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A Well Designed Business Billing & Accounting Solution

Neo Billing is a Well Designed Business Billing & Accounting Solution. Application is packed with ton of features like
Invoicing, Quotations, Purchase Orders, Inventory Management, Customer Management, Supplier management, Project Management, Accounts, Data & Reports, REST API, CRON JOBS, Employee Management with distinct user roles.

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--Change Log v 4.0 Manual Update (No Database Update - Maintenance Update)
 - Entire Internal Code Update -
 - Update : CodeIgniter & all libraries updated
 - Code enhanced

21 Languages are available, check the bottom of the page..

Support/Assistance are provided only by support tab. Please send a message via support tab.

The Application has ready to use REST API, so you can link it with different applications also as per your requirements.


  • Custom tax rates per products
  • Custom discount rates per products
  • Integrated Stock Manager
  • Get online payment with unique invoice link
  • Decent Invoice Printing template


  • Send Quotes with proposal as Email
  • Convert quotes to invoices

Purchase Orders

  • Send Purchase receipt with your stock requirement to supplier
  • Integrated to Inventory Manager

Inventory Management

  • Track Stock worth category wise
  • Manage Product Ware Houses
  • Manage products with live stock status

Customer Management

  • Customer Wallet and online recharge
  • Get Record of Invoices with specific customer
  • Income & Expenses by customer
  • Income & Expenses by customer

Supplier management

  • Get Record Purchase orders
  • Payment record to supplier


  • Payment for invoice will reflected
  • Sales & Purchase is integrated to accounts


  • All Payment activities record
  • Make Custom transactions

Data & Reports

  • Company Statistics
  • Accounts Statements
  • Income
  • Expenses
  • Sales & Purchase TAX Statement

Ticket Based Support System

  • Customer can create tickets in his login
  • Employee can reply and solve problem

Project Manager

  • Useful and easy to use project management module is included with options like view and comment by customer

Task Manager

  • Business owner/manager can assign tasks to employees


  • Twilio SMS Intigration
  • reCaptcha
  • Bit.ly Short invoice URL in SMS
  • Notes
  • Documents
  • REST API : Connect with other applications
  • Employee Management
  • Preloaded Multiple Payments Gateways
  • TAX Statements
  • Editable Email Templates
  • Export & Data backups

Nice Printable Invoices

The application offers a well organized pretty invoice template to print, have a look

Demo Details

Login section for employees

URL : http://billing.ultimatekode.com

Business Owner/Admin

Email: [email protected]

Password: 123456

Business Manager

Email: [email protected]

Password: 123456

Sales Manager

Email: [email protected]

Password: 123456

Sales Person

Email: [email protected]

Password: 123456

(In application Sales Person role is limited to own invoices)

Login section for customer

URL : http://billing.ultimatekode.com/neo/crm

Email: [email protected]

Password: 123456


No Programming Knowledge Required to install and use built with CodeIgnitor. Flexible and easy for modifications.
This application has no special requirement, It can run on very basic configured and low powered system. It requires only PHP 5.6 or later with MySQL, which is very common in the current market.

Available languages are: Arabic, Bengali, Chinese-simplified, Chinese-traditional, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Urdu. The application is fully translated into the above languages and files included. As translation is the subject of improvement so you may find some inappropriate words in translation due to the translations limitations. These files are for references. It will be great if you help us to improve the translation. You can contribute the language files improvements, proper credits will be given in the application documentation. You can translate it to your language if your language is not listed above.

RTL (Right to Left) support is available ..

Ready to use Payment Gateways are: Stripe, Authorize.Net, Pin Payments, PayPal, and SecurePay.
You can order customization for other payment gateways like Payfort, PayU Money etc.

