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m’Manager is a small but full featured piece of software designed for freelancers and based on CodeIgniter 3. It will help you manage easily your business, create and send automatically your invoices and estimates, keep track of your turnover, tax and items sale performances. Many cool features are coming soon… So welcome on board ! You will enjoy it !

Not for India Users. I won’t send refund any more.

Features Quick View


2.1.1 – Time tracker

  • Merge many tasks on single invoice
  • This update adds option to merge many tasks while invoicing.

2.1 – Bug fix

  • Missing files on 2.0.9 release
  • This update fixes some minor issues from 2.0.9 release.

2.0.9 – New Feature

  • Item Serial Number
  • Option is given in items tab to add item serial number and display it on invoice PDF (Default layout). Copy-paste code from this layout to your custom design.

2.0.8 – Overdue Invoices Reminder

  • Include / Exclude clients
  • Option is given in customers tab to include or exclude a given client. This way, reminders are only sent to those it should be sent.

2.0.7 – PayPal issue

  • Modal closing before payment
  • This release contains only 3 files to fix PayPal modal closing when environment is set to ‘Production’. ALL USERS MUST APPLY this fix.

2.0.6 – PHPMailer Support

  • Mail class is rewritten. Deprecated functions are removed for full PhP 7.x support
  • Annual Sequencing
  • Option is added to rearrange invoices numbers by year if auto increment is not mandatory in your area. Invoices from 2018 will start from 1 to x, and on january 1st, numbers will go back to 1. You need to set a cron job for this. Navigate to Settings > Advanced to copy the ready to use cron command.

v.2.0.5 – Bug fix

  • This update fixes sale order missing footer.

v.2.0.4 – Fixed Amount Discount

  • You can now define a fixed amount discount per item.

v.2.0.3 – Dutch Language file updated

  • Thanks to Dominique Heyrmann, from Locco Palace. Great job !

Missing languages strings

  • Missing language strings added to application_lang file. Translation needed.

Dutch language

  • Missing ; in application_lang file.

Php 7.2 return issue

What’s New in v.2.0?

One file update, just to make sure everything is okay !

  • Will adds a Support folder to your server

What’s New in v.1.94?

  • System
    • Automatic One Click Upgrade
    • Custom Theme Support
    • Internal Messaging
    • Dashboard Notification
    • Clickatell SMS Notification
    • Database Back up (Manual or Cron command
  • User Management
    • Roles and Permissions
    • User Sales Commissions
  • Modules
    • eCommerce: Sale Orders
    • Import Bank Statement

Bugs Fix

  • Notifications
  • Low Stock notification for services

Version 1.92 (April 2, 2018)

  • New reports
    • Income per product
    • Income per service
    • Income per customer
    • Annual Income
    • Income Forecast
    • Version 1.91 (22-03-2018)
    1. New Features
    • Time tracking and billing
  • Bugs Fix
  • Additional Taxes
  • Option is added for countries where invoices have additional taxes that apply before or after all other taxes. Record your new taxes in App Settings.

  • Due Date for each customer
  • You can record a due date for each customer. While creating a invoice or quote, the datepicker will automatically select the due date to save you time.

  • Manufacture Part Number
  • Option is added to record, while adding item, Manufacture Part Number. This record is used while purchasing items from suppliers.

  • Terms and Conditions Length
  • Option is added to set Terms and Conditions Length on PDFs. Navigate to Settings > Invoice Setting to define the correct value. This will apply on all PDFs (Invoice, Quote…)

  • Company Shipping Address
  • Option is added to set dynamically shipping addresses while creating Purchase Order.

    • Version 1.9 (17-03-2018)
    1. New Features
    • Csv Import support
    • EAN-13 Barcodes generator
    • Credit Note for refunded invoices.
    • Client credit for next invoices
  • Bugs Fix
    • Version 1.8 (29-12-2017)
    1. New Features
    • Generate barcode and QR code for your items
    • Recurring Invoices: you can now define a start and an end date.
  • Purchase Order
    • Create Purchase Order
    • Notify providers
    • Providers can edit purchases from their dashboard
    • when paid, stocks are updated
  • Bugs Fix
    • Version 1.7 (11-10-2017)
    1. Bugs Fix

    This update is REQUIRED

    • Version 1.6 (25-09-2017)
    1. New Features
    • India CGST Support with Tax Reports
  • Bugs Fix
    • Version 1.5 (13-09-2017)
    1. New Features
    • Stripe, Mollie, Ingenico ePayments, Paypal Support
    • Now SMTP support
    • Added a built-in Cron job for limited servers
    • Added a timeline, you can keep an eye on what other users did.
    • Multi currency support (Clients can choose their currencies in a set of authorized currencies)
    • Multi languages
    • Added unity of measurement (UOM) for items
    • Stocks Management with low stock warning
    • Batch Price Update
    • Invoice /Quote number has now a custom prefix (INV- / QUO-)
    • Clients can pay X times and have details on invoices
    • Monthly Order Report
    • Sale Tax Report (Many other reports are coming soon…)
    • Option to close/expend sidebar menu
    • Option to enable/disable timeline
    • Option to enable/disable online payment
    • New Languages: Romania, Arabic, Greek, Spanish.
  • Bugs Fix
  • This update is highly recommended.

    Version 1.4 (06/12/2017)

    2 Bugs fix
    - Error on Mollie Paymnent Account
    - Description not showing on products/services

    Version 1.3 (06/06/2017)

    New Feature
    - Mollie Payment support with partial or total refund
    - Secured user dashboard. User can view, pay invoices without registering.
    - m'Manager runs now on any server environment, with/without Apache2, mod_rewrite enabled/disabled.
    - email notification templates updated
    - Improvements.
    This update is highly recommended.

    Version 1.2 (05-19-2017)

    - Support Dutch Language
    Bug Fixes
    - Cron job issue. Update your cron command to wget -qO- >/dev/null 2>&1 if output is saved on server
     - Charts labels (mismatch Taxes/Charges on dashboard)
     - php warnings and notices when environment is set to development
     - Taxes duplicated values
     - Improvements
    This update is highly recommended.

    Version 1.1 (05-09-2017)

    New Features
     - View PDF Button in Invoices/Quotes List
    - Support Italian Language
    - Add User Avatar
    - Remove Income By Category in dashboard (will be in separate chart)
    - Improvements

    Version 1.0 (05-07-2017)

    - Initial Release

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    If you need a particular feature or want your language to be supported, please let’s know.
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    m’Manager – Invoices Management System

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    m'Manager - Invoices Management System

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    Download m’Manager – Invoices Management System

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