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NeonLMS is a script to setup online school to offer courses with articles, videos, and quizzes. The bundle includes attractive Website with 4 designs, Full-fledge Blog to publish articles, Complete Forum to help users to communicate among themselves and learn as a group. The main LMS is build on Laravel 5.7 and coded with best practices and human readable format to easily extend.

The system has all the basic requirements such as Login, Register, Social Login, Forgot Password, User Management, and Role Management. Admin can manage every aspect of the system while Teacher can create multiple courses with Lessons and Tests. User can browse through the courses and can enrol as student by paying for the course and educate themselves anytime and from anywhere.All these functionalities are built with utter care and has a detailed legible documentation to make the job easy.

Its like Udemy clone!

Live Demo

What you get with NeonLMS?

  • Powerful Admin Options
  • Responsive Website with CMS
  • Multiple Layouts
  • SEO friendly Blog
  • Complete Forum
  • Teach Dashboard
  • User Dashboard
  • Internal Messaging
  • Payment
  • Localisation/ Translation Management
  • Newsletter Subscription

Why buy NeonLMS?

  • Built on latest Twitter Bootstrap 4 and Laravel 5.7
  • Uses best design practices
  • Easily extendable
  • Uses only good and highly popular packages
  • Continuous support and updates

    Additional NeonLMS Features:

    • Authentication and Authorization
    • Login, Register functionality with Social Login support
    • Manage users from admin panel
    • Complete Blog – Backend & Frontend
    • Site Debugger
    • Backup
    • Update
    • Invoicing
    • Lead Management

    All instructions are written in Update documentation provided with each update. Please follow it. Do not upload zip directly.

    NeonLMS Android App is available Here


    5th June 2020 - Version 4.9.1
    - Security Patch Added
    4th June 2020 - Version 4.9
    - Custom JS Bug Fixed
    - Messaging Bug Fixed
    - OmniPay Added
    19th May 2020 - Version 4.8
    - Custom JS Bug Fixed
    - Android API Upgraded
    - UI changed for Teacher Registration Page
    12th May 2020 - Version 4.7
    - Custom CSS, JS can be added from Admin Dashboard
    - Security patch for Invoice
    1st May 2020 - Version 4.6 
    - RTL layout fixes
    - Invoice mail bug fixed
    22nd April 2020 - Version 4.5
    - RTL design fix.
    - Language translation key fix
    - Duplicate purchase fix
    - Student course complete issue fix
    - Sales report view fix
    - Teacher payment view issue fix
    - Teacher role issue fix 
    - Update password  fix
    18th April 2020 - Version 4.4
    - Updated cookie consent
    - .htaccess added as a workaround if domain pointed to the main directory
    13th April 2020 - Version 4.3
    - API teacher profile data added
    - Reason controller compact data fix
    - footer description update fix
    3rd April 2020 - Version 4.2
    - Security patch
    - Layout 3 fixes
    30th March 2020 - Version 4.1
    - Teacher registration bug fixed
    - Reasons bug fixed
    - Lesson reloading bug fixed
    3rd March 2020 - Version 4.0
    - Separate Teacher Registration 
    - Revenue sharing
    - Payment Requests (For Admin) 
    - Withdrawals (For Teacher) 
    - Code highlight feature for new CKEditor (Blog, Lesson, Page)
    - Change user passwords from admin (Flow changed)
    - Category filter with each search box. (In all layouts) 
    - Bug fixes for language files
    21st Jan 2020 - Version 3.3
    - Invoice store bug fix
    - Security page student sidebar
    10th Jan 2020 - Version 3.2
    - Now you can add Locale dynamically from Translation Manager
    - Bug page/post after create 404 page.
    - Bugfix for Course show page
    - Bugfix for Box layout style
    - Bugfix for admin side bar menu
    25th Nov 2019 - Version 3.1
    - Bugfix for General Settings Update Button.
    - Course Test Button fix. 
    - Contact Us bug fix
    - Course Show dashboard bug fix.
    15th Nov 2019 - Version 3.0
    - API Client Added
    - Published course lesson delete bug fixed.
    - Bugfix for Menu manager
    1st Nov 2019 - Version 2.1.9
    - Bugfix for Password Rest
    17th Sep 2019 - Version 2.1.8
    - Security patch
    13th Sep 2019 - Version 2.1.7
    - Course search with category filter
    - Bundle search with category filter
    - Offer page UI fix
    - Teacher update bug fixed 
    - Payment status bug fixed
    4th Sep 2019 - Version 2.1.6
    - Course introduction video
    - Prevent deleting course if students are enrolled to course.
    - Offline purchased course displayed as pending in the user’s dashboard till approved.
    - Push notification via OneSignal
    - Test statistics and result explanation after the test is completed.
    - Manage forum categories from the admin dashboard. 
    - Fixed CSS issue for Forum Discussion page.
    9th Aug 2019 - Version 2.1.5
    - Coupon System
    - Tax System
    - Sitemap Generator Tool
    - Invoice issue fix
    - Submenu issue fix
    29th July 2019 - Version 2.1.5
    -  Free Course and Bundles
    -  Added translation for your navigation bar menu from Translation Manager
    -  Timer bug fixed for a youtube video on lesson
    -  Certificate, Page Controller issues fixed
    -  Teacher CRUD issues fixed
    -  Fixed Account, Cart Stars display Bug
    -  Submenu UI fix
    9th July 2019 - Version 2.1.3
    - Login view in mobile fixed 
    - New translation update for the data table.
    - Review posting updated
    - Admin dashboard RTL fixes
    - Admin dashboard and Homepage updated.
    - Added toggle timer to prevent skipping lessons, and tests.
    - Added cleanup to clear junk after deleting Course, Lesson, Blog, etc.
    - Security patch preventing sensitive information in debug mode added.
    - Several UI fixes for RTL
    25th June 2019 - Version 2.1.2
    -    Sales Report for Admin and Teacher
    -    Student Report for Admin and Teacher
    -    Custom registration fields
    -    Prevent skipping lessons before the timer is over.
    -    Prevent skipping tests without answering.
    -    Bug fixes for Orders and Courses List
    -    Arabic name bug fix in Certificates and Invoices
    5th June 2019 - Version 2.1.0
    - New Course Bundle: Create, List and Sell Course Bundles 
    - Added Arabic Language support to Text Editor
    - Minor Bug Fixes
    11th May 2019 - Version 2.0
    - RTL Support for Dashboard
    - Certificate at the end of course
    - View - Download Certificate
    - Certificate Verification
    - Multiple Currency Support.
    26th April 2019 - Version 1.2
    - Added support to play audio in the lesson
    - Added Join with Linkedin 
    - Added google ReCaptcha to prevent spam
    - Added some customizations in settings
    16th April 2019 - Version 1.1
    - Added support to add videos from multiple platforms (i.e. Youtube, Vimeo, Embed, Upload)
    - Updated documentation 
    - Added more dummy data for better understanding of the script

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NeonLMS – Learning Management System PHP Laravel Script

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NeonLMS - Learning Management System PHP Laravel Script

Download NeonLMS – Learning Management System PHP Laravel Script Nulled

Download NeonLMS – Learning Management System PHP Laravel Script

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