Moko Currency Converter

Moko Currency Converter

Download Moko Currency Converter Free Nulled [updated version]

Moko Currency Converter is a simple and beautiful standard currency price converter script that updates all info in realtime. This script allows you to create your very own Currency converter website that supports 170 currencies with the ability to change the default currency extremely easily!.


  • Realtime standard currency price
  • Title bar currency rate.
  • Configurable advertisements space
  • Configurable Currencies
  • 170 Country Currencies supported
  • Clean coding with proper commenting
  • Any shared hosting or even free hosts can be used
  • 100% Ajax Based
  • Configurable fetch rate
  • SEO meta data setup homepage
  • Bootstrap + jQuery for best user experience
  • Beautiful Mobile responsive design
  • 100% Easy Installation
  • Multilingual support
  • Change everything such as site title, description easily
  • Configurable bitcoin donations (Wallet link)
  • Beautiful Design Template
  • SEO friendly HTML5 Markup

Supported countries

Afghanistan Afghani, Albania Lek, Algerian Dinar, Angolan Kwanza, Argentina Peso, Armenian Dram, Aruba Guilder, Australia Dollar, Azerbaijan New Manat, Bahamas Dollar, Bahraini Dinar, Barbadian Dollar, Bangladeshi Taka, Belarusian Ruble, Belize Dollar, Bermudan Dollar, Bhutanese Ngultrum, Bitcoin, Bolivian Boliviano, Bosnia and Herzegovina Convertible Marka, Botswana Pula, Bulgaria Lev, Burundian Franc, Brazilian Real, Brunei Darussalam Dollar, Cambodian Riel, Canadian Dollar, Cape Verdean Escudo, Cayman Islands Dollar, Central African CFA Franc, Chile Peso, China Yuan Renminbi, Colombian Peso, Comorian Franc, Congolese Franc, Costa Rica Colon, Croatian Kuna, Cuba Peso, Czech Republic Koruna, Danish Krone, Djiboutian Franc, Dominican Republic Peso, East Caribbean Dollar, Egyptian Pound, Salvadoran Colon, Eritrean Nakfa, Estonia Kroon, Ethiopian Birr, Euro Member Countries, Falkland Islands (Malvinas) Pound, Fijian Dollar, Finnish Markka, French Franc, Gambian Dalasi, Georgian Lari, German Mark, Ghana Cedis, Gibraltar Pound, Guatemalan Quetzal, Guernsey Pound, Guinean Franc, Guyanaese Dollar, Haitian Gourde, Honduran Lempira, Hong Kong Dollar, Hungarian Forint, Icelandic Krona, Indian Rupee, Indonesian Rupiah, Iran Rial, Iraqi Dinar, Irish Pound, Isle of Man Pound, Israeli New Shekel, Italian Lira, Jamaican Dollar, Japanese Yen, Jersey Pound, Jordanian Dinar, Kazakhstan Tenge, Kenyan Shilling, Kuwaiti Dinar, South Korea Won, Kyrgyzstan Som, Laos Kip, Latvia Lats, Lebanese Pound, Lesotho Loti, Liberian Dollar, Libyan Dinar, Lithuanian Litas, Macanese Pataca, Macedonian Denar, Malagasy Ariary, Malawian Kwacha, Malaysian Ringgit, Maldivian Rufiyaa, Mauritanian Ouguiya, Mauritian Rupee, Mexican Peso, Moldovan Leu, Mongolian Tughrik, Moroccan Dirham, Mozambican Metical, Myanmar Kyat, Namibian Dollar, Nepalese Rupee, Netherlands Antilles Guilder, New Zealand Dollar, Nicaraguan Cordoba, Nigerian Naira, Norwegian Krone, North Korea Won, Omani Rial, Pakistani Rupee, Panamanian Balboa, Papua New Guinean Kina, Paraguayan Guarani, Peruvian Nuevo Sol, Philippines Peso, Polish Zloty, Qatari Riyal, Romanian New Leu, Russian Ruble, Rwandan Franc, Saint Helena Pound, Samoan Tala, Sao Tome and Principe Dobra, Saudi Arabian Riyal, Serbian Dinar, Seychellois Rupee, Sierra Leonean Leone, Singapore Dollar, Slovak Koruna, Solomon Islands Dollar, Somali Shilling, South African Rand, Sri Lanka Rupee, Swazi Lilangeni, Swedish Krona, Switzerland Franc, Sudanese Pound, Surinamese Dollar, Syrian Pound, Taiwan New Dollar, Tajikistani Somoni, Tanzanian Shilling, Thai Baht, Tongan Pa’anga, Trinidad and Tobago Dollar, Tunisian Dinar, Turkish Lira, Turkmenistani Manat, Tuvalu Dollar, Ugandan Shilling, Ukraine Hryvna, United Arab Emirates Dirham, United Kingdom Pound, United States Dollar, Uruguayan Peso, Uzbekistani Som, Vanuatu Vatu, Venezuela Bolivar, Vietnamese Dong, Yemen Rial, Zambian Kwacha, Zimbabwe Dollar

Demo Link:

TMDb Pro – Movie & TV Show Details Plugin For The Movie Database

Moko Currency Converter

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Moko Currency Converter

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Important Note: We update new contents like WordPress Themes, WordPress Plugins, Templates & PHP Scripts everyday.But remember that you should never use this items in a commercial website. All the contents posted here for development & testing purpose only. We’re not responsible for any damage, use at your own RISK! We highly recommend to buy Moko Currency Converter from the Original Developer website. Thank you.

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