation (including BBB Setup).

Menorah Version 2 Features

1.Online Courses Selling

  • Registered Tutor can upload Audio/Video/Doc/Image/Pdf files by Course-wise
  • Tutor add curriculum(like lessons/topics covered in course) for courses by giving url or file as source and publish the course for selling.
  • Also Tutor can upload preview image and file for students to view as demo for the course before purchasing the course.
  • The Tutor course will be avail for Student only when the published course is approved by Admin.
  • Once logged in Student purchased the course, that Student can get the option for downloading that course curriculum/files.
  • Tutor can set Max. No. of downloads for a Course. And Student can download the Course files only that no.of times.
  • Tutor can view the Course files download history
  • And Student also can view their Course files download history
  • Admin will transfer the money(offline) to Tutor by deducting his commission percentage on each course purchase and update the payment status as “Completed”.

2.BBB (Big Blue Button)

  • When Student booked Tutor for online course, then the BBB will come into the picture. Tutor initiates the session at the booked time, and student also has to do the same on the session time. Then they will be redirected to virtual classroom.
  • Virtual Video Class which involves Student and Tutor to interact for the sessions
  • It also includes pointer for Tutor to teach by pointing at any object on the virtual classroom board.

3.Multiple(Major) Payment Gateways Integration

  • a. In the system, multiple payment gateways are included. When the user wants to purchase the packages for credits, they use any of the payment gateway to purchase the package online.
  • The below are the major payment gateways integrated in the system
  • PayU (Fully Implemented)
  • PayPal (Fully Implemented)
  • Stripe
  • PagSeguro
  • Web Money
  • Yandex
  • Payaza
  • Manual Transfer
  • 2Checkout (Fully Implemented)
  • Razorpay (Fully Implemented)

5.CSV import and export all possibilities

Demo Login Details:

Admin Login Details: [email protected] / 123456789

Tutor Login Details: [email protected] / password

Student Login Details: [email protected] / password

Institute Tutor Login Details: [email protected] / password

Institute Login Details: [email protected] / password

Awesome Features

  • Student , Tutor and Institute Management
  • Tutors will enter teaching courses along with available timings
  • Tutor Profile settings with image and video upload to their profile gallery
  • Student can manage their settings and contact the tutor before finalising the tutor
  • Separate institution level module , where Institute can add their tutors and manage them
  • Complete admin settings and full control over the system
  • Detailed documentation and complete functionality

General Features of Student

  • Tutors System Facilitates to Book a Course for students by Online
  • Students can also book under institute offered Batches
  • Student can post his requirements, if he not get required tutor in the list.
  • Simple Procedure to Book Tutors & Institutes.

General Features of Tutor

  • Tutors can contact students by their requirements.
  • Tutors can also register under institutes
  • Easy to contact Students & Institutes.

General Features of Institute

  • Institutes can register its tutors.
  • Institutes can create multiple Batches for students
  • Students can Enroll in the Batches by online..

How Payment System should work in MenorahTutors Script:

  1. In order to book Tutor, Student must have some credits. Those credits can be purchased from the packages created by Admin through the Paypal payment gateway. That money goes to the Admin.
  2. And then Student can book Tutor based on their fee in credits. Then the credits will be deducted from Student. And will not be added to Tutor as soon as booking made by student. The credits deducted from Student goes to Tutor only when the Tutor completes his course for that Student and updates the Status first by Tutor and then by Student if student satisfies with that course session.
  3. Like this Tutor gets credits from students booking after successful completion of the Course. And only these credits Tutor can convert to money by sending request to the Admin. Admin checks the request and send the money to Tutor out of the System based on the Tutor given payment/bank account details.
  4. For each Student’s bookings, admin decided/set credits will be deducted as Admin commission.


  • Student S1 booked Tutor T1 for the course C++ (fee is 1000 credits, duration 15 days like that. Set by Tutor T1) .
  • After booking made 1000 credits will be deducted from Student S1. And after successful completion of course, 990 credits will be credited to Tutor T1.
  • When Student S1 making that booking, the Admin set commission percentage was 1% on a booking. So 10 credits deducted as Admin commission from the fee and remaining 990 credits added to the Tutor T1.
  • Then Tutor T1 makes a request to Admin for that 990 credits to be converted to money.
    Admin process the request and send the money out of our system.

Note1: Admin gets Money from the package subscriptions by Student/Tutors/Institutes .

Note2: Tutor gets Money from credits acquired by Students bookings based on the per credit value at the time of booking.

Note3: Institute gets Money same as Tutors.

Change Log

V3.0 [ june 05 2020 ]
1. Fixed: Filter option in Buy now course
2. Addition: Home page language option.
3. Addition: Tutor can initiate session
V2.1 [ October 11 2019 ]
1. Addition: Language Change Feature for User
V2.1 [ January 03 2019 ]
1. Addition: Email Templates, can be editable.
2. Addition: Blogs reflects in front end.
3. Addition: Admin get Notifications in site when important actions occur.
4. Addition: New Beautiful and Responsive design.
5. Addition: Social Logins
6.addition: Admin can Import data for modules Users,Categories,Courses,Options,Locations,Packages,Certificates.
7.Addition: Add category when tutor create selling course.
8.addition: Tutor can provide certificate to student regarding course completion.
9.Fixed: Email notifications when important actions occur.
10.Fixed: Customized language settings module
11.Addition: Admin can create new Admin user.
12.Addition: Tutor can add Locations which can be approved by admin.
13.Addition: Tutor can add Courses which can be approved by admin.
14. Fixed: Admin showing complete details of payments.
15.Addition: RTL Support.
16.Fixed: Phone Code saving at the time of Registration.
17.Addition: Admin can edit, delete, change the status of Tutors blogs.


Skype : digishelp

Email : [email protected]

We are dedicated to continue to improve this system, your suggestions are always welcome.

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MenorahDirectory – Online Video Classes Tutoring Script

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MenorahDirectory - Online Video Classes Tutoring Script

Download MenorahDirectory – Online Video Classes Tutoring Script Nulled

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