Change Log

--Change Log v 4.0 Manual Update (No Database Update - Maintenance Update)
 - Entire Internal Code Update -
 - Update : CodeIgniter & all libraries updated
 - Code enhanced
--Change Log v 3.6 Manual Update (No Database Update - Maintenance Update)
You can read here http://helpdesk.ultimatekode.com/client/view_ticket/11326
 - Entire Internal Code Update - 
 - Update : CodeIgniter & all libraries updated to support PHP 7.3 better
 - Code enhanced
 - Stripe & PayPal Payment Gateway Updated:  Redirect to PayPal.com instead on on page card data
--Change Log v 3.5 (No Database Update)
- AutoUpdate Wizard Added, In future, it will very easy to update with some clicks.
- Form Error Alerts Improved  
- Minor Improvements 
--Change Log v 3.4
- Copy Invoice Added
- Invoice Print Improved, Header Added to each page
- Edit Invoice Improved
- Customer Ticket Email Fixed
--Change Log v 3.3 
- Delete Transaction linked to Invoices & Purchase
- Last Update Issue Fixed - Proforma Invoice & Delete Product Row
- Edit Invoice Improved
--Change Log v 3.2
- Discount Before TAX Added
- Delivery Note Added
- Invoice Proforma Added
- Custom Number Prefix for each segment added eg- Quote, Purchase Order etc
- Print Templates Improved, Heading Added
- Customer, Company Address Improved in printing
- Minor Improvements
--Change Log v 3.1
- Translation Improved
- Minor Improvements
--Change Log v 3.0
- Product Stock Alert Added
- Product Import Added
- Product Stock Transfer Added
- Recurring Dashboard Added
- Stock Return Added
- Invoices, Quotes File Attachment Added
- Client Account Balance(Wallet) Added
- Invoice pay With Customer Balance Added
- Client Account Recharge Added
- Billing Terms Type Added
- Language Files Updated
- Libraries and Core Framework Updated 
--Change Log v 2.9
- Email Editable Templates Included
- SMS Editable Templates Included
- Translation Files Updated (Changes language_guide/new_words_history)
- Tables Improved
--Change Log v 2.8
- Print Invoice Improved
- Print Quote Improved
- SSL Compatibility Added to Email 
- Multi Currency Added to quotes
--Change Log v 2.7
- Url Shortener Service Updated
- Third Party Libraries Updated
- Dashboard Goal Issue fixed
- Delete Billing Terms Added
--Change Log v 2.6
- Quotes Added to customer login
- Recurring Invoices Added to customer login
- Print Transaction Option Added 
--Change Log v 2.5
-Translation Improved 
- The Korean Language Added 
- Invoice delete section improved 
--Change Log v 2.4
- TAX Reports View & Export Added
- TAX ID Added To suppliers
- Date localization fixed in reports
- Customer Login panel Translated
--Change Log v 2.3
- Date localization applied to all modules
- Customer company name added in invoice view & preview
- Product description added in invoices, quotes and purchase orders
- Invoice print template improved
- Support tickets improved
- Latest codeigniter update applied
- Turkish Translation added
- Translated files by the community with credits included in the language_guide folder
--Change Log v 2.2
- Minor Improvements
- Translation Guide included
--Change Log v 2.1
- Project Manager Section Improved
- Email Notifications added for new project tasks
- Projects can be linked to calendar
- Employee: Project Manager Role Added
- Employee: Inventory Manager Role Added
--Change Log v 2.0
- API Based Currency Exchange Module Added. 
- Create Invoices with multiple currencies without changing the company currency. 
- Customers can pay in their currencies.
- Payments Settings Section Changed (Features Added)
- Minor Improvements  
--Change Log v 1.9
- Unstable sessions issue on some servers solved
- Well Structured Update Guide Created
- Well Structured Troubleshoot Guide Created
--Change Log v 1.8
- Processing Fee Option Added for payment gateways
- Company TAXID Field Added
- Client TAXID Field Added
- Shipping Address Field Added
- Currency format customization (Left & Right Added)
- Invoice Note Added to print
- TAX Column Removed if TAX is 0
- Customer Company Name added to print (if available)
- TAX Number format improved
- Minor Issues Fixed
--Change Log v 1.7--
- Currency format customization improved in Setting> Currency
- Project Manager Added
- Sales Person role is limited to its own invoices
- Small recurring invoice issue fixed
- Small Improvements
--Change Log v 1.6
- Reports->Customer Statement Added
- Reports-> Supplier Statement Added
- Export-> Account Statement Design Improvements
- Export-> Customer Statement Added
- Export-> Supplier Statement Added
- Task Manager Status Issue Fixed
- Dashboard and other UI minor improvements
--Change Log v 1.5
- Ticket Support MiniDashboard Added
- Ticket Support Settings Added
- Task Manager features extended
- Task Manager MiniDashboard Added
- Product Manager MiniDashboard Added
- Recurring invoices MiniDashboard Added
- Accounts MiniDashboard Added
- Admin can edit, delete employee profiles
- Calendar module improved
- Translation files updated
-- Change Log v 1.4 --
- Ticket Support Added
- Bank Payment Section Improved
- Theme Logo Change Added
- Update wizard added to do easy update
- Chinese-simplified
- Chinese-traditional
- Dutch Language Added
- Indonesian Language Added
- Latin Language Added
- Japanese Language Added
- Russian Language Added
- Swedish Language Added
[ Full change-log and well written documented guide attached with this software ]

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Neo Billing – Accounting, Invoicing And CRM Software

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Neo Billing - Accounting, Invoicing And CRM Software

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