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CRM that helps you to keep track of your leads from all your campaigns, Facebook Ads and Website contact forms. 

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CRM Installation Documentation and steps

Complete Cloud based solution , ability to manage multiple businesses & Leads, SaaS based design

List of Features

Functional Features:

  • Self Service User Registration. 
  • User Roles & Controls
  • MultiTenant based Users which means multiple companies/portfolio admins can be managed. Add/Edit/Delete Users
  • Track & add activities of each Lead
  • Automatic lead addition in CRM with 2 lines of Code Integration
  • Manage Quotations and support for MultiCurrency
  • Manage Tax , Discounts
  • Approval Workflow for Quotation
  • Convert Quotation to Invoice with a Single Click
  • Calendar view for all the leads and available tasks for the day / Week / Month
  • Manage Departments
  • Manage Products 
  • Lead Reminders for followup’s
  • Events & Notifications for all the update activities. 
  • Added the new feature recurring subscriptions using paypal button integration.
  • MultiLanguage Support upto 94 languages

Reporting Features:

  • Product Interest View – List of the Leads who are interested to the product
  • Graphical Report with Leads who are interested, won, lost.
  • Possible Lead Report: List of Leads based on various channels and who are interested.
  • PipeLine Report: Set the monthly pipelines and view the targets of quotation, invoices and dollars.

Technical Features:

  • Restful Endpoints for integrating to Android/iOS applications
  • SMTP options for monetising your requirement.
  • Monetise with your application name and Logo.
  • Swagger restful documentation and supports integration with Java , C#, Android, objective C, Swift, perl client integration code base.
  • Supports any of the hosting providers.


Opal CRM – Automatic Lead Management System and readily integrable with your business website, ecommerce with just two lines of code. Much Reduced Data entry work.

Drag & Drop a Leads/Prospects into different buckets. Intuitive Design.

User Access Management and Notifications


MultiLanguage Support – 94 Languages

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Login/Password: [email protected] / admin123

Detailed Technical Documentation


OpalCrm a self-hosted platform based on Laravel 5.4 PHP Framework.

Hosting Providers: Any hosting providers who supports private virtual machine (VPS) .

Minimum- 2GB Ram, 10 GB hard disk, 1 cpu and access to SSH console

Tech Stack Version: 
php-5.6 or above
MySQL-5.6 or above
Laravel – 5.4

Prerequisites of OS, software versions (php, MySQL.,apache .):::
NOTE :- If you are using centOS. please using yum instead of apt-get. (Ubuntu)

1. Use the following command to update the package lists for upgrades for packages that need upgrading, as well as new packages that have just come to the repositories.
– sudo apt-get update
– sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
2. enable the Apache mod_rewrite module
– sudo a2enmod rewrite
3. To know your mysql password
– cat /etc/motd.tail
4. To change your password
– mysqladmin u root xxxx password xxxxxx
5. To install Composer, run these commands:
– curl sS | php
– sudo mv composer.phar /usr/local/bin/composer
6. Now Extract the downloaded zip file and copy the code folder in /var/www/html .

… Detailed info will be available from the Downloaded package

API Documentation

Source Code Change Log – Latest version 1.6

*18th Aug 2018 Added Invoice Reconciliation fixes , pipeline fixes, Access to Employee Reports
* 24th June 2018 Pipeline Report and configure the monthly , yearly targets .
* 17th May 2018 Added Calendar View for Today, Week & monthwise .
* 3rd Apr 2018 Added the new feature recurring subscriptions using paypal button integration.
Support for Mobility integration and hot fixes
* 11 Mar 2018 Enabled Swagger documentation for Restful Services<br />* 25 Feb 2018 MultiLanguage Support<br />* 17 Feb 2018 Added Quotation module and approve quotation workflow
* 13 Feb 2018 - Initial launch v1.0

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OPAL CRM – Self hosted Smart CRM application for Lead Management

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OPAL CRM - Self hosted Smart CRM application for  Lead Management

Download OPAL CRM – Self hosted Smart CRM application for Lead Management Free Nulled
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