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This Product (Mp3OraXtr) is the most powerful product which utilize itunes, and youtube API very intelligently, give you the best and most relevant results you every seen in Search Engine Website. Script automatically find artist, album and complete album songs list, which help you and your visitors to download video files as mp3 on the fly without wasting time(using thirdparty website).


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  1. PHP 5.4.4+
  2. Apache 2.2+
  3. MySQL 5.1 (MySQLi Required)
  4. fOpen (file_get_contents() with URL enable)
  5. Curl (open_basedir disabled)
  6. Mod_rewrite
  7. mb_string


Change log v2.5.4: (20 – 04 – 2018)

Fixed: iTunes Album Cover Image missing (Recently, iTunes changed the API)
Added: Now you can blacklist Users query

Change log v2.5.3: (16- 01 – 2018)

Added: Now you can completely disabled the user input query (Keywords Search)

Change log v2.5.1: (29- 10 – 2017)

Fixed: Empty Download box on some server

Change log v2.5: (28- 10 – 2017)

New Features:

  1. iTunes album cover images now support SSL without using “Image cache for SSL”
  2. Reduce Youtube Quota usage (no size, duration, likes or views detail), you will save 30-40% youtube quota.
  3. Delete Cache “Button”
  4. Delete cache using cronjobs
  5. Now Support “Mp3Ora Mp4” API (Video Download).
  6. Added 3 new API.
  7. Remove 2 API due to not working.
  8. Removed “yt/youtube-di” from the Play button!

Important Update:
In version 2.4+ script randomly pick a Youtube API from the list and fetch the results, if API picked API is no longer working or quota limit reached it won’t return data and display blank result page, now in version 2.5 script select 1st API and then loop through until its find working API.

Bug Fixed/Improvements:

  1. Fixed: If youtube return blank results, its create cache, now with version 2.5 its won’t cache blank results.
  2. Fixed: If your cache path incorrect, script try to find correct path 90% time it works, (10% is not working due to server limitation and permission issue).
  3. Added: Now custom album displays 100 results instead of 50.
  4. Added: No more javascript.php file required, javascript file now separately store in “assets/js” directory.
  5. Added: If there are no results from youtube, its now display a notice to a user.
  6. HotFix already applied!

Change log v2.4: (22 – 07 – 2017)

  1. Lowercase URL can be enabling from Admin Panel.
  2. Logo & watermark images can upload from admin panel.
  3. For Security purpose “Javascript.php” move from “result_files” to MAIN folder, now “result_files” folder is secure from running any PHP Script. (Secure with Htaccess).
  4. Now “Download Page” URL will have its own sitemap’s xml!
  5. Small layout changes in Admin Panel.
  6. No More “NO ALBUM FOUND” Error! We have figure out a solution!
  7. No More Language Detect Issue.
  8. For Manual Album Adding, You could give Custom Album Name
  9. Manual album can be add or delete from admin panel!
  10. You will be able to save search keywords only!
  11. Semi-Auto Album selection for homepages
  12. Facebook Page box on right side!
  13. Logo watermark on album/artist images.
  14. Can disable artist hyperlink everywhere from the script!
  15. Ad Free Mp3 Download API!

Change log: (03 – 06 – 2017)

  1. Fixed: Header logo hover color!
  2. Added: Custom htaccess Rewrite Rules,. now you can add your own rules without worry about script will replace your rules to standard.
  3. Fixed: HTTPS sites Autocomplete now work!

Change log: (17 – 05 – 2017)

  1. Fixed Sitemaps issue
  2. Fixed Small performance issue.
  3. Added: Improve Youtube query keyword! (Extra search tags)
  4. Added: Block 185+ Bad Bot Can be enable/disabled
  5. Added: Force SSL (Https)
  6. Added: Extra Rewrite URL (.html to .XXX).
  7. Added: Youtube Cache API (50% Reduce API Quota.
  8. .

  9. Added: Cache Time Limit
  10. Added: Change Unlimited Number of theme’s colors.
  11. Alot of small improvement!

Change Logs:

Mp3Ora V2.2 (06/04/2017)

  1. Added: SSL Support (https://)
  2. Added: iTunes Image Cache (to work with SSL)
  3. Added: Single Language Support
  4. Replace: Mp3Ora API with YTforMp3
  5. Added: Custom API, Can add any API you want
  6. Added: Improve Code Structure
  7. Added: Home Page Country Tabs Can be Hide Separately.
  8. Fixed: Small layout issue in Home Page under Mobile
  9. Fixed: Small Layout issue on some pages
  10. Improved: Youtube API request
  11. Added: Update Area for quick update access in admin panel
  12. Fixed: No-CSRF Code problem in Search result.

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Mp3OraXtr – PHP Mp3 Search Engine

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Mp3OraXtr - PHP Mp3 Search Engine

Download Mp3OraXtr – PHP Mp3 Search Engine Nulled

Download Mp3OraXtr – PHP Mp3 Search Engine

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