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Demo Admin

USERNAME: admin | PASWORD : demo

My Envo | Envato Analytics & Notification Dashboard is a powerful standalone script which helps envato authors to analyse and receive live email notifications about their sales and payouts. This script will show live analytical data to the users. Script is fully automated. By using the script user’s will be able to understand and keep records of the each sales, transactions, earnings and other relevant information.

Admin Panel

Script has a really powerful admin panel which enables user to control everything including every feature that website has without any coding skills.


Page Pagination and Lazy Load Effects

Script is fast & secure and it will load all the relevant analytical reports according to the user’s selection. These results will be displayed to the user’s using pagination and lazy load effects to make your website faster and elegant.

Pie Charts,Bar Charts, Map Charts , Doughnut Charts  and Radar Charts

Script is using latest technologies, Charts,Maps and methods to display analytical results to the users in a more user friendly and understandable way. All reports will be updated automatically before generate reports.


Fast ,Secure,Economical  & Hassle free

Unlike other scripts available in the market . My Envo | Envato Analytics & Notification Dashboard script works faster and secure. Script will be working totally under your control on your own server. Security wise it is important for Authors to not provide their account information to the others or any online services . But My Envo will be working on your own server and the process is fully automated after the setup.

No Monthly payments or Hidden Charges , After purchase the script you get it all, including lifetime updates and 6 months support.


Live Email Notifications

Script is not only providing you Analytical data it also sends you email notifications about Sales & Payouts whenever you made a Sale, Sale Reversal or Payout. Report contains all the information regarding the sales or payouts.



Export Data in multiple formats.

My Envo | Envato Analytics & Notification Dashboard allows user to Export transaction information in multiple formats such as PDF,CSV,EXCEL, DIRECT COPY & DIRECT PRINTING


Envato License validator

My Envo has its own envato licence key validator, which allows authors to validate and keep the records saved in the own database. This also shows the author the status of the licence plus number of days remaining for the support period of a specific item.


Support Plugin & Installer Generator (Coming Soon)

Script will soon have its own support ticketing system & Installer generator plugins.

And there are many other important features , analytical  reports will be introduced in future updates. This script will make your life easier !



  • One Click installation
  • Automatic analytical reports generation
  • User statement data report
  • Sales Data Report
  • Current year and Previous year sales report
  • Year wise sales comparison charts
  • Country wise sales data
  • Country wise sales map
  • Item wise product comparison chart
  • Item Sales wise product comparison chart
  • Rating wise product comparison charts
  • Total Earnings
  • Available to withdraw amounts
  • Monthly earnings
  • Payout details
  • Milestone charts including current author fee details
  • Item wise performance Pie charts
  • No of Followers
  • Export data in multiple formats
  • Responsive Layout
  • Envato Licence key validator
  • Best Performed item of the month & year (Coming Soon)
  • Author’s Items (Coming Soon)
  • Author’s badges (Coming Soon)
  • Support ticket System (Coming Soon)
  • Installer Generator (Coming Soon)
  • Powerful admin panel
  • And lot more features


Our documentation will explain step by step , how to configure and install the script according to your needs, since this script contains a installation setup available you will need only basic details such as database name and password.


Problems to configure Your new Script? Or do you have Questions?

We are available 24/7 to help you to get the best from your   My Envo script. Send us a message



  • PHP >= 5.6
  • CURL module active
  • Apache mod_rewrite
  • allow_url_fopen enabled (Standard on most shared hostings)
  • file_get_contents enabled (Standard on most shared hostings)
  • Php Exec Enable
  • Cron, Crontab active
  • Envato author account
  • PHP libxml enabled
  • MYSQL Version > 5.6



Version 1.0 Release (12/01/2019)

- First release of My Envo | Envato Analytics & Notification Dashboard script on Codecanyon


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Myenvo – Envato Analytics & Notification Dashboard Script

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Myenvo - Envato Analytics & Notification Dashboard Script

Download Myenvo – Envato Analytics & Notification Dashboard Script Nulled

Download Myenvo – Envato Analytics & Notification Dashboard Script

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