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Preview: Modern Chat Rooms – Vue.js multimedia web chat application

Ever wanted a medium to quickly share funny gifs or videos you find online? Modern Chat Rooms offers a modern, single-page-app platform to chat with friends or strangers. Get started with this ready-made chat rooms app!

For the demo log in with user: john, pass: doe


  • Vue.js ES6 frontend codebase, simple PHP backend
  • VERY FAST: many optimizations used for better UX such as smart caching or GPU powered animations
  • Cross-device: can be easily converted to native app
  • Auto-installer: quick step-by-step installation wizard
  • Regular free updates based on your feedback
  • 5 stars rated support


  • Chat application with great UX
  • Admin user level that allows
    1. Creating/deleting rooms
    2. Banning users
    3. Giving other users admin rights
  • Message rate limiting per user
  • Password protected rooms
  • Multimedia preview for: images, youtube, vimeo, twitch, twitter, soundcloud

Use cases:

What can you use this for? Here are some use cases!

  • Self-hosted team chat app.
  • Chat rooms website where users can discuss on different topics
  • Mobile chat room app
  • Design brainstorming chat app where users can quickly share and view images for ideas/inspiration

Planned features (will be added soon in next updates)

  • User profile personalization (avatar, bio)
  • Support for content and banner ads
  • Improve admin editing features


  • PHP and MySQL support for the server hosting the chat back-end

Dev requirements

This is what you need to edit/customize the Vue.js app.

  • Node.js 7.0+
  • Local XAMP (Apache, MySQL, PHP) server
  • If you want to convert it to a native mobile or desktop app you can use something like Cordova/PhoneGap/


This app has just been released and is likely to have bugs and lack certain features.
Updates will be very frequent in the first few-months after the publish date. If you encounter any bug or want to suggest a feature send an e-mail at [email protected].
While the app is still in this high active-development stage the price will be lower. After most issues have been fixed the price will slowly increase with each new update, so if you are considering buying this script you can get it now at a lower price and take advantage of the free lifetime updates.


MCR 1.0.2 (17 April 2017)

  • Bug fix: Fixed a bug where on slow connections same messages will be requested multiple times.
  • UX improvements while messages are being loaded.

MCR 1.0.1 (16 April 2017)

  • NEW: Password protected rooms.
  • Bug fix: Make sure usernames are always displayed.
  • A few other bug fixes.

Quick note about how we manage our CodeCanyon items

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Modern Chat Rooms – Vue.js multimedia web chat application

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Modern Chat Rooms - Vue.js multimedia web chat application

Download Modern Chat Rooms – Vue.js multimedia web chat application Nulled

Download Modern Chat Rooms – Vue.js multimedia web chat application

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