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Shipment Tracking Has Never Been That Fun Ride…

The MWB Shipping Map for WooCommerce plugin simply allows you to track the location of an online product’s shipment using a Google map. Aside from that, it will be much easier for the superintendent to use another online delivery method with this one. Because it is WooCommerce compatible, it must begin each transaction on your store with the convenience of Google Maps.

What You Can Do With This Plugin?

This plugin allows your customers to easily access multiple shipping destinations and order tracking, as well as provide-

  • Using API integration, it is possible to integrate with Google Maps.
  • Over the checkout page, the admin can effectively control the display of shipping and billing maps.
  • Your Shipping and Billing maps, which are displayed on your website’s Checkout page, require a label. You don’t need to be concerned; simply turn on the Enable Label to Shipping Map and Enable Label to Billing Map toggles.
  • It is straightforward to recognize the shipping and billing destinations based on longitude and latitude.
  • Admin managers can easily adjust their shipping rates based on the distance between their shipping and billing locations, reducing the complexity of the shipping process.
  • You can easily add a custom label, custom map marker, map marker color, map marker image, and more using the Shipping Map Setting tab of the plugin backend.

This plugin has now become the dominant force tracker for all your orders thanks to the absolutely stellar Tracking features facilitated via Google Map API. Easy tracking makes it simple to calculate the cost of a shipment and to plan pick-up points.

Get MWB Shipping Map for WooCommerce to provide simple shipment management and tracking system based on the Google Maps API, which offers flexible shipment tracking solutions with features that reduce the difficulties and challenges of evaluating shipping rates to the bare minimum.

So, What are you all waiting for, just get the plugin right away and install it to put all your shipment tracking woes to nothing.

Just 4 Steps to Shipment Tracking Ease…

Setting up with the MWB Shipping Map for WooCommerce plugin is quite easy and straightforward. No need to stress on long boring processes and settings to get started with your shipment tracking journey.

Just follow the steps listed below sequentially and soon you’ll be mastering the art of shipment tracking with all ease. Let’s start then-

In order to initiate the process, you must be aware of all the prerequisites as well as the initial requirements for the plugin setup. This involves-

  • Downloading the plugin from the respective source platform.
  • Installing and Activating the plugin within your WordPress environment i.e. your WooCommerce store.
  • Keep in check your Google Maps API Key for integration further.

So, that’s all for this step. Let’s get-set-go with the next step…

The next step involves the very crucial yet essential part of the plugin setup process. This step basically reminds you about your Licence activation for the plugin.

In order to accept booking requests from your customers, make sure foremost that you’ve already activated your plugin license. To do so, you just require to check out the Licence tab of the plugin.

Note: You can use the plugin capabilities for 30 days even if the license is not activated. After that, the plugin’s features will be disabled automatically, and you risk losing your customer’s shipment order data, so activating the license before the trial period ends is vital.

The very next step involves general settings of the plugin, you just need to refer to the General Settings tab in the plugin backend and continue with the setup options like-

  • Enabling the plugin features for the store.
  • Integrating the Google Maps API with your store.
  • Enabling the display of billing and shipping maps over the order page.

Last but not the least, proceed to the next step.

This step involves actual shipment tracking settings that are followed over in the plugin-based tab named Shipping Map Settings. This tab involves setting up-

  • Shipping and Billing map display over checkout page while placing orders.
  • Enabling the latitude and longitudinal coordinates display over the front end.
  • Define the specified Zoom level for the maps displayed.
  • Offer custom labels, map marker for the maps displayed there.
  • Opt for the map show/hide enability for the customers, and may feature more setup like that.

That’s it, now you have successfully set up your shipment tracker plugin. here you go….let the plugin rock your shipment tracking!!!

1. Tracking

The best and the foremost important feature of the plugin is obviously tracking. You might have faced issues many times whilst tracking inaccuracies, but not anymore. Here’s MWB Shipping Map for WooCommerce, just try and let it handle all your shipment woes to nothing.

This plugin is all bundled with numerous tracking features with the trust of Google Maps API. You can easily track your shipping as well as the billing address locations, estimate the accurate distance between the two map coordinates, calculate the time involved, determine the accrue longitude and latitude coordinates respectively.

What’s more needed…?? This is a power bundle for all your shipment issues.

2. Integrate Google Maps API in a highly Configurable manner

This plugin has a fantastic Google Maps API integration. This integration is a very efficient and effective method for tracking and pinpointing the exact location of shipments based on shipping and billing addresses.

3. Shipping/Billing Map Controls

The plugin offers overall control on your shipping and billings maps. You can easily opt to display the maps over the front end in the way you like that to be displayed within. There are numerous map controls available within, for instance-

Enable Checkbox in Billing Map, a plugin-based backend setting, allows merchants to easily enable or disable the billing and shipping map show/hide checkbox at the checkout page. The feature allows users to easily show and hide their billing and shipping maps.

4. Customized Map Elements

Furthermore, you can easily customize your shipping and billing map-based elements. Using the Shipping Map Setting tab of the plugin backend, you can easily add a custom label, custom map marker, map marker color, map marker image, and more.

5. Rectifying the Shipment Woes 

This is a fantastic plugin that is designed to make you feel at ease while handling all of your shipment challenges. Simply install the plugin and your shipping woes will be gone in no time.

