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Pearls! Questions and answers platform

Pearls! Questions and answers platform

Pearls! Questions and answers platform

[Download] Pearls! Questions and answers platform Free Nulled

Pearls is a simple, yet powerful Questions/Answers platform

Build on bootstrap 3.3, using pure PHP,Jquery,Ajax and has many cool features,
You can use this script to give your visitors a community for posting questions and answer them in quora like fashion

Admin Email:
Admin Password: admin

Features include:

  • Installer script available! get your script up and running in your current site in a matter of seconds without editing files or databases.
  • Chat Included! Users (who follow each other) can now chat using our cool chat system.
  • Infinite Scrolling Forget about paginations, now script fully supports infinite scrolling.
  • User Profile Cropping Now your visitors can make more handsome avatars through integrated cropping script.
  • RTL Supported ! comes with Arabic and English versions
  • Ads-Friendly! Contain special adManager script for handling google adsense/custom made ads
  • Translatable! you can add your own language in a matter of minutes, just translate the language file and your language will be added automatically to the language menu
  • Simple lightweight script written from scratch without using any readymade php scripts.
  • Social Ready! you can login using your facebook or google accounts.
  • Supports (Mentions), you can mention anyone to join and reply to the conversation.
  • Bad words filter, already preloaded with dozens of profanity words.
  • Reporting system, for reporting questions and answers against TOS
  • Likes/Dislikes engine for upvoting questions and make them more popular on the platform.
  • Follow users topics, feeds and questions and get notified when someone post new questions or answers.
  • Powerful admin section giving you ability to moderate users, upgrade them to become senior publishers, reviewers, or even admins.
  • Leaderboards and points award system
  • Supports Emojis for better conversations
  • Full featured privileges system you program your own script, just make a new privilege (group) and assign users to it, you can make unlimited rules, for moderating, approving questions and answers.
  • Ability to approve questions/answers before becoming public.
  • Script coded right! valid CSS,SEO-optimized links and responsive with every small detail taken care of to ensure good looking site on any screen size.
  • Script is well documented, and I’m here for support anytime you needed me =)
  • PHP >= 5.5 is required, script will not work on older PHP versions

How to update your Pearls! version to Pearls! 2.0 ?!

It's Easy! First, take a backup from the (assets/includes/config.php) , and your uploaded files folder (assets/upl_files)
Then, Open config.php file --> Line 11 --> Change this line :
defined('UPL_FILES') ? null : define('UPL_FILES' , WEB_LINK.'assets');
to :
defined('UPL_FILES') ? null : define('UPL_FILES' , WEB_LINK.'public');
Then upload the new version, replace files,
re-upload your prev. config file to the new path (library/config.php), and uploaded items to (public/upl_files),
and then run the database updater script ( ..
Always make a database backup before updating, if you've any problems please contact me here by a support message and I'll update your app for you <img src="/images/smileys/happy.png" alt=" :)" title=" :)" />

Whats new in 2.5 ?

Fixed social login library issues, minor bugs from users' comments

Whats new in 2.4 ?

New AdManager Script! .. Now you can manage your ads effectively by creating ads, setting expiry date, monitor how much views and how much clicks for each ad 

Whats new in 2.3 ?

Adding RSS Feed .. Now the whole site gives valid RSS feed, questions - users - subjects ... Everything has it's own unique rss feed link!

Whats new in 2.2 ?

1- Users can choose what they receive on their mail
2- Make all emails, titles translatable (in language file)
3- Add Logo instead of just text in site title
4- Option to disable question modals (opens questions directly from home page instead of viewing the best answer in modal)
5- Fix infinite scrolling
6- Fix some mis-spelled links in admin area
7- Fix (empty questions) bug

Whats new in 2.1 ?

1- Chat is now available for all online users! anyone can chat with any online user without the need for follows
2- Ability to (Ban) specific user from chatting with another
3- Infinite Scrolling fix
4- Images in answers fix
5- Mentions fix
6- Ads tweaks for better performance

Whats new in 2.0 ?

Version 2.0 comes with many cool features! 
1- Ability to answer someone's reply
2- Questions on index page get organized based on users follows (now he gets feed from followed users & topics)
3- Now script is built on MVC framework! with better performance and less page load time
4- Fix chat messages appearance on different browsers
5- Fix (Following) section in user profile
6- NGINX support!
7- Many bugfixes, based on users reviews and comments

Whats new in 1.7 ?

Version 1.7 comes with many cool features! 
1- Infinite scrolling
2- Chat system
3- image cropping
4- Fix (anonymous) username bug
5- Fix Social Login username registration
6- Chat CSS Fix on mobile devices
7- Many bugfixes, based on users reviews and comments

Whats new in 1.5 ?

Version 1.5 comes with many cool features! 
1- (Topics) came to life!  Now you can add featured topics with thumbnails and descriptions for SEO friendly searches
2- Answered questions will open in a (modal dialog)  in the index page with the best answer chosen by viewers (likes)
3- What about (Mentions)  Now our script fully supports mentions, to mention a user just type @ and choose his username from the menu, he will be notified about that mention once he login
4- Complete (Ad Manager) section  for implementing Google AdSense and other ads platforms, with another cool feature to post your own designed ad to appear in many sections of the script (between questions, between answers, right sidebar, left sidebar)
5- Now script supports PHP 7.0  give it a try on your server for better performance and stability
6- Many bugfixes, based on users reviews and comments

Whats new in 1.4 ?

1-RTL Support - Added built-in Arabic language support
2-App became translatable! add your language file and it will be parsed automatically
3-Add reporting system for reporting bad questions and answers
4-Many Bugfixes =)

Whats new in 1.3 ?

1-Add Social Login with (Facebook & Google)
2-Add Leaderboard and points system for users
3-Add Emoji support
4-Add Analytics on admin dashboard
5-Many Bugfixes =)

Whats new in 1.2 ?

1-Add Profanity Filter
2-Add Page (about us, contact us, privacy policy)
3-Made (Notifications) come to life! it now counts without refreshing the page
4-Ability to post questions anonymously
5-Many Bugfixes =)

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Pearls! Questions and answers platform

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Pearls! Questions and answers platform

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