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Newsbeat – Optimized WordPress Magazine theme

Newsbeat – Optimized WordPress Magazine theme

Newsbeat - Optimized WordPress Magazine theme

[Download] Newsbeat – Optimized WordPress Magazine theme Free Nulled

Newsbeat – for Magazines / Newspapers / Publishings / Blogs / Editorial

Latest version: 1.1.0 see what’s new

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List Of Features


Mobile-first design, Scale to fit on all browser widths/resolutions.


Your site will never become dated and always look good with Clean & Simple design.

Usability & Flexibility

Specically built for Magazine sites, with usable features you really use, not bloated.

Superb Framework

Built natively to WordPress, to keep everything lightweight, fast & extendable.

1-click Importer

Replicating our demos on your own with a simple single click.

SEO Friendly

Search Engine Optimization has been made with high priority when building the theme.

WordPress 5 Ready

Compatible to whole brand new WordPress Gutenberg editor.

Build complex magazine layouts quickly using popular pagebuilders such as Elementor and WPBakery Pagebuilder


Beautiful clean interface for bbPress is also included if you want to add a community to your site.

Mega Menu

Create a stunning mega menus with various layouts and content types.

Countless header designs

6 header styles mixable with over 25 header layouts will allow you to create an uniquely beautiful header for your site.

Various Hero Blocks

Make your visitors impressed and keep them engaged with different Hero Layouts.

Smart sticky Elements

A simple, super smooth sticky feature for sidebar/header to increase ad revenue & easy-navigating.


The theme offers integration with WooCommerce so you can create online store and sell your stuff.

Infinite Scroll

Keeps your visitors engaged by providing never ending content. Default blog, custom homepage or even single posts are supported.

Advanced Galleries Designs

Turn your default WordPress galleries into different designs and change viewing experiences with features popup slideshow or view-as-list without hassle.

Content Review

Turn your default WordPress galleries into different designs and change viewing experiences with features popup slideshow or view-as-list without hassle.

Hand-picked Google Fonts

Over 40 Beautiful Presets of google font combinations.

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Category Top posts

Change featured posts layout for categories individually.

Single Post layout

Over 20 beautiful looks, and capability to change different layouts for individual categories as well as individual posts.

If you love the theme, don’t forget to rate it 5 stars, we developers would be greatly appreciated.

Attention: Some part of the demos such as fonts, images might not be included in download package due to license restrictions as they are premium and only available to purchase offsite

Changes Log

= v1.1.0 - 2020 April 11
* Update translation file
* Improvements for whatsapp button
* CSS & Bug fixes
* Fixes for single headers
* Fixes for sticky sharing buttons.
* Improvement for Facebook Share counter.
* Category Top post can be now included in RSS Feeds (See Customize -> Category)
* Remove background for Ad banners
* Improvement for Chessboard blog posts
* Allow user to use WordPress default ajax handler
* Update plugin wp-post-blocks v1.0.6
* Update plugin wp-social-counter v1.0.5
* Update plugin js_composer v6.1
= v1.0.8 - 2019 dec 03
* Update translation file
* Fixes for Subtitle compatibility
* CSS fixes for minor bugs.
* Fixes for admin ui
* update plugin wpthms-newsbeat-addon-reading-indicator v1.0.1
= v1.0.7 - 2019 Sep 22
* Admin ui improvements for Subtitles plugin.
* Fixes for search template.
* Fixes for Gallery view as list.
* Improvement for hidden menu, primary menu will be on the first of the list.
* Updated caption text for overlay Single post templates
* Update plugin wpthms-newsbeat-addon-social-media-networks v1.0.1
* Update plugin wp-social-counter v1.0.4.
* Update plugin wp-post-blocks v1.0.4. Now allow listing sticky posts from Query settings.
* Update plugin js_composer 6.0.5
* Enabled Whatsapp sharing button for both desktop and mobile.
* Added: option to list Sticky posts on hero banners.
* CSS Fixes.
* Added: Compats for Co-Authors Plus
* Update POT file
= v1.0.6 - 2019 Jul 17
* bugfixes: WP Social Counter 1.0.3
= v1.0.5 - 2019 Jul 16
* update: WP Post Blocks 1.0.3, WP Social Counter 1.0.2
* fixed: Category top posts issue with 1x4 layout
* fixed: minor css bugs
* fixed: sticky sidebar bugs.
* fixed: dropdown menu backgroud bug on mac safari
* improvements: thumb size for hero bricks.
* improvements: for Advanced Gallery.
= v1.0.4 - 2019 Jul 06
* Minor improvements
* update: Addon Inline Related Posts
* update: Documentation
* update: POT file.
* update: WP Post Blocks v1.0.2, WP Real Review v1.0.1, WP Social Counter 1.0.1, WP Bakery Pagebuilder 6.0.3
* improvement: replace WP Term Colors & WP Term Images (custom accent color and custom image for categories) with AFC (Advanced Custom Fields) due to Woocommerce 3.6.x compatibilities.
* re-enable offset for Post block theme loop.
* improvement: for Priority Navigation. thanks to @rfischmann.
* fixed: Easy Google Font compat, thanks to @loudis for reporting.
* fixed: wrong Social links title.
* fixed: minor bugs.
* added: post meta info datetime & datetime with last updated date.
= v1.0.3 - 2019 june 9
* new: Newsbeat Advanced Gallery now works with both Classic gallery & Block gallery (gutenberg), user can also disable overwriting Block Gallery in Newsbeat Admin Settings panel
* new: Inline related posts
* improvements: Demo Importer now support installing Micro demo with Sample Pages and Customizer settings only, best options for migrating to Newsbeat.
* fixes: minor bugfixes
* updated: POT file
= v1.0.2 - 2019 may 28
* improvements: for Customizer
* improvements: for demos.
* fixes: Header & banner image bug.
* updated: POT file
* updated: wp-post-block plugin, allows user define custom excerpt length
= v1.0.1 - 2019 may 23
* improvements: form fields, responsiveness.
* improvements: demo default.
* improvements: demo newspaper.
* improvements for demo importer to work with less free memory on low configured host
* fixes: minor css issues.
* updated: POT file
= v1.0
* First release!

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Newsbeat – Optimized WordPress Magazine theme

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Newsbeat - Optimized WordPress Magazine theme

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