This plugin becomes the powerhouse tracker for all your orders thanks to the outstanding tracking features enabled via Google Map API. Easy tracking makes calculating the cost of a shipment and strategizing pick-up points much easier.

6. Accurate Tracking assists in easy Shipment Cost Estimation

Using the plugin feature, store owners can now easily calculate the exact shipping cost for a product. Because the plugin uses the Google Maps API, it provides simple and effective shipment tracking.

This integration gives merchants the ability to define and track shipping and billing parameters from their customers, as well as strategize their shipment cost ideas with ease.

7. Saves Time Wasted in Routing Shipment

Accurate tracking of shipments allows merchants to overboard the issue that they have been subjecting to earlier. Issues might be wrong address, not exact location coordinates to deliver the shipment, inaccurate coordinates that lead to mismanagement of shipping cost, order delays, penalty charged, order cancellation due to delays, etc.

Not anymore…no need to address all that, just swing along in the vibe of Shipping map and forget all woes.

8. Easy to Plan Pickup Points based on Tracking Accuracy

Merchants now can determine almost each and every aspect of their shipment tracking i.e. shipping location, billing location, latitude coordinates, latitude coordinates, distance, time duration required, respectively.

So, they can effectively strategize their upcoming shipment delivery plan in advance. Pick points to assist easy deliveries, free shipping, low shipment cost can be determined with ease.



Outstanding Tracking Capabilities
Seamless Google Maps API Integration
Display Latitude and Longitude coordinates
Offer Map display enability control
Full Shipping/Billing Maps Display Control
Display two different Maps for Shipping and Billing address Tracking.
Easy management of map Zoom levels
Effortlessly customize map labels.


To the Merchants

This plugin is an outstanding powerhouse of shipment tracking woes management. The merchants or the store owners are most to be benefitted from. 

They can offer accurate shipment data to their shipment provider, can deliver on time or before time, gain good wills, plan their effective shipment strategy, save time, perform most deliveries in less time, sort shipment based on their routing coordinates data, and many more…All in all it is a powerpack for them.

To the Customers

Customers are actually the real benefactors, how? Let me tell you that, when there’s accuracy in billing in shipment locations they can effectively mark their accurate coordinates in the map. This abides the chances of misleading routes and thereby saves time.

Timely deliveries are also a benefit for the customers, they definitely prefer to hop on the WooCommerce store that delivers on time. So, it’s a win-win for both.

Live Demo

Visit a demo to experience the powerful features of Plugin and explore.

  • Frontend demo of MWB Shipping Map for WooCommerce Click here

  • Backend demo of MWB Shipping Map for WooCommerce Click here

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the top 5 potential advantages that the Shipping Map plugin offers?

A. The MWB Shipping Map for WooCommerce plugin is an outstanding plugin that offers an effective tracking mechanism for your WooCommerce store-based order shipments. For a clearer understanding of its features, do refer below-

  • Integrate Google Maps API in a highly Configurable manner
  • Measure product delivery area’s distance with Google Map.
  • Offer Accurate Tracking that thereby assists in easy Shipment Cost Estimation.
  • Helps in Easing the Shipment Tracking Hurdles and Saves Time.
  • Freedom to Customize Map Elements as per your Ease.

Q.How can this plugin uses Google Maps to calculate the distance between the product delivery area and the user?

A. The plugin is fully integrated with the Google Maps API, and thus supports almost all of the API’s tracking features. Because the plugin uses maps to determine the latitude and longitudinal coordinates of shipping and billing addresses, they can accurately calculate the distance and time required to deliver that shipment.

Q. Is it possible to see a shipping and billing map for both customers and store owners separately? If so, could you please elaborate, how and where?

A. Yes, both the customers as well as store owners can separately access the shipping and billing maps for shipments individually. Store owners can check individual shipment-based maps at the ORDER EDIT section of their store backend. If you require the whole traverse route then- WooCommerce > Orders > Click on the particular Order > Edit Order. Customers can review their shipment-based shipping and billing maps at the time of checkout with ease. Their Checkout page contains the map in the sections.

Q. Does this plugin offer a custom marker for the shipment maps?

A. Yes, you can easily upload your custom map marker from the backend settings tab i.e. Shipping Map Settings. Either upload a custom marker image traversing to Shipping map Settings >Upload Custom Marker Image or update the color of the map marker included.

Q. Can we show two different maps for the Shipping and Billing Address?

A. Yes, you have complete control over your shipping and billing maps with the plugin. Each address in a shipment order should have its own map, i.e. shipping and billing maps. You can easily choose to display the maps on the front end in the manner that you want them to be displayed. Within Shipping Map Settings, there are numerous map controls available, including the ability to enable two different maps for both Addresses.

Visit our MakeWebBetter Forums community with your queries and get them resolved.

This plugin is not subjected to GDPR compliant as it does not store any sensitive data of a user. It only holds information related to software which is run by WordPress & WooCommerce of the holder.

Thank you for your interest in MWB Shipping Map for Woocommerce by MakeWebBetter.


MWB Shipping Map for Woocommerce - Changelog

### Version 1.0.0 October 22 20201

   - Initial Release